How to Care for Your Shoes?

How to Care for Your Shoes?

How to Care for Your Shoes?

Many people refrain from using suede shoes in the rainy season. But experts believe that the high-quality suede shoe pair is actually pretty easy to maintain. Moreover, they can serve in all seasons while witnessing the bad weather condition with sturdiness. When maintained well, you will find them as good as your expensive leather shoes.

It is now easier to design sneakers online, so you can easily find some of the best designs to match your personality. But before you place an order to make your own basketball shoe, it is good to learn the best care tips for your shoes.

Just go through the simple tips from FreakyShoes professionals below after knowing how to customize shoes online. It will help you to keep your shoes in perfect condition for all seasons:

  • Get rid of dirt and stains:

The first most important thing to do is cleaning the messy stains and dirt from your suede shoes. Make sure you invest in a good quality sandstone that doesn’t pose harm to the material of your shoes. Gently rub the affected areas and detach the stains. This process can help you to get back the original texture of your shoes.

Prefer to use corners of an eraser to clean out tough stains. You may find that the sandstone keeps on crumbing during this cleaning process. Don’t worry! You can clean it easily by using creep brush.

  • Wash your shoes:

You might have heard that one should not let suede get wet. But when you create your own shoes online for free, you can enjoy a long-lasting performance by following some simple cleaning tips. A good wash can give a healthy boost to the overall appeal of your suede shoes. But make sure you use a special shampoo to clean the area that can help to maintain the original colour of the material.

You can mix 1/3 portion of shampoo in 2/3 water and then start rubbing your shoes gently with this mixture. After cleaning, you can use water to rinse your shoes. Prefer to use a small brush to get rid of residues and then let your shoes dry well.

  • Nourish your shoes:

Experts advise spraying shoes only with some high-quality natural protection spray. It is good to apply this spray at least once a month for an enhanced nourishing effect. Do not use silicone or nano sprays as they may cause huge damage to the leather material in the long run.

The good quality spray must be applied richly on sport shoe brand logos. Don’t miss the area where the sole of the shoe meets the upper portion. When you design your own shoelaces, it becomes easier to get a perfect finish for cleaned shoes. Some people also prefer to use a color spray to match the colour of shoelaces.

While cleaning your shoes, make sure that you do not forget to polish the sole rims. A crepe brush is necessary for the weekly or daily maintenance of your favourite suede shoes. Now, as you know the process to keep these shoes clean, you can check out how to customise your own shoes online to design something that fits your personality.

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