How To Clean Your Shoes & Shoelaces

How To Clean Your Shoes & Shoelaces

How To Clean Your Shoes & Shoelaces

No matter whether it is your newly released jordans or your ridding boot, every shoe gets dirty and smelly at one point in time. You invest a good amount of money in these shoes, and when they turn dirty, people disliking it.

To keep in a dazzling position all the time, there are some tips as to how to clean your weezy shoes & shoelaces. The most important thing is, you must clean your shoes every weak, else germ can take over which can cause you a fungal infection.


How To Clean Your Shoes & Shoelaces

Supplies for cleaning shoes

When you are ready to clean your shoes, there are some supplies with which you should be ready beforehand.


Shoe brush

If you are willing to wash casuals shoes for men, then a shoe brush is a must. This brush has stiff bristles which help in removing the heavy soiling from shoes. The hog bristle brush can help in fabric wash and you can also find synthetic brushes that are best for delicate shoes.



This is the most common item which you all have. The size like European size to us shoes doesn’t matter. You can use a toothbrush for any shoes and it easily gets into the tight spaces like between the treads, between the shoe upper or others.

The cotton toothpicks and swabs are also highly important.


Nonabrasive cloth

Go for a chamois or for a cloth that can help in wiping shoes. If you have the uk us shoe size, then also these shoe wipes can help in cleaning the mess. This acts as a spot remover and can keep them stain free.



Make use of a clean sponge to scrub the fabric of shoes with water or laundry detergent.


Magic eraser

This is best to remove scuff marks or dirt from the soles and rubber along its sides.


Spot remover

Something like resolve or spray and wash can be used for working well on the fabric shoes.


Leather cleaner

You cannot use soap on leather shoes. Get leather cleaner that can help in cleaning leather gently.


The natural cleaner used in household

For cleaning the shoes of any shoe size eu to us, you can use a household natural cleaner. This includes baking soda, lemon juice; white vinegar which acts as the best DIY shoe cleaner and they help in removing the odor from insoles easily.


Anti-grease soap

For the shoes which cannot withstand the washing machine, you need a soap which is safe enough in scrubbing the shoes from its outside. It also helps in removing the stubborn stains and grease that gets picked up naturally.

The dishwashing soap can be used as it is an affordable and good option.



The athletic shoes are one which can be washed in the washing machine, you can use a detergent for the same.

Since you are wondering how to clean shoelaces, then just brush off the loose dirt with a toothbrush and put them directly in the washing machine. Let them air dry. This will turn them as good as new.

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How To Clean Your Shoes & Shoelaces

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