Imagine a new pair of basketball shoes, right in their packing box. The feeling which comes with one lifting up the lid, uncovering the paper barrier, then wow! The sight of fresh brand new basketball shoes lying inside there. The unique smell from the pair which fills the air. The imagination on how they will look while on your feet.

Everyone wishes that the shoes could just stay that way for the longest time possible. Though it might not be possible for one to maintain the shoes in that state, one can try their level best to ensure that their basketball shoes' state does not deteriorate to a level of even losing their original shape. It will be quite disgusting to find a basketball player on the court playing on brown basketball shoes, which were originally white.


For one to maintain the state of their newly acquired boots, they should observe several guidelines, which include:


They should be stored right


After using your shoes in the game, make sure that you store them in a way that might not interfere with their shape right from their carrier bag to the cabinet store where you usually keep them. For instance, you should not stuff them deep into your gym bag while in a hurry to catch up with a given event you have to attend after the match; remember that you will still need them during the next game.

One should also understand that leaving your basketball shoes to stay long in the gym bag will pressure the seams, thus damaging them, losing their shape, and building up stench as the bag does not allow free airflow. The shoes need to be stored in a well-ventilated room, which allows free airflow as it will enable them to dry up as required.


One is advised to keep their shoes in the original box upon drying rather than keeping them in the room where they are easily susceptible to being tripped over or getting kicked around. One is advised to use a deodorizer to keep their shoes fresh for an extended period to avoid instances of stench development; a deodorizer can be acquired in solid and spray form.

A basketball player should have several praying boots to rotate them within various games, as this will allow them enough time to dry well before they are used again. Having several pairs will also ensure that the active use of a given shoe is reduced as one will have several pairs for use from one game to another.


The basketball shoes should only be worn on the court


Basketball shoes are only meant to be used in the basketball court, so one should strictly adhere to this as it will aid in increasing the life span of their shoes since they will not be exposed to elements that can easily deteriorate them. Wearing them for other purposes will subject them to increased wear and tear instances, thus leading to loss of grip and their original color, a factor that can make them reduce their effectiveness in the court.


Maintain the cleanliness of your shoes.


Cleaning basketball shoes regularly is the essential practice in ensuring that the shoes serve you well. The shoes should be cleaned after every game for proper care and maintenance since this will keep them in tip-top shape. Regular cleaning will ensure that the shoes are kept free from odor, which will help prevent loss of traction by keeping the treads of your pair debris free. Regular cleaning will also ensure that the shoes are not exposed to elements contributing to the tread's wear and tear since one will ensure that they remain free of grime. While cleaning your basketball shoes, you should ensure that they are not put into a washer or dryer and immersing them in water.



For proper washing of one's basketball shoes, here are the aiding guidelines:


  1. Remove excess filthy from the outer soles by use of a soft-bristled shoe brush.

  2. The shoes' dirty areas should be cleaned by using a sponge or a soft cloth that has been immersed in warm water mixed with a drop of laundry detergent. For the footwear made of leather material, a recommended type of leather cleaner should be used.

  3. Upon dealing with cleaning the outer parts of the shoe, the inner soles should be removed and cleaned by using a water or detergent mix.

  4. Excess soap should be rinsed off the shoe and insoles by using a second sponge or a piece of cloth.

  5. When the shoes have been cleaned thoroughly, they should be left to dry at room temperature away from direct sunlight, as drying them from direct sunlight or using a direct source of heat such as a dryer is likely to deteriorate them.


Some people would easily be tempted to wash their pair of basketball shoes using a machine washer, while others will find it not a wise thing to do. This depends on many factors though the critical determinant factor or the shoe to be cleaned through a machine washer or not is the type. In most cases, shoes cleaned through a machine washer are tennis shoes and running shoes or those made of certain materials.


It will be unwise to use a washing machine on shoes made of leather or suede. Can you imagine putting a pair of Jordan shoes in a washer machine, which is less expensive than them! Expensive footwear should never be taken to a Machine washer as it will reduce their life span at a very high rate. In case your footwear can be washed by a machine, you can comfortably do it. Here is how to conduct the machine washing process.


  1. Remove laces and insoles. Though many people may assume that this is just common sense, one should keep in mind. Removing the shoelaces will help them get tangled; the laces should be put in a discrete bag or a pillowcase. The insoles should never be washed by a machine to ensure that you maintain their shape, so they should always be hand washed. The stained inner soles should be cleaned by using a solution of warm water and detergent; the solution will also be able to do away with the stench in the insoles. Upon cleaning them, they should be left to dry in free air; they should never be dried from direct sun light.

  2. One should add about four to six towels to the shoes before they are thrown in the washing machine; the towels will help to keep the load balanced, thus prevent the shoes from banging around as the cycle runs; if possible, put your shoes in a mesh laundry bag for more protection.

  3. One should choose the cycle wisely; one is advised to choose a cycle with low spin speed where possible. The reason for low spins is that they are usually delicate; hence the washer remains balanced.

  4. If need be, one is advised to add a disinfectant at the start of the cycle to get rid of fungus such as athletes. The recommended disinfectant should be 80% pine oil; one should also ensure that they run the machine on warm water for effectiveness.


All these factors should be put into significant consideration to ensure the safety of both the machine and the shoes.


What are basketball shoes made of?


Basketball shoes are generally designed to be lightweight to improve the player's performance since a lot of movement is involved in the court. Too much weight on the player's feet will interfere with their movement and increase the chances of one developing fatigue.

Most basketball shoes are expensive to acquire, and thus it will not be possible for one to keep on purchasing them any other time. To take care of this, the shoes should be made to be durable. Leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of both are the materials mostly used to make leather shoes.


The outer soles are commonly made of rubber materials to give them the required traction with the playing grounds, which are usually made of wood and asphalt. For proper support, most basketball shoes are designed to have several closures such as laces, zippers, and ankle straps, which are meant to aid support while the players are in the court.


Restoring Grip on Basketball Shoes.


As said earlier in this article, most basketball courts are made of wood and asphalt; thus, one will require a shoe with good traction with the surface for the player's security. Upon buying basketball shoes, they will come with well-designed outsoles to provide the necessary grip; however, with time, the shoes may lose their traction with the surface, thus needing one to carry out various measures aimed at maintaining the grip.

To achieve this, one should clean the soles of their basketball shoes from time to time to ensure that they are always free from dust, filthy as well as debris buildup within the soles as the buildup of this can make the shoes slippery thus lose traction.


Upon cleaning the shoes appropriately, they should be wiped with a dump cloth piece then coat them with the correct hairspray. The spray will form a layer that traps dirt, enabling it to be wiped out easily. Though there are several types of grip lotions as well as sticky mats, one is advised to use a hairspray as it has a better grip.


Having seen how to clean basketball shoes to maintain their effectiveness, it will be important we look at some of the best basketball footwear which a basketball player should go for to make the best use of them upon doing the best practice of maintaining them.


The Best Basketball Footwear in the market 2020


Nike LeBron 17.


LeBron 17 is named after the famous NBA player LeBron James, a name that clarifies the quality of this basketball boot; it is one of the most admired shoes by the basketball players in the globe. For a fact, you can't spend a day in a footwear store which deals with basketball footwear and fail to meet someone asking for LeBron 17 basketball boots. These shoes are unique because they use the Max Air System, which provides more absorption force than other types of basketball shoes.


LeBron 17 is designed to accommodate a wide collar as well as having been well cushioned a factor that makes it a very comfortable pair to play basketball on as it offers the great feeling which is necessary to basketball players. These shoes are lightweight; thus, a basketball player on them will not have to worry about excess weight on their feet, which enhances their performance in a game and reduces any chances of fatigue development.

The wide collar mentioned earlier enables one to slip their foot on these shoes easily, thus saving much time which one requires to put them on, making it a reliable shoe in the sports arena. The heel section of LeBron 17 is designed to accommodate a plastic clip wraps to ensure that the shoe is always tightly attached to the wearer's feet, hence securing the feet properly, which improves the player's performance the court.

The outsoles of these shoes are made of rubber, making them durable thus; a basketball player will not have to purchase them from time to time, thus an economical pair to go for. The rubber is also well rugged to ensure that the tract well with basketball courts, which are usually made of asphaltic and wood, thus ensuring that the player is always stable while on the game. This improves the player's performance in the field and makes them enjoy the game. LeBron 17 basketball shoes are usually recommended for use by high-tier basketball players.


Air Jordan XXXIV


Air Jordan 34 is made on tough and stable inner soles, which enables the shoe to be more supportive. The shoe is designed to be lightweight as well as responsive, making it unique for basketball as the basketball player will not have to worry about excess weight on their feet. They are modified to have a Zoom Air cushioning, which redirects the force of one's steps, enabling one to keep springing during tough.

Their bottom part encompasses well-rugged traction, which is made from multidirectional treads enabling the shoe to maintain a high level of traction with different types of a basketball court. Their uppers are made of the breathable tongue, which allows free flow of air in one's feet, a factor which makes this pair even more comfortable on the wearer's feet. On top of this, they are provided with extra collar padding, which prevents the wearer from slipping when they move at high speed, hence increasing their level of performance on the court.


Adidas Dame 6.


Dame 6 is designed to have low overall weight, which makes it comfortable for use by a basketball player as they do not have to worry about excess weight on their feet hence minimizing any chances of fatigue development. Their outer soles are constructed on herringbone design to achieve the great traction needed in basketball shoes; thus, they are assured of their security while on basketball courts. The shoes are lightly cushioned to provide the player with the comfort they need while in the game and ensure that they do not interfere with the player's performance.

They are designed to produce a simple webbed lace-up system making them easy to tighten to the player's best fit hence securing one's feet comfortably. They are made to be well breathable to ensure that one's feet remain cool and dry all through; this will also improve on player’s security as their feet are not likely to sweat, thus reducing any chances of slipping. Dame 6 is designed to improve the player’s stopping performance, a feature that makes it unique, thus one of the best basketball-playing boots in the market.


Under Armour HOVR Havoc 2.


These pair is characterized by a lightweight, making them conducive to use in basketball as they don’t inhibit the player’s performance while on the pitch. They are made of highly breathable materials to ensure that the player's feet remain cool and dry, improving on the level of coziness required by a basketball player. They come with a sock liner made from die-cut EVA materials; this increases the energy return of every step.

This gives a player a further push making it easy for them to go past their limit. They are designed to have a midfoot shank, which gives more support and stability to the player's feet throughout the game. They encompass a simple tongue as well as webbed laces, which can be easily tightened to attain the right fit on one's feet hence securing to give a player the stability they need in a basketball game.


Nike Zoom KD 12.


This shoe is made by Nike with the aim of producing a fast, responsive shoe. It is constructed using the Nike Zoom air cushioning system, which enhances smooth movement. Their heels are equipped with a second air zoom entity to make one's steps fluid and springy.

They are also constructed to have multidirectional layers on their uppers to ensure that they withstand all manners of punishments they are subjected to a factor which makes this pair durable. This pair is modeled to produce an improved kind of comfort, so the wearer of this shoe will not worry about fatigue developing in their feet while in the game. These shoes are ideal to be used by any basketball player for they are flexible and easy to put on and off.


Nike Kyrie 6.


These shoes are designed to be breathable, a factor that makes them comfortable as they allow free airflow in the wearer's feet, ensuring that they remain cool and dry all throughout the game. They are known for their consistent support to the basketball player, thus improving one performance in the court. They are unique in their construction for are made to copy the playing style of Irving Kyrie (the great basketball player they are named after).

They are made to have great traction with different types of basketball courts; thus, a player on this pair is assured of their stability in almost all types of basketball courts irrespective of prevailing conditions in them. They are made to have springy cushioning as well as a soft foam, which gives them extra comfort as one moves between stances; on top of this, they come with a built-in midfoot strap, which gives the shoe wearer extra steadiness as well as support while in the game.

A well-padded collar ensures that Kyrie 6 pairs will never feel loose on player's feet, enabling a player to comfortably employ all their playing techniques.


Nike PG3 Basketball Shoes


They are constructed on half-bootie design to offer players the kind of snug they crave for as well as producing a reliable fit regardless of the shape of their feet. Unlike many basketball shoes, the PG3 pair, unlike many basketball shoes, are designed to produce a collar that is extended up as well as padded to offer extra comfort, a factor which helps to secure the shoes during the game, thus ensuring that the player remains stable throughout the game.

They are designed to produce extra cushioning, which puts more spring in one's movements, a factor which aids the player keep full control of where their feet are positioned through the multidirectional traction array and treads. Their outer soles are designed to produce excellent traction to offer the required kind of grip on different basketball courts; thus, one is assured of stability throughout the game.

Construction of this type of shoes uses lightweight as well as flexible fabrics, making them light thus, one will not have to worry of extra weight on their feet while on these shoes; this minimizes any chances of fatigue development while the player is on the court.


Jordan Why Not Zero. 2


Not Zero two is unique in that it comes with an added bonus of an adjustable five-hole racing system, which makes it easy for the player to adjust to attain the right fit of their shoe. This ensures that one secures their feet according to their size hence achieving the kind of stability they might need while on the court.

The pair is constructed with an abrasion-resistance outsole, which is constructed on a well-rugged rubber to offer the required traction with different kinds of basketball courts, a factor which ensures that one is stable while they play in whichever kind of court. The manufacturer of these boots uses Nike Zoom Air features to give them excellent cushioning as well as better force management to help the wearer cope well with tricky moves while in the game, thus improving the player's performance.


Nike Men’s LeBron Witness IV Basketball Shoes.


The shoe is designed to take a streamlined shape making it highly conducive for use in basketball courts. It is lightweight and highly breathable to offer their wearer with a long-lasting comfort as ones feet will have to remain cool and dry throughout the game while a player will not experience unnecessary weight on their feet as they play; this will also ensure that the feet are free from fatigue and chafing.

They are modeled to provide ankle support with the mid-length cut to keep the leg in the correct position, a factor which reduces the chances of developing fatigue or getting injured as they play. This makes the pair stand out as one of the best basketball shoes recommended to be used by beginners as well as trainees.

They have an adjustable lace-up system; this will enable the player to fit the shoe to attain their most comfortable fit from which they can perform best. Their outer soles are made of gum rubber, which is well rugged to provide superb traction with various kinds of basketball courts irrespective of the prevailing conditions in those courts. They come with an L-shaped tongue and collar padded well to offer extra cushioning on the legs, thus giving the wearer more comfort.


Under Armour Curry 3Zero III.


This pair is known to offer the best balance and stability, for they are constructed using a carbon fiber shank. This pair's balance and stability enable the player to move freely with support during the game. They are lightweight, making them conducive shoes for outdoor games since they can be comfortably worn for an extended period.

They are made of rubber soles, making them durable; the soles also contain a multidirectional traction pattern that offers excellent traction with many kinds of basketball courts, assuring the wearer of stability in their game in whichever kind of basketball court they play from. The pair comes in multiple colors giving one a variety to choose from; they are also stylish, thus suitable for the players looking for style in playing shoes.


Adidas Men’s Harden Stepback Basketball Shoe.


These shoes are designed for outdoor activities; they are lightweight and breathable, making them suitable to be worn for long periods as one on them will not have to worry of excess weight on their feet. Their breathability allows free airflow within the wearer's feet, ensuring no instances of chafing or injury. They are constructed to have a wide forefoot, allowing the toes' room to spread naturally to enhance balance and flexibility in movement; their flexibility makes them accommodate people of different foot sizes and shapes.

They are well-cushioned in their midsole to enhance flexible movement as well as supporting the feet to counter instances of injury and fatigue. They are made to have a well-padded collar and tongue, which provides ankle support to keep the player's feet in the right position always. Again this shoe is made to accommodate the players who would wish to incorporate the game with stylish footwear; they also come in various colors enabling one to have a variety to choose from; one can even have several of them in different colors.


Nike KD Trey 5 VII Basketball Shoe.


These types of shoes are known for their durability, making them very suitable for basketball players since one will not require to buy them from time to time. The shoes are reinforced with an outer rubber sole well rugged to tract well different kinds of the basketball court, thus assuring a player of stability in whatever kind of court they play from. Their uppers are made of highly breathable—materials that allow free flow of air within the feet. The interior of these shoes are well cushioned to ensure that they are comfortable.


Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe.


These shoes are constructed to have rubber outsoles, which are well rugged to give them good traction with various basketball courts to ensure the player's stability all through. Their uppers are made of highly breathable materials to ensure a free flow of air within the player's feet, a factor that gives one extra comfort. They are also lightweight, making them suitable for basketball since a player on them will not have to worry about excess weight on their feet; this will improve one's performance and prevent one from developing fatigue.


Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low Sneaker


This pair combines the features of Jordan’s athlete –conscious and the look of the Nike signature. The combination making this shoe gives it the best fit as well as look hence a stylish pair suitable for those who look for style in playing shoes. The shoe is modeled to have stable ankle support as well as rubber cup soles, which enhances its comfort.

This pair offers support to all sections of the wearer's feet, generating the kind of support that any basketball player craves to make it one of the best basketball shoes in the market. They are made of highly breathable materials to ensure that one's feet remain cool and dry while on them




The crucial aspect of maintaining all kinds of footwear is by ensuring that they remain clean all through. Though one might purchase a type of shoes with a very long life span, they still need to be maintained well to perform the tasks they have been purchased for better. While purchasing footwear to be used during basketball games, one should ensure that they go for the right shoes guided by the features that make the best kind of footwear.

The main feature which should characterize such shoes is lightweight for coziness and stability. One should also note that non-slip shoes make the best footwear for a basketball game. Ladies with heel issues should be advised to dress shoes for plantar fasciitis women as this will help alleviate heel pain.


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