How Much Finance Is Needed To Start A Shoe Store Business?

How Much Finance Is Needed To Start A Shoe Store Business?

How Much Finance Is Needed To Start A Shoe Store Business?

In the present world, everyone is going crazy about fancy and attractive shoes. Shoes are a part of the normal commodities which form an integral part of human’s life. Many famous shoe brands in the world have left their mark in the footwear industry. Similarly, there are many people who want to start their own business in the shoe industry, but is it easy to start your own business? Let us find out.


Strong foundation

To start a business, a strong foundation is a must. The businessman has to invest a major part of his capital on buying the initial inventory which is very important for the business as it lays the foundation of business. According to a website, named, a shoe store owner must set aside a whopping amount of $15000 for the initial purchase of shoes.

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Locality of business set up

The cost of setting up business depends on the locality. If you are planning to set up the business in a crowded or metropolitan area, then you should be ready to pay a large amount for buying the area for setting up of business.

Well, it totally depends on you is you want to start your business on a small scale in smaller cities as it will cost you less.

The location cost depends on the square footage you want to take and in which locality you want to take. The most convenient way of starting up a business is on hire and purchase basis.

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Registration costs

A businessman must follow the rules and regulations for setting up the business as prescribed by the government. He must get the license for setting up the shoe store and should also get an occupancy certificate before he offers his products to the customers.

The cost of registration and licensing depend on the municipality rates ranging between $50 and $200.

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Promotion mix

Promotion forms an integral part of your business strategy as it the medium through which you introduce your business to the world. There are many ways through which you can introduce your business to the world such as advertising, sales promotion and publicity.

If you want to promote your business through advertising, you have to pay a large sum of money to the identified sponsor.

But, if you do not have enough money for promotion, you can also access to social media and exercise promotion which is free of cost as well as convenient. A businessman can also increase his sales by personal selling by hiring people if he has enough capital.

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Overhead expenses

If you think that you will start a business and overnight it will be successful, and then stop thinking this as, a successful business is only built by a supporting customer base which provides profit to the business.

A businessman should have oversight imagination and he should set aside some amount for meeting the overhead expenses for the coming four to five months.

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