How To Be Best Dressed As The Guest On Any Occasion

How To Be Best Dressed As The Guest On Any Occasion

How To Be Best Dressed As The Guest On Any Occasion

October month is the most favorite season for many when they organize weddings. The fall brings in the expensive wedding celebrations around. However, you must aim to be the best and get ready to impress people with your outstanding outfits and styling details.

If you don’t know from where to start, then here at Freaky shoes, we have made the best checklist for wedding guests simple. Follow our outfit and styling tips for turning almost many heads the groom or bride.


Tip 1: Don’t go for white

It is obvious, a wedding or any festive occasion is all about glam. You must not wear white at all. If you want to style yourself as the best, your goal should be to be ready with styling mantra, which can be achieved by picking up the right color.

You must also ditch black color, and go for something bright.

In general, unless it’s a black-tie affair, it’s also best to leave your all-black ensembles in the closet. They tend to be more appropriate for events like funerals instead of weddings.

For the fun part, recently one bride was seen wearing cool shoes designs with her lehenga.


Tip 2: Go for gray or navy blue suit over the traditional lux

Festive occasions like weddings are fun celebrations. This means you can carry a lighter suit well. However, this doesn’t mean you have to stick with black. A dark beige, gray suit or a navy color outfit can pop out your personality and can make you look better amongst everyone else present at the party.

You can best pair your dress with mens funky shoes. You can also have tree stand for shoes to keep them safe and prevent creasing.


Tip 3: Florals for the simple yet chic look

When it comes to choosing the right dress, find a perfect balance that can keep you classy. If you want to show little skin in a pattern of cut out, then go for a longer dress. If you need bit coverage or want to keep your styling little cute, then dress in the fun skirt above your knees can offer you a sweet and funky look.


You can wear shoes with drawings on them to add a pretty look to your whole style. Picking up the floral prints and bright colors is the right choice for the wedding. The fall date also means that you have some sun-kissed tan left from summer, which can make your dress pop up more.


Tip 4: Polish shoes and pay attention to its detailing

For turning as the best-dressed person at your friend’s wedding, you should take care of everything from your suit or dress to makeup. This also includes shoes and footwear. You can check out the best-selling shoes website design Freaky Shoes which can proffer your best footwear in an affordable range.

You can also find various prints which include animals shoes, kids' shoes, funky kicks, and a lot more. has the best range of shoes for every monster feet. Check out the best kicks and be wedding-ready.

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