How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes At Home

How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes At Home

How To Clean Faux Suede Shoes At Home:


Do you have a nice and shining pair of boots and faux suede shoes? Have they started appearing bit grubby? Well, it’s time to clean your faux suede shoes for keeping them dazzling and shining as you have just purchased it.

You don’t have to go for shoes repair service now and then when you can simply do it yourself. No matter how hard you try, preventing the shoes from getting stained or dirty is a difficult task.

An accident can happen anytime, whether a dollop of ketchup or red wine can spill and even a splash of grease can spoil the whole fun. Forget about going for shoe dyeing services near me too.

Try the experts suggested DIY hacks for cleaning faux suede shoes at home. These tips work for shoe and leather repair too. Before proceeding to clean hacks, let’s learn what is faux suede?

Suede comes from the inner side of animal hides. It helps in offering a velvety and soft touch. It feels and looks amazing and is delicate enough.


Easy ways of cleaning faux suede shoes

Don’t go for the places to get shoes dyed near me when they get dirty, instead clean them.

Brushing alone is not the right solution for cleaning them

Here are some things you can do to clean faux suede shoes neither if you are looking out for a leather belt repair shop near me will help. Here are simple ways of cleaning them. This includes,

  • Spot cleaning

  • Things you need

  • A suede brush

  • A stain eraser

What should be done?

  • Start brushing your shoes for removing debris and dirt with the help of a suede brush

  • This suede stain eraser helps in erasing marks of pencils and pens on the paper. Start rubbing it gently over its stain.

  • Keep rubbing until the mark goes away

  • Raise its fiber with the suede brush

Professional tips

  • Make sure you use a clean eraser so that it don’t leave any mark or dirt on shoes

  • You need to be extra gentle so that it doesn’t damage the material

DIY home remedy to clean faux suede shoes

There are sometimes when you are tight on budget and you don’t want to buy commercial products. For this, you can adopt a DIY tip for cleaning faux suede shoes.

Things you need

  • A gentle soap

  • Small Bowl

  • Coldwater

  • A Toothbrush

  • A clean cloth

  • And, a suede brush

How to use it

  • Start by removing the dust and dirt from the shoes

  • Place some cold water in a bowl

  • .Take a gentle soap and add few drops of water in a bowl. Make sure it creates foam and may not discolor water.

  • Use a toothbrush for mixing soap and water for creating foam on top

  • Remove toothbrush from solution and shake off the excess water

  • Apply this solution on your shoes with the help of toothbrush in circular and small movements

  • Keep on doing until the shoes are clean

  • Let them air dry

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