How to Clean a Basketball?

How to Clean a Basketball?

How to Clean a Basketball:

Most basketball players find it quite challenging to play with a dirty ball, which is why you need to make sure that you wash your ball after your game if you want to have the best performance.

A dirty ball will always interfere with your normal performance when you are on the pitch. Moreover, you also need to clean if you want it to last longer because dirty basketballs hardly stay for a longer time, especially for those who have frequent games.


In this article, you will be taken through some of the essential ways to make your ball clean once you are out of the ground. Most importantly, when you are washing your ball, make sure that you consider your means first before cleaning them. This is essential because materials used to make this ball are different; therefore, they require different remedies and procedures when you are washing.


Moreover, once you can differentiate the materials used to form them, you will go. Because with this, you will be able to determine which remedy to use in which material. However, basketball material such as the synthetics is soft, which is why the NBA injury report states that this type of ball needs to be taken care of to prevent damages.

The feeling of washing your ball is quite magical and simple as you do not need to have specialists or skill for you to clean your ball properly. However, if you cannot identify this on your own, you can consider visiting Freaky Shoes and have all you want to know about cleaning your basketball.


In basketball history, it is recorded that there are only two types of material that are used to make this ball, namely, leather and rubber or synthetic basketball. Herein, you will be taken through the steps to be followed when washing each type of ball and how you, as a player, you are supposed to take care of your ball. Cleaning your ball takes a short time; therefore, you should not worry that it will take much of your time, and you want to do some things.


Cleaning a Leather Basketball

Many people would wonder how a basketball would be made from leather when it is played using hands, and our hands will always need soft stuff, but to your knowledge, there are balls made from leather, and they are great when it comes to playing. However, just like any other type of ball, they deserve to be washed once they are dirty.

Moreover, if you intend to achieve this, then you will have to follow on the steps that are going to be discussed below and get conversant with the whole thing. You will also need to have the best detergents of washing a leather ball for you to accomplish this. Make sure you follow the following procedure and have your leather ball cleaned well;


1. Check Your Ball’s Inflation to Ensure that the Pressure Is Correct

Firstly, when you want to clean your ball, it is proper to confirm its inflation and see if your leather can stretch to a certain tension. This is because your ball needs to remain in the same shape it was before it was washed. However, you will need to inflate your ball for this to happen if it is underinflated just before you begin your cleaning session.

However, the material of the ball will determine how you are supposed to inflate it before washing. Additionally, inflation aims to try to maintain the pressure that is in the ball after you are through with cleaning. Besides, if you inflate your ball, you should make sure that the ball can bounce two-thirds of the distance it would have before the inflation took place. Keeping this mind will help you whenever you are washing your ball.


2. Purchase a Leather Cleaning Products

You should, at all times, consider purchasing the best products whenever you are visiting any store. Also, make sure that it is the recommended detergent that will help you in cleaning your ball. Most of the cleaning remedies are found online, but you should also be sure of the clients you are dealing with before making your order and regret later because you took something that never worked for you. `

Most of the online retails are not well secured, and this is what you are supposed to take much care of when you are ordering your detergent. You should also ensure that these products are safe for your leather ball, and it will not cause any damage once you are through with cleaning.

However, one of the most reliable online shops is Freaky Shoes; they are the only ones that you can trust when it comes to your cleaning products. The NBA locker codes are also on keeping the ball clean for the players to have a successful play.

There are also a variety of ball cleaners that are available in the stores that are around your hood. Therefore, when you want to have your ball cleaned, make sure that you land on leather cleaner or leather shampoo.

Most importantly, you should ensure that you shy away from using creams or leather softeners when you are washing your leather ball. Avoiding them will be one way of protecting your leather ball's surfaces, especially from being damaged.


3. Rub the Leather Softener or Cleaner On the Ball Using a Rag

Place your leather softener on a clean piece of cloth then use the rag to massage on the leather ball's entire surface. However, if you want to get rid of all the dirt from your ball, consider adding a leather cleaner layer and wipe them until they are sparkling clean and free from the dirt. Moreover, if you want to have the best result, they repeatedly use your leather clean and the rag. Furthermore, you should also do this to the areas that dirt is not visible to ensure that you keep your ball out of dust and dirt.


4. Dry the surface of the Ball Quickly

When you are done with wiping your basketball, you should then take a piece of a dry clean rag and then use it to massage your ball to get rid of the softener that would have remained after rubbing. However, you must wipe off the softener immediately you are done with it because when you leave, it may damage your ball. Subsequently, you should never use a hairdryer when you want to dry the ball. It will be appropriate when you put it under low temperature to dry even if it takes longer so long as it is away from heat.


5. Store Your Ball in A Cool and Dry Location

This ball should be stored appropriately to prevent it from any damage. However, when you keep them, you should ensure that the area has good condition. But before you store them, make sure that they are well dried with no moisture on its surface. The safest place to store them in is a cool and dry area where they cannot be destroyed easily. Lastly, a leather ball is supposed to be kept away from direct sunlight because it can easily be damaged when out under the sun.


Cleaning a Rubber or Synthetic Basketball

When washing synthetic basketball, you will have to be careful because, unlike leather basketball, this one is quite soft, and it needs smooth material when washing them. Below are some of the steps that you can follow when cleaning your ball;

When you are cleaning a synthetic basketball, you need to be careful because this type is not that hard, unlike leather material. Therefore, you are supposed to use smooth materials when washing them. Follow on the steps below and find out how you should clean your ball;


1. Set up your cleaning area outside

You will first need to gather all the ingredients to be used in the cleaning process. It is essential to have a soft scrub brush, a clean rag, a bucket, warm water, and liquid dish soap. You can also look for a place where your ball can easily get wet.

Use a bucket that your ball can fit that will probably not give you a hard time washing you. You can also choose to include a soft eraser in your cleaning detergents. It can help you remove the dirt around your ball, thus making it easy for you to clean.


2. Remove Small Marks with a Soft Eraser

Here, you will need to have an eraser, use it to rub your ball's surfaces, especially the areas that have discoloration or any dirt that might be visible. However, if you notice that the eraser is not working for you well as you expected, you should consider using a small brush to get rid of them from your ball. But with a brush, you should be careful not to damage your ball.


3. Get the Ball Wet and Scrub the Whole Surface

Scrub your basketball gently using a soft old or new brush with water. However, pay attention to the that have a lot of dirt accumulation and make sure that you take them off your ball. However, for you to have a successful work, consider looking for a large bucket that your ball can fit. This will probably allow you to easily identify the areas where there is still an accumulation of the dust and remove them before you declare that you are through with your work.


4. Add Soap and Scrub the Ball Further

You will need a few drops of the liquid soap that will help you in your washing. The. However, the use of soap in cleaning your ball will depend on how dirty your ball is.

You may choose to leave your ball in water and soap before you start to scrub it. When you put it in a bucket of soap and water, it will help to get rid of dirt on your ball's surface, thus making it easy for you to wash it. However, when you are scrubbing, you should not apply a lot of force to make sure that you maintain their shape.


5. Rinse the Ball with Clean Water

When you are through washing the ball, it is vital to wipe all the soap off from your shot. However, you will need to do it multiple times, rinsing with clean water until the surface is free from solvent for you to have the best results.

However, if you want to rinse your ball in a hose, you will have to use a spray function if you're going to clean them properly.

Besides, when you leave the soap particles on the ball's surface, it will be sticky; and make it to collect more dirt. Additionally, you should always ensure that the water used to clean the ball is clean to avoid leaving dirty marks on the ball's surface.


6. Dry the Ball before You Put It Away

Before you store your ball, you should ensure that it has thoroughly dried and clean to the brim. Even if the NBA schedule does not include the cleaning procedure of basketball, you can use your way as a player and keep the ball clean. However, the thing is, you should never store your ball when it has moisture all over. If that is the case, you should consider taking them outside to dry, then keep it in a cool, dry area where it will not catch the moisture easily properly.


Bottom Line

Washing your basketball is one of the easiest things someone can ever do without using a lot of energy. Your ball will always look new, even if it is old, thanks to your cleaning efforts. Without mentioning, a clean ball will prevent much from happening, but the important thing is, keeping you from the infectious diseases that might come from a dirty ball.

However, you can also visit Freaky Shoes and get all you need to know about the usefulness of washing your basketball once a day or every time you are off the pitch. Lastly, there are different ball, and they are supposed to be cleaned differently according to the material used to create it. This will prevent you from damaging your ball.


How to Clean a Basketball?

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