How much time spends to make a pair of custom shoes?

How much time spends to make a pair of custom shoes?

How much time spends to make a pair of custom shoes?


Everything is prepared at different times. All the things are different from one another in material, shapes and colors. If you come here to find in how much time a pair of custom shoe is prepared, keep on reading, you will get complete guide.


Production Timing

Production timing of shoe depends on two situations.

1- You are making shoes of old or last prepared shoe.

2- You are thinking to make a shoe of the new style, and design that is not prepared before by you or you have not seen the preparation of this shoe.

For situation 1, you have a complete experience and have all the materials. It does not take much time to prepare shoes. This material includes designs, sketches, sole, leather or canvas and stickers for custom shoes and more. It spends only 3 to 4 hours on cutting and snitching a pair of shoes. But, if you have not required material, then it takes time until collecting material.

For situation 2, you have to make new designs, sketches and stencils for custom shoes and many more. It can take some days because you are making a new style that you have not made it before. The Development of shoe without outsole is faster than the shoe which requires outsole.


How long does it take a shoe factory to make a production order?

The Production time of the factory depends on this that how much factory is busy. For the production of 2500 pairs of custom shoes, it can take 40 to 50 days if the factory is busy. But you have to order the factory to complete it in 30 days than it will complete in 45 days.


Why is it taking more time?

Shoemaking is not easy, and it is not done all by the factory. In the factory, the workers have to put a shoe in the machine after some steps. They have to together all parts of shoes in the same place and at the same time to assemble. The workers consume more time than factory. Therefore, shoemaking takes much time even in the factory.


Shoe Material

If you have a new shoe design that you have not ordered in the factory before, it will new for the factory and new material will require for it. According to the quantity of shoe, the factory will have to collect the material. There is no material for new shoes in the factory. They ordered to subcontractors and vendors for new materials when a new order for shoemaking is placed, or someone needs to buy material. The factory gives only 50% cost of material to the seller because it is expensive and they borrowed this money. When the order is placed and completed, the factory gets money from the buyer and pays to the material seller the remaining 50% cost. These materials include soles, leathers, canvas, and many more, including paint to custom shoes and colors for custom shoes.

This process takes much time to complete. Sometimes, the vendor does not agree to give material at 50% payment; he demands full payment before materials. And in many cases, the materials required to re-made because it may have poor quality or not have the required color. Therefore, it is much loss of time.


Material Timing

Different parts of your shoe are not already prepared. It takes time to prepare because the material that is bought from the vendors is raw material. These may include mesh rubber, laces and shoe leather which may take much time to prepare. When the factory ordered to get all these parts at a time, it may take two weeks for mesh rubber, three weeks for laces and shoe leather may consume up to one month.

Timing also depends on your order. If you ordered the factory of shoes of the same size, it would take much time because there are separate machines for different mould sizes. If your order is of different sizes, it will complete quickly than single size order because it will process in multiple machines. So, you should order those sizes that are most sold.


Processing Materials

When all the parts of the shoes have been prepared, it will take more than one month to bring them to the factory. Many procedures need to be done before starting the snitching. Some materials are cut and sent outside the factory to make a logo of the company for custom shoes. The Remaining materials are needed to be sent to screen printing departments and in-house welding of the factory. Much time is lost in this pre-processing of materials for custom shoes. The snitching process starts when all the re-processed parts or components are inside the factory. In the same way, the assembly process needs all the required components to start. If anyone component like outsole, shoelace, or shoebox not available in the factory, the assembly process will not start.

Some of the components are made in separate factories. The outsole is made in another factory, and it takes some time to be made. There are different factories to press the rubber, and midsoles are also pressed in the other one. Pressed rubber and pressed midsoles are brought together in the stock fitting department of the factory. The glue is applied to make parts together in the stock fitting department. The logo of the company is added before making to sole ready to join it with the upper part of the shoe on the assemble line.


Shoe Assembly

The last step in shoemaking is shoe assembly. About 800 pieces could be stitched with one stitching line in one day, and it depends on how much stitching operations are complex. About 1200 to 1500, shoe pairs could be assembled with one assembly line in one day. So, two stitching lines can support one shoe assembly and a factory that has five shoe stitching lines can make about 5000 to 8000 shoe pairs daily.


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How much time spends to make a pair of custom shoes?

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