How To Clean Shoes Fast

How To Clean Shoes Fast

How To Clean Shoes Fast:

Have a look at your airwalkers shoes scattered on the floor or kept in the closet. The shoe lovers especially have a variety of shoes that vary in colors, materials, and finishes. Well, if you are thinking to keep your shoes clean and make them look amazing life long, and then follow the below-mentioned steps for cleaning every shoe type.


How To Clean Shoes Fast

Fabric shoes

These fabric or ducky shoes can be sneakers, pumps, flats, or strappy sandals. They eventually get dirty. You can now easily clean your shoes manually by using warm water, a liquid detergent, a paper towel, and an old toothbrush.

How to do it?

  • Wipe your fabric with a dry paper towel for removing the loose soil surface.

  • Mix one spoon of dishwashing soap in two cups of water

  • Dip your toothbrush in this soapy solution and scrub it on your fabric lightly. Move around the shoes for preventing spotting and keeping its color consistent.

  • For removing the soapy residue, wipe your whole shoe with a paper towel.

  • Blot your addies shoes with a dry paper towel and let them air dry. Keep it away from sunlight and heat.

  • Don’t use the method of wet cleaning on the velvet shoes. Brush them with a soft bristle brush for lifting the pile and also for spot cleaning the stains with a solvent for dry cleaning.

How to clean leather, faux leather shoes?

For leather and faux leather shoes, you can start by wiping off the soil with cloth dipped in solution of cool water and white vinegar. This works well for removing the winter salt stains. Let your shoe air dry completely.

For scuffs on the real leather shoes, make use of a commercial polish and follow directions. If you don’t have polish which matches the rainbow of colors, then wet one soft cloth with water and dip the same in baking soda.

Gently rub this scuffed area and wipe away the residue with a clean cloth. Let it dry and buff it all over again with a clean cloth. For scuffs on the patent leather & faux leather shoes, rub marks with petroleum jelly and buff the same with a soft cloth.

Restore its shine with a glass cleaner and buff your shoes designing with a soft cloth.

Yezzys, NuBuck, Suede, Sheepskin shoes


For scuffs and marks: You can rub gently with a pencil eraser and brush it for restoring the nap.

For oily stains: Sprinkle your area with cornstarch or baby powder for absorbing oil. Let this powder sit on the stain for an hour and brush it away. Repeat this until oil gets absorbed and brush it for lifting the nap.


Wet stains: Blot your designing shoes with a cloth or paper towel for absorbing the moisture. Let your shoes air dry and keep them away from direct heat. You can brush for smoothing its nap.

If you are the one who wants to clean your shoes like a shoe designer, then follow the above-mentioned DIY hacks to clean your shoes and follow Freaky shoes for more ideas and tips.

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