How to Clean White Vans (8 Most Effective Ways)

How to Clean White Vans (8 Most Effective Ways)

How to Clean White Vans (8 Most Effective Ways):

How to clean white vans? You have probably asked this question when you get them dirty; white vans are now a daily part of our life, your wardrobe is not complete without them, they go along with most of your outfits and have a look of their own.

How to Clean White Vans?

Just because vans are white, it could be a lot challenging to take care of them. But there are various ways you can choose to clean white vans. Let’s find out the best ways.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Baking Soda

Do you know what hydrogen peroxide and baking soda work best with water to help you clean white vans?

  • It would help if you made the dough simply by mixing 1tbsp. baking soda and hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Just mix it well!

  • Take an old toothbrush and dip it in the paste you have prepared. You can scrub the stain on your shoes and let them dry for half an hour.

  • After that, you can clean them with water.

Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the best when it comes to clean stained vans. You can use lemon juice to get rid of yellow-white stains.

  • All you need is to take lemon juice; it’s the best because it’s a powerful natural bleacher.

  • Cut the lemon into two halve, and rinse out the juice from a lemon slice.

  • You can scrub the lemon juice on the shoes. Once your shoes get cleaned, leave them to dry.

  • After that, rinse them with clean water.

Removing the stains and Scuff marks

There are various stain magic eraser products in the market. But choosing the best one is necessary. A good eraser will help to remove the scuff marks from the shoe sole. However, you need to manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

  • Just pour the liquid on the shoes.

  • Scrub them with the help of an old clean toothbrush, and with a few scrubs, the stains get disappeared.

  • Now clean your shoes with the help of clean paper or even with the clean, smooth cloth.

So these are some tips to follow in cleaning the white vans.


How to Clean White Vans (8 Most Effective Ways)

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