How To Clean Your Jordans Like In A Proper Way

How To Clean Your Jordans Like In A Proper Way

How To Clean Your Jordans Like In A Proper Way

If you love your sneakers, then you should keep it a fresh manner, it is essential to overcome complications. In general, sneakerhead is considered as the precious pairs, so you need to take proper care. When it comes to clean Jordans you have different options, in order to your jordans clean you no need to invest in a Sneaker cleaning kit but sometimes it is better to use such kits to clean your sneakers. Of course, these are also engineered to offer the best results. This cannot affect the material or the color, so it is the best choice for cleaning your kicks because it is usually included in kits. This kit comes with the following things such as Shoe Cleaning Serum, Clean & Dry Cloth, Hard Brush, and Soft Brush.


How to clean The Shoelaces

In general, you can easily clean thee shoelaces with the proper option. Of course, you can easily clean them manually, or you have possibilities to clean them with washing machine. To overcome complications, you opt for machine cleaning.

Most importantly, you can place your shoelaces in a laundry mesh bag. At the same time, avoid having them tangled. You must put gloves this help to avoid direct contact with bleach.

Most importantly, you need to clean out any loose dirt from the lace. You can remove them with your hands or a scrub brush. In general mud or dirt also comes off easily with scrubbing.

Take clean bucket, in that you need to add a Gallon of water along with three tablespoons of bleach, try to avoid too much bleaching. In order to avoid tangling, you must put laces in a small mesh laundry and also use the cleaning solution for few minutes. You should clean your laces with the help of spoon or a spatula.


Colored Shoelaces

In general, loose dirt or grime also comes from the laces with a scrub brush. Most importantly, dried mud also comes off fairly quickly.

To clean the shoelaces, you just take a clean bucket then you need to water, after that you need to add a small amount of liquid soap.

Then you need to soak the laces for several minutes, and then the stir the laces in the solution also create a movement of a washing machine. You need to use a soft brush to scrub the laces; when it comes to clean the laces, you must pay proper care.

You need to clean your bucket or sink then you need to fill it in fresh room-temperature water, after that you place your socks for complete clean.


Leather Laces

Leather shoelaces now become famous as well as delicate. So you need to use it a proper way to wash it properly, or you may prepare a warm water-soap solution, or you apply the soap gently on the lace then wipe it with a damp cloth.

After that, you need to set the laces aside to dry completely. After that, you need to apply dry clean cloth or apply some olive to the laces because it is essential to restore the shine and softness. Overall, set the laces to dry completely before your lace-up sneakers.


How To Clean The Insoles


Cleaning Jordans, as well as sneakers, become simple and it also lies in knowing how to clean the insoles. Most importantly, the insoles gets dirt, dust, mud, dust or any other option, then it will get smelly. In general, this can happen due to sweaty feet. Low-quality socks also lead this problem even poor cleaning habits also creates a lot of issues, so you need to clean it properly.


However, most types of insoles are removable, which means cleaning is much easy, so you no need to experience any complications. These kinds of insoles also made with synthetic materials and foam, so try to avoid soaking in a wet.


Soap and water considered as the best way to clean your sneakers. Most importantly, this kit includes cleaning serum which can be really helpful even it would give you better lasting results. In order to clean the insoles you need to get following items such as

  • Dry and clean cloth

  • Hot water

  • Soft scrubbing brush

  • Liquid soap or dishwashing detergent

  • Shoe cleaning serum


Steps To Clean Jordans Insoles:

In order to clean the jordans and sneakers insoles you need to follow the below options,


  • First of all, carefully remove the insoles

  • If they were extra smelly, then you must leave them in the air to start cleaning

  • To make proper cleaning you need to use soft brush clean which is important to clean debris including dust, mud, dirt, etc.

  • After that, you need to fill a bucket or a sink, for the cleaning purpose you can use hot water

  • Then you need to add two drops of shoe cleaning serum

  • Then you need to mix the solution well


After that, dip the soft Brush bristles in a circular motion, as well as you need to scrub the insoles by using the brush. You must concentrate on the stained areas. Mainly you need to focus on toes as well as heels because this will leave bigger stains due to sweating.

  • Try to use wet brush conveniently

  • You must clean both sides of the insoles

  • Remove soap residue with the help of clothes.

  • In general, SneakerAid kit also comes with microfiber cloth this also helps dry out any residue efficiently.

  • Wait for few seconds also allows it to get completely dry, after that you place back in your Jordans.


Steps To Clean Your Sneakers Uppers:

In order to clean your sneakers you need to dilute two drops of cleaning serum in a small bowl. You must take cold water to clean it.


  • You must prevent soaking the sneakers and also stuff the shoe with a cloth

  • Then you need to mix the solution by using soft brush. You must prefer soft brush for the cleaning purpose.

  • Once you mixed the solution, you apply to Jordan with the help of soft brush in circular motions; it is essential to cover entire uppers.

  • To clean some hard strains, you need to use hard shoe brush as thoroughly as you can also run it on the entire upper of the shoe. In addition to this, you need to use hard brush scrub to clean out dirt stuck.


How To Clean Soles:

After cleaning of the upper side of the shoes, you must consider cleaning your soles. In general, the soles are most dirt and mud, so it is essential to clean them with great force.

In order to clean, you need to dilute a sneaker cleaning serum and also use a hard brush for the cleaning the soles. You must dip the brush in the cleaning solution and starts to clean a back as well as forth motion. Of course, the movement should remove any superficial debris out. After that, you need to wash the brush then again apply in the cleaning mixture. After that, you need to clean the cracks more thoroughly. You can use an old hard toothbrush to remove smaller strains. After that, you must set your Jordans aside and wait to try ultimately.

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