Take a situation whereby you are sitting on that corner at the street, jobless, with no single coin in your pocket, and you are thinking how to get a cup of coffee or a slice of bread. You are busy cursing the government for the lack of job opportunities. You forget that when you are sitting idle, you can utilize it by doing something that does not need many skills or capital. And one of them is shoe designing. Taking a close look at the largest percentage of young generation walking past you, you will realize that most of them are wearing sneakers and many designer shoes, something you can make if you decide. Can you design Adidas shoes? Have you ever asked yourself who design adidas shoes? Putting yourself in such situations could help you define who you are and what you can do with little time and resources you have.

I was walking along the street when I met this middle-aged man, who asked me how he could locate any shop that sells nice Adidas sneakers. I knew of two stores that dealt with footwear, but I wasn't sure if they are the best. That's when an idea struck me. I heard a voice asking me, ‘can you sell designer shoes?’ Again, how could I get designer shoes if I cannot design? Finally, I decided to learn how to design shoes in animal crossing. I hope you are willing to join me as I share a few tips I learned to become a shoe designer.

1. Is It Your Passion

Why should I tell you to start designing if it’s not your passion? You need to set your mind first and see if you can do it as a full-time project or enter the industry because of boredom. You can make it your passion along the path as you master the game, but you should be ready to face many challenges, critics, or praises. First, you need to make shoes designing your passion for you to be successful. Passion will enable you to create something that you will also love, something that will be welcomed by many people, starting with your friends and family members. The person who design adidas shoes has a passion for creating that's why you will meet the Adidas brand everywhere. Make shoe designing your love too for you to enjoy it.

2 Getting The Basics

As a new designer, you might find the industry a bit challenging and time-demanding. I will assume it is your first time, and you need some days or months to be conversant with the entire field. After a couple of days, you will agree that shoe designing is one of the interesting and innovative areas ever. My mentor once told me that the first step to knowing how to do anything is knowing about anything. This can be translated as; the first step to understanding how to design shoes in animal crossing is knowing about the shoe itself. To know how to design shoes, you need to equip yourself with all the basic knowledge required in the whole idea. The basics involved in shoe designing include; fashion trends, types of materials, colorways, and technique. Having deep knowledge about the entire industry will enable you to develop your footwear design that will outshine the existing ones. can you design adidas shoes? If you think of designing and selling your shoes, you must know what it takes to design the best shoes and capture customers' vast network.

Training Programs.

Basic knowledge of shoe designing can be acquired through several means. You can learn from your friends, browsing through your computer, or attending design courses in that neighboring college. I would recommend you join a well-built training program or university to perfect your skills in designing. Such institutions will enhance your skills in computer-aided design (CAD), marketing strategies, collection development, drawing, pattern drafting, and applied footwear design. As a new designer, you can consider joining these training programs to build more trust and confidence in your plans.


After training for all those years, it's time to try and put that knowledge on practice. The interesting part with shoe designing is when you take a hundred days drawing different designs, then one person samples all of your drawings and trashes them. That's why an internship is important if you want to become an exclusive shoe designer. Before thinking of how to design shoes in animal crossing, why don’t you first think of getting an internship in Adidas shoe company or any factory dealing with footwear? Getting an internship will enable you to learn more about how shoes are finished, market trends, creating contacts for your future marketing channels, and, most importantly, acts as a platform to test your skills in designing and managing your shoe line.

Have a Mentor

Can you count ten successful enterprises that started without mentors? Why should you overlook mentors for your case? I am confident to say that my mentor is the reason why my shoe line became successful. A mentor will encourage, correct, and advice in every step you take. As a new player in the shoe designing industry, you need someone close to share your ideas with someone who will add or subtract less important concepts. You will also learn more from your mentor as you prepare to start your shoe line.

3. Creating Specific Industrial Skills

Shoe designing is an extensive industry, and understanding it should be your priority. Can you design adidas shoes should not be your greatest focus. First, understand the fundamentals related to shoe designing. Having general knowledge about the industry will serve a greater deal. A shoe designer must know everything to do with colors, lines, shapes, textures, and movement, and how such factors impact your customers' choice. When I was starting my shoe designing projects, I had to take a couple of days trying to understand everything surrounding my shoes' market. These factors include;

Where my designer shoes are worn.

During my internship, I learned that the choice of any shoe depends on the occasion. For instance, not all designer shoes are worn at weddings, indoor parties, holidays, or offices. There must be differences in design and final features. You should also choose which occasions are you designing your shoes for.

What my customers need.

The customer is your first boss. In anything that you do, first, think about what your customer needs to see. When including additional features, you must consider what they love most. This means understanding your market. Taking your time to study your customers will enable you to develop a specific design that will suit their needs and fashion trends.

Who am I designing for

Like I had said before, choose your generation to design for. Whether you are creating for the old age or the younger generation. Knowing exactly the kind of people you are aiming for is also an essential aspect of your designs. Remember, shoe designing is a competitive world, and you need to come up with something unique that will overcome the stiff competition already existing in the industry.

In my training period, I realized that one could also develop designing skills through collaborations. Designing takes a lot of work and dedication to achieve your dreams. And having an experienced figure in line ca help you have a clear picture of what you are supposed to do. Collaborating with other designers will also improve your skills and experience. It does not matter the level of education you have or how many degrees you hold. What matters is your skills and knowledge to start your shoe line and succeed. So, can you design adidas shoes? If you have the required skills and experience, then the answers to these questions should drive you to start the real designing.

4. Sketch More

Here we are. You have captured the knowledge, worked in many designing shoe company, and mastered the DOs and DONTs. It's now time to apply what you have been reading on a piece of paper. Start by sketching a lot of images you have in your mind on a piece of paper. I remember a statement during my training days ‘sketching is a form of communication between your brain and hands.' Sketching a lot will give a wide range of choices of designs topic from. Remember, you are outlining what you think should be your final product. Again, all you have to note is that you are not drawing your last shoe but doing a rough outline of what you saw or learned. Sketch as many as possible.

In most cases, if you are aspiring to design shoes and manufacture them, sketching will minimize the chances of losing focus and end up with only one or two designs. Moreover, sketching is not only done with a pencil. If you need to create a competitive model that will be envied by the existing designers, why can't you try sketching in 3D? Try something different, something unique, and I guarantee you will be in the frontline with your designs.

5. Create Your Portfolio

A portfolio is a vital tool that stores your sketches and drawings that you can showcase in search of internships and work. It also enlarges your network as it provides a reference platform for your clients to review your competence. The portfolio consists of your unique designs illustrations, technical drawings, silhouettes, and your vision and style. When creating your collection, remember to make it as flexible as possible for easy customization to fit a specific client. Your portfolio should also be of good quality. Indicate all the descriptive details such as title, materials, colorways, texture information, and any other that you feel suits the client or factory.

With the new technology, you can create your portfolio online. Use the 24-hours social media platform to build your brand. Your professional brand defines your success in the footwear industry. Be unique when creating your brand, a brand that will separate your identity from the rest of the designers. Reliable customers will look at your portfolio and eventually pick you for the deal.

6. Make Contacts

Learn to make connections. Don't sit back and expect your designer shoes to pop and hit the market without you hustling for it. How can you sell designer shoes if you don't have a ready market? How can you design adidas shoes if you do not know to have someone who introduced you to the industry? I am trying to say that you need to create your contact for you to succeed. You need a network that trusts you with your design. Shoe designing is a very competitive industry, and without anyone to hold your hand, succeeding will remain a dream of the past. When you have designed your brand and ready to sell, all you need is to contact your connection, present your portfolio, and wait for the call.

Bottom Line

Do you still think of pursuing shoe designing? Don't think twice. Shoe designing is a simple thing if you decide to do it with passion. Having a dream is nothing, but fulfilling your goal is something. Instead of sitting back and watch as others benefit from this simple knowledge, wake up and join the race. I was once in your place, and I always knew shoe designing was only meant for artists until I took up the challenge and started to learn how to design shoes in animal crossing. A skill that changed my life for the best. It is my wish that you find this educative and try it.

However, learning how to design shoes is not enough to make you succeed. You need to equip yourself with the essential information regarding the shoe industry. Learn all the basics and be ready to adapt to any challenge that might come your way. Go further to make your connections that will make you known to the outside world. Make your design as unique as possible to separate yourself from the rest of the designers. Above all, create your portfolio and ensure it is original and adjustable to fit your clients' demands. By doing so, you are assured of outshining your competitors and successful shoe line.


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