How to Clean White Shoes So They Look New

How to Clean White Shoes So They Look New

How to Clean White Shoes So They Look New:


Since their invention early on even before Christ, shoes are an integral part in the lives of human beings (males and females) in equal measure. Technology has come a long way since to a point that we can now dress in shoes that we want. Sometimes, we even adorn footwear that has messages we intend to pass across.


Along with the style of shoes, also comes coloration. You might have seen all types of shoes you wanted to put on. To some instance, you may have gotten a chance to wear them. Whether you are matching the shoes with jeans, dresses, suits, tees, etc. white shoes will always stand out amidst any fashion style you tend to subscribe.


  Many shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Converse, etc. have had their favorable share in the market, and the main production line focuses on the trendy footwear especially among the growing population. If you have been keeping yourself ahead with the world trends, then you know that hand-made shoes have been having more demand than the rest. People were, and still are will to cash big for hand-stitched footwear.


These are designer products that are customized for the client. Before, long ago, all this was up to the couturier. Times have changed and so has technology. Nowadays, a number of contemporary companies that produced shoes have tapped into this opportunity by upgrading their services to match the demand specifics.


 Equally, a number of sites have joined the market and are providing three dimensional platforms where clients can customize their own footwear. After that, they will take the customer’s instructions and imprint them on the shoes. Such sites include

On the other hand, companies such as Nike are the traditional brands that have grown with time and initiated a few projects that have been able to keep them on the top list of some of the most proficient she-manufacturing companies. You might be wondering just where are Nike custom shoes made? Well, it’s easy. Nike shoes are manufactured all over the world. Mostly, Nike Company has its manufacturing business situated in Asia.

 China and Vietnam accounts for about 36% of the total production globally. Other countries such as Thailand and Indonesia also contribute to the production basket. The same case in terms of production arrangement is exhibited in other companies such as Freaky Shoes which has all its production operations in China.

Other notable firms with the same arrangement include Adidas which has its assembly plants in 55 countries on the planet with a majority of its footwear originating from China, Vietnam, Indonesia, etc. the same case is experienced for Puma, Under Amour, and Reebok. There are slight variations in terms of countries of manufacture for Under Amour, but China remains constant for all options. However, Reebok has laid plans to transfer its operations to Michigan, United States; it is transferring from China and other countries in the Asian region.



 In a perfect setting, a leopard would be like a domestic cat, and humans will be able to pet it. In the same sense, it would be an ideal occurrence if you could be wearing shoes without needing to wash them. However, due to the imperfections that we live in, you cannot neglect your footwear for the fear of losing it earlier that it should. Therefore, this begs the question, how do you maintain your shoe to remain as pristine as you bought? Well, this article delves into this subject, and deconstructs the process of cleaning shoes especially white sneakers.




How to clean white sneakers


After unwrapping your white shoes, the challenge remains to wear and keep them clean. It is a tough task and you will need some innovative ways to tackle the stubborn dirt and stains that won’t seem to be eliminated using the conventional detergents.


 Fortunately, you don’t need fancy supplies to eradicate stains from your white sneakers. Also, you may have bumped into some fancy white shoe cleaners on the shelves during your shopping rounds. Bottom line is that you don’t need commercial cleaners to destain your footwear.


Depending on the material of shoe you have, you can employ a series of different ways to get rid of dirt. The common ones include, using vinegar, baking soda, toothpaste, etc. below herein, you will find instructions to a step-by-step on how to clean your white sneakers without difficulty.



 Before sinking into the subject of cleaning, it helps to avoid straining too much just wash your sneakers. You will do this by spraying your shoes with a stain and water repellent. This is a way of treatment of your shoes so that they maintain that great look however much you come in contact with dusty and damp places. Repeat the process regularly as you monitor the level of effectiveness the spray-on is.

 Furthermore, you can make a habit out of cleaning your footwear. You simply need to wipe away scuffs or dirt that you come in contact with using a wipe or a cleaning agent. This will save you from the tedious task of having to destain the whole footwear.




 To guarantee a new-look for your shoes, you need the following warm water, a toothbrush, detergent, and sometimes a container of bleach. The purpose of the toothbrush is to target hard-to-reach stains and smudges. You can use it to scrub the white shoes in places you cannot reach with conventional brushes.


Can you clean your pair of shoes with bleach, let’s find out here.




Cleaning white sneakers with bleach


Bleach is not the most common cleaning agent for your shoes. In fact, it is highly discouraged. However, some instances may force you to apply this product in your cleaning exercise. Bleach may not be gentle to both your hands and the fabric of your sneaker. This is because it is highly chlorified such that when you mix with water, the resultant solution is acidic. This means that if you were to mix it disproportionately, then you are likely to get itchy hands and wear out your shoes in the process.

 Always dilute the bleach carefully while following the directions on the bleach container. Most experts advice that you need to dilute one unit of bleach with at least five units of water. This ensures that you don’t get those acid burns and your shoes don’t turn into a mismatched and horrible yellow color.


 Sodium hydroxide is the standard domestic bleach used widely. This chemical is considered safe from corrosion and toxicity. However, this compound cannot be entirely trusted and therefore, if you happen to come in contact with a concentrated version of the hydroxide, you need to follow the recommended first aid tips. Most importantly, you should not ingest the chemical.

Some of the known effects are irritation to the eyes, mouth, skin, lungs, etc. This means that it is not advisable to inhale the bleach either. When working on a huge pile of laundry that needs bleaching, always ensure that you wear protective gear and that the room is sufficiently ventilated. For the case of shoes, you should soak and wash away the dirt away from the bleach.




To clean your white shoes with bleach, you need a container with bleach, a bucket, water, a toothbrush, air conditioning – a fan or a room with open windows, and warm water.


+ You will need to mix water and bleach in a ratio of 1:5; such that one cup of bleach should get five cups of water.


+ Using your toothbrush, dip it in the bleach solution and scrub the shoes gently.


+ Rinse the shoes with warm water after you are done scrubbing the stains away.


+Air your sneakers and let them dry. Preferably, leave them for overnight.




How to clean your footwear using baking soda


 You might have heard how magical baking soda is especially when used to freshen your fridge from horrendous funk that builds up over time. You are about to learn one more attribute of the baking soda.




You may need some vinegar to beef up the refreshing feature of baking soda. Here are the steps. You will also need an old toothbrush, warm water and the stained white sneakers.


+ Mix one full tablespoon of vinegar with one tablespoon of baking soda and the same amount of water then stir to mix it up.


+ You will have a paste like solution. Ensure that it maintains its consistency as you apply it on the shoe by use of the old toothbrush.


+ For the best results, ensure that you are striking the brush in a circular motion.


+ Cover the canvas areas of the shoes completely in the paste and leave it under warm sunlight to dry.


+ Once the shoes have dried with the coat of the baking soda coating on, retrieve your footwear and clap them against each other. Use a brush to get rid of the stubborn scraps that stick behind after clapping the shoes.


+ The shoes will be whiter than you left them. However, if you wanted to have a sparkly white feature, you can wash it off using warm water and a detergent.



Cleaning white sneakers with toothpaste



 You have been regularly using your toothbrush and a paste on it since childhood. Do you know why? Well, the goal is to clean your tech of the smallest layers of dirt and sugars that stick after eating a meal. Regular cleaning helps to avoid development of plaques and tartars on the surface of the teeth that end up attracting germs. You know well the result when that happens.


 Toothpastes have fluoride elements which help to dissolve the sticky substances and stains on the teeth before it becomes formidable enough to require scraping. This is exactly what they do for your shoes when applied to fight stains. However, you should note that white shoes should only be washed using white toothpaste. Colored varieties will only introduce more stains which are more stubborn than these you intended to remove.


Unlike bleach, toothpastes are completely safe to use. Therefore, you don’t need to exercise safety tips using this compound.




You will need non-gel toothpaste, an old rug, warm water, and an old toothbrush. Here are the steps.




+ Using an old toothbrush, apply the paste on your stained white sneakers in a circular motion as you did for baking soda paste.


+ Leave the paste on the shoe for a while like 10 minutes or more, and then wipe away the paste from the canvas by use of an old rug. Also, you can wash it away by use of warm water.


+ Repeat the process if it is necessary. You will know if it is necessary if the stains are still visible.


+ Make it a habit to be destaining your shoes regularly whenever you observe a stain. Don’t let it overstay and risk sticking forever.


+ Store your shoes in the right spot so that it doesn’t attract more stains after cleaning.


Cleaning white shoes based on variety and material.


Shoes differ based on the material used. For instance, we have leather shoes, textile shoes, suedes, etc. the means you will use to clean these materials differ. This chapter delves into how you can clean theses materials using the ways mentioned above. Also, conventional ways may be applied if these DIY methods are not successful.




How to clean white leather shoes



 During leather tanning process on the tanneries, this material is treated in chemicals to first remove the hair. It is then heated, dried and further treated with chemicals before it is dyed to assume a specific color. The repeated treatment is to make leather to be waterproof and make it last for longer. This is why leather does not get damaged easily even when left in damp conditions (which are not recommended).



 Leather is one of the best materials to deal with. Firstly, it does not absorb too much water like other fabric shoes. Secondly, it does on stick stains easily, and third, it is generally easy to clean. Here are the steps you can follow to give your white leather footwear a thorough clean.




You will need a detergent (ivory soap will do fine), paper towels, cotton rags (an old cotton t-shirt will do for this), erasers, and an old toothbrush.


+ Gather your materials.


+ Remove the surface dirt and dust. Wet a paper towel, wring it to remove excess water and wipe your leather shoes gently to remove dust and pieces of dirt that stick on the surface of leather.


+ Let your leather footwear to dry before you proceed.


+ Dip your eraser in water then squeeze to do away with excess water. While still damp, use it to rub the sole up and down to clean off all the stains and dirt.


+ Wet your cotton rags by dipping them in water. Lather the rag with soap, then in a slow motion; massage the top side of the shoe gently. Do this repeatedly until when a perfect white color emerges.


+ Let your shoes to dry.


Depending on how dirty your sneakers are, you might want to repeat the process one more time to ensure that you have the best results.


If your shoelaces are also stained, then you will deal with the dirt the same way you remove stains from clothes. Basically, you will need to warm water. After that, pour some soap in the water and let it lather. Soak the laces in the soapy water for 10 minutes. Scrub off the stains and hang them to dry.


How to clean white canvas shoes


 Canvas is a product of Hemp. It is a tough and course textile material use in production of a variety of goods including shoes, tents, sails, boards, etc. Canvasses are commonly known to be painting materials. Therefore, when it comes to production of footwear, canvas is used for its features. Canvasses are easy to manipulate into a shoe that you want. Also, you can imprint images, logos, and a wide range of designs on them; making it the perfect footwear material.

 Some websites have shifted focus to designer shoes and general clothing lines. Freaky shoes, is one f these platforms. Here, the site provides its customers a rare opportunity to design their shoes for free. After that, the client places an order with the company on the customized footwear. The product gets delivered to the customer at no extra fee.

 These are some of the conveniences this website has brought to the apparel industry. Canvas shoes are basic commodities of the casual sneakers. The top part is made of canvas while the sole is made of rubber. Also, these pieces of footwear are available n low top and high top varieties. They are made in different colors so that the customer can choose according to their preferences.

 Children items are manufactured with cute little designs to attract children. Many brands have started to include kids’ designs in their strategies to woe more market and establish substantial reputation to give them an edge to their competitors.


 Unlike sport shoes, which have form pads that protect the feet and act as shock absorbers, canvas shoes do not have any of these features. However, they are so common that you will not miss them in a majority of these houses. This shortage in shock absorbing property limits these products to light go-to walk activities. They are not suitable for those who want to go out for strenuous exercises and pounding activities.


Canvas shoes are versatile for all kinds of functions and events. Be it beach parties, involvement in social functions like charities, you are guaranteed of a comfortable feel. Furthermore, canvas shoes are not costly. The prevailing market prices are affordable to every economic line you consider to exist.


Maintenance costs are one of the lowest among the shoe family. This means that you can take care of your canvas with ease. Generally, after you make a purchase of canvas sneakers, buy cloth care spray or starch alongside the shoes so that you can apply these agents on the skin of the sneakers to protect them. Ensure you wear protective gear such as masks and gloves if you have pre-existing health conditions such as asthma and skin sensitivity. These are chemicals and they are damaging if they are not applied with care.




Another way of maintaining your canvas sneakers is by washing them. Some people are proponents of washing your canvas shoes using the washing machine. Some are adamant that using this method is tantamount to spoilage. However, if you were to follow some of the established safety processes, then you would pull through.


One of the dangers of washing your phone in a washing machine is that it wears the glue that holds the uppers with the sole. Also, there is always the danger of using too much chemicals that may end up spoiling your footwear.


Before washing your shoes, there are precautions that you are advised to follow. Among them include removing laces before you embark to clean them. Also, wipe away mud or sand that may have caked itself on the shoe with a damp rag first before you wash them. Finally, you should air them to dry but not in direct hot sunlight.


Drying against a fireplace, a radiator or a furnace is highly prohibited as well. If you were to do this, the hemp material on your canvas footwear will be damaged. Additionally, it is advised to wash your shoes with suede and fabric shampoos oftenly to prevent the fabric from rotting away were you to expose the shoe to extremely cold temperatures like in winter, or walk on salty surfaces.



Salt stains are dangerous for any synthetic product. Walking along the sea shorelines may expose your canvas sneakers to salt. Always get rid of any salt stains that your footwear may come in contact with.



 Moreover, you can maintain your shoe by purchasing shoetrees and regularly replacing your sneaker shoelaces. If you are the kind of people who wear shoes disproportionately, then you can make an excellent use for shoetrees. Alternatively, you can align old papers in your shoes so that it maintains its shape even if you were to wear it unnaturally. Replacing shoelaces is a normal practice.

While replacing, ensure you shop for regular size laces and not longer or too short. Long laces get dirty faster and may be a nuisance especially if you are walking and they untie. On the other hand, short laces are equally menacing since they will overstretch the limit of the shoes in a bid to compensate for the lack of length. Therefore, to keep your canvas sneakers in a pristine condition, always exercise safe maintenance practices.


 Cleaning canvas shoes


 Referring to the earlier discussion, the surest way to maintain your canvas shoes is to maintain hygiene. It is not difficult to keep your shoes clean using the methods mentioned above such as vinegar, toothpaste, and using baking soda. Also, it is advisable to use these methods often to fight funk that usually develops in your footwear after a long period of wearing without washing




You will need your white canvas shoes, vinegar, warm water, an old toothbrush, some cotton rugs, and baking soda.




+ Mix equal amounts of baking soda, water and vinegar and stir to make a paste.


+ Dip your cotton rug in water and gently wipe away the dirt on the shoes and the sole. Let this dry for a while.


+ Using your toothbrush smear the paste you formed from baking soda, vinegar and water.

Apply it all over your canvas footwear and let it dry. Baking soda dries up quite fast. Therefore, you will not have to wait for long to finish the process.


+ Wash the dried paste away from your shoes and let it dry in air. Once again, ensure that you expose to low sunlight. It should be warm and not hot.



 Alternatively, since canvas shoes are literally made from fabric, you can wash away the dirt by use of a detergent and water. This way is a little easier and straightforward than other methods. Also, most people prefer using toothpaste to fight off stubborn stains you simply smear white toothpaste on the material and wait for it to dry. After that, you clap the shoes against each other to break away the dried paste. If the stains persist, repeat the process again until you are free of the dirt.



 How to clean white suede shoes



 Suede shoes are delicate materials that besides not being a perfect white, they still stain easily. This is why is is advisable to be gentle with them. Another fact about suede is that it runs off when you wash with water. Here is how you can clean dirty suede shoes.




Gather your materials which include the dirty suede shoes, a pencil eraser, white vinegar, soft cotton and a suede brush.


+ You will need to first bloat your footwear using a soft cotton cloth or a rug to do away with any traces of moisture on the material.


+ Rub any stains that you can see on the suede shoe using a pencil eraser.


+ Using a dry paper towel, dry your suede shoe.


+ Dip your cloth in white vinegar then gently rub your suede shoes to do away with the remaining stains if there are any.


+ Let your shoes dry then, rub the outer part of the shoe with a suede brush. These materials always come with a velvety texture. Rubbing with vinegar may take it away. However, the suede brush helps to bring it back.




The bottom line



 White shoes like any other need maintenance. But you will agree that these materials are more challenging than the rest since they attract more dirt which in this case is more visible than on the other materials. The secret to cleaning white shoes lies in knowing the kind of material that you are dealing with. For instance, you have leather, canvas, and suede shoes.

The process is more or less the same but the application may differ a little. For instance, you will need suede brush in cleaning white suede shoes, but you won’t need the same equipment for canvas footwear.

 Cleaning shoes has its benefits. For example you will clean your shoes so as to look nice and presentable. Also, you will need them to cut on costs. Buying shoes every now and then may get somewhat tiresome at some point. This is due to the fact that you will need to walk to the shop and try the shoes on before agreeing on the price.

If you wanted to order the footwear online, you will have to do it prior to the date you need it. Besides, there is no guarantee that what you will receive is what you ordered. This is why, we recommend you use Here, you will be taken through a process to design your own sneaker which not only fits, but is customized to meet your needs as well as your specifications about graphics and other features.



 Furthermore, if shoes are not cleaned regularly, they develop some stench which may not be so good to walk with in public. Moreover, it may not be so beneficial for your own health having to walk with germs ravaging your feet in search for a favorable environment to stay.

 This article advocates for you to clean your shoes so that they remain new for longer. However, the nature of the process itself helps your shoe to kill germs ensuring that not only do you get rid of the stains, but also, you get to kick out foreign pathogens that may be looking to devour your feet eating from the convenience of the warmth and moisture you provide them. Some of the recommendations about keeping your sneakers in the best possible conditions include wearing socks and drying your shoes often; at least every after you pull them from your feet.




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