How To Achieve Better Grip In Your Basketball Shoes

How To Achieve Better Grip In Your Basketball Shoes

How To Achieve Better Grip In Your Basketball Shoes

The basketball player around wants shoes that come with better traction and grip for maneuvering the quick directions and turns that occur during the game. The indoor playing surface can become slick and hazardous easily.

The bottom of shoes can turn covered with a thin layer of dirt or dust that can cause the shoes to slip against the floor. Keeping the surfaces clean & utilizing technique offers more grip can help the players to be much safe and move better on the basketball court.


How to keep dust and grime away?

Clean the bottom of your basketball shoes with a damp cloth. You must never wear your basketball shoes outdoors as they are intended for the indoor game only. When they are worn inside, they attract dirt and dust very easily.

Sweep your basketball court regularly with a dusting mop for minimizing the dust and dirt.

You can also get your hands on the grip enhancers as grip lotions or stick mats which are best designed for adding a small amount of stickiness to your shoe bottom. The sticky mats are to be stepped on prior players entering the court.

The grip lotions can be poured onto a towel on which the players are required to step on. The hair spray can be sprayed on the bottom of shoes for helping them sticking better on the floor. You need to moisten the bottom of your shoes when they start turning slick.

Some of the players lick their hands or run their hands through sweat and wipe off the bottom of your shoes. Use a damp cloth while being on the sidelines, and this also has the same effects.

Replace your shoes when your sole starts turning worn. The basketball shoes are best designed to have amazing traction, but over the time this tread starts wearing down.



Using too many products for making the basketball shoes sticky on its bottom can also cause them to pick more amount of dirt from the floor easily.


Say bye to slippery basketball shoes

Basketball or court shoes are not something that you want to turn slippery. You are required to turn, stop or change directions quickly for avoiding an opponent. The last thing you want for ending up sliding in them or out of the bonds is because you are unable to control the feet.

If you have ended up with some basketball shoes which are a bit slippery, there are some things that you can do for fixing them.

Lick your fingers and can slide them along your shoe bottom. This is gross but does wonders for some time. The dampness on your shoe bottom can make them stop short in the court.

Making use of a sticky mat can also help. Step on it at the starting of your playtime. This helps in removing all the dirt and dust from the bottom of shoes that offer good traction.

Applying a traction fluid on the bottom of your shoes can also be an inspirational idea. You can use a towel to wiping it. This helps in removing grime and dust from your soles and offers added traction.

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