How to clean leather shoes and boots

How to clean leather shoes and boots

How to clean leather shoes and boots

Leather shoes must be the most important and costly footwear among your footwear’s collection. Leather shoes are elegant and clean shiny boots increase the elegance of your overall personality. Preserving leather shoes demand knowledge of cleaning tools and chemicals. You may destroy it during the process of preserving leather footwear by applying the wrong cleaning product to clean. You can clean leather shoes at home with everyday used tools. There are specific cleaning products to clean the different types of shoes. Follow the step by step guide to making your understanding about cleaning boots at home.

Leather Shoes

  1. First of all clean all types of dirt, dust, and debris off the shoes using a shoe brush. Rub it gently to avoid any damage to the

    shoes. Run along the seam and soles for thorough cleaning.


  2. Remove shoelaces to prevent them from stains of cleaning and polishing. Clean dirty laces in a washing machine.


  3. Take a clean wet cloth and squeeze it to remove extra water. Add some liquid soap and gently rub like the massage over

    the surface of the shoes. The soap will clean deep and greasy stains from the leather of shoes.


  4. Now use a moist cloth to remove the lather off your shoes and let them dry. Use the dry cloth first and then leave the

    shoes in some cool shadowy place to dry. Don’t place them near heather or fire as health could damage the color of shoes.


  5. Use baby wipes in order to clean your shoes during travel or outside of the home. The gentle property of baby wipe is

    best for cleaning shoes. The moisture of the wipes will also help to bring shining on the surface of shoes.


  6. To remove salt stains use an equal mixture of water and vinegar. Apply the above-mentioned process by using a mixture

    of water and vinegar instead of liquid soap. Similarly, in order to clean the greasy oil type of stains use any kind of absorbent

    powder such as talcum powder or cornstarch. Cover the leather shoes with powder for 1-2 hours and then

    carefully remove it with the help of shoe brush.


  7. Now your shoes are clean from all type of stains and dirt, therefore, to bring shine to apply shoe to polish.

    Apply leather shoe polish with a cloth and rub it on shoes in slow motion. Now use a shoe brush to spread polish equally.


Suede Shoes

  1. Buy online or from shoe store a brush specially made to clean suede shoes. Brush gently on

    the entire surface of the suede shoes to remove scratches, dirt, and stains from the surface of suede shoes.


  2. To remove the greasy stains use the same above-mentioned method used for leather shoes but to

    remove the powder use suede brush instead of cloth.


  3. For the long life of your suede shoes use shoe spray to make it waterproof. The spray is often

    available in a box of suede shoes or you can buy it from the shoe store.

Patent Suede Shoes

  1. Remove shoe laces and clean dirt and stains on the surface of patent shoes

    with a wet cloth dipped in the liquid soap.


  2. To remove scuff from the patent shoes use a cotton swab dipped in the hand sanitizer.

    Carefully rub the cotton swab on the scuff marks and wipe off excess hand sanitizer using a wet cloth.


  3. Mineral oil is the best product to polish the patent shoes. Pour some drops of

    mineral oil on the clean cloth and gently rub it over the surface of the shoes.

    Buff shoes with another clean cloth for perfect shine.

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