How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes


In regards to apparel, shoes, accessories and general body dressing, everyone wants to be unique with style and fashion they love, and they can go a long way. Good news is that it is all possible. With extensive improvements to technology has made it possible to design your clothing and shoes online. As you accessorize, there are several brands that will allow you to be your own designer. is such a company which allow you to visit the site and upload the logo of their liking to the shoes they intend to get. After that, you are given a 3D designing platform so you can “try and error” your way to designing your own custom shoes online. The outcome is then shipped to you after checking it out.

 How to customise your own shoes

The fact that you are abler to customise your products speaks volumes about the growth in this industry. Not long ago, you were being fed what was in the couturier's head. You were dressed by other people’s ideas even though you had a say in it; it would always come with a less popular vibe for it wasn’t the exact match. Companies like freaky shoes have come out to give you an opportunity and a voice to do what you thought you could all along; and that is, dressing yourself top to bottom.


They say shoes define humankind. They could never be any more precise. A person will start judging you from your shoes. Bad or good, it is the tradition. If you have a shoe that was done haphazardly, then you stand to be ridiculed. Until you confirm that what you have in your head supersedes what is in your feet, it will be the same roller coaster of events in your social life when it comes to dressing. They say humankind should be judged upon witnessing the content of their character. In the fashion industry, this saying is so alien that nobody really cares about you until your shoes give the person a reason to.


Moreover, shoes not only play the role of making you look nice in front of people, but they also protect you from dangerous flows, sliding, and being exposed to infections such as fungal attacks. This article on shoe design shall focus on how you can customise your own brand of wearable, how shoes are important, how you can clean them and general shoe care and facts that you may want to know. In the meantime, you can visit the to start your journey to personalized shoe design.

 How to customise your own shoes

Benefits of custom-made shoe

Some of the things human beings do it's for satisfaction that is derived from them. Having the power to derive your own satisfaction is what Freaky Shoes give you. The fact that you are unleashing your pro ideas on your own brand means that you get the bragging rights. It is not necessarily feeling well from knowing that you can do something but that you had a unique idea and executed it seamlessly.


Just like you wouldn't want to show up in an event with a cloth that looks familiar to people there but with low quality, is the same way you wouldn't like to show up with a matching shoe design with some of the guests. It is not only embarrassing but also, it is uncomfortable. Custom made shoes will make you a confident lot when gracing occasions—ever heard that a pair of shoe costs as much as the price of your car? Well, it is not always about quality. Sometimes, being a unique couple makes your value to soar. Therefore, the quality and the value of custom-made accessories is high .


While some brands in the market have a reputation for superior shoes, the bottom line is about quality in this case. As the demand for shoes rises, production is equally enhanced so that the supply can match the demand to keep the prices of the products in check. Many get blinded by the market forces that they don't remember to ascertain the quality of the shoes they are putting out to the market. As these products are churned into the market in their numbers, many people get to buy them making substantial profits for the company which doesn't honour the quality requirement. At Freaky Shoes, you are guaranteed a quality product customised and designed by you then produced by the company with all the specifications.


With custom shoes, you are given the power to choose the pieces of materials that shall be used to make your shoe. With a ready-made version, you may be playing on a long rope looking for the material you want. However much you find a close match, it may not be what you anticipated; either with the fabric or the material itself. Custom-made shoes are here to change this.


With customised shoes, you are guaranteed a perfect fit for a shoe. Sometimes, people have problems purchasing shoes which end up being too small or large. If you wear a shoe size which is out of the standard sizes, then you would better design your own.


Have you come across the term “hand-sewed”? Products which are described this way are likely to be costly. This is because the expertise used was meticulous, and the chances are that a highly skilled and qualified individual did the sewing. Therefore, custom made products do employ talent. If they weren't being appreciated, a lot of people out here with necessary would be out of work. Opting for customized shoes, therefore, helps other people in the industry to earn a decent living.

Custom made shows exhibit high levels of comfort, durability, and elegance from the fact that they have a hand-tuned sew on them. Generally, they give you the level of satisfaction you can never draw from the rest, which is made using other means.


How Freaky Shoes customization works

Freaky Shoes gives you an opportunity to say something to the world. Here, you are at liberty to express your deepest passion to the world. There isn't a better way than creating your own logo, brand and message. There are limited choices of the kinds of shoes you can pimp up. For instance, you cannot upload a logo to an official leather shoe. Well, it is not like you are barred from doing so, nut it would denote poor visual specs. Sneakers, on the other hand, can be designed with different colours, materials, logos, etc.


You are given a leeway towards personalizing your own footwear. Male females and unisex sneakers are available for customization. It is just upon you to start your design magic. You will have different varieties, including material, fabric, shape, make and color.


On the Freaky Shoes platform, you will first choose the shoe you want to personalize from the collection. After that, you will be needed to select the pattern you will use. Here, you might want to pick a clear background. You will then see an icon that invites you to upload a design or a logo that is good enough for your shoe. Then, you will design your own shoes online in these simple steps.

 How to customise your own shoes


Freaky shoes are made in china. The designs are collected in the United States, and then transferred for manufacturing then shipped to you at your preferred location. You always have an option of ordering in plenty ort a single pair. In each case, you are guaranteed receipt of your products.


Looking at the structure and the arrangement of the whole platform, you will realize that there is no go-between. Market logistics with intermediaries results in more expensive products as they reach the intended user. With the ability to order directly from the company, then the process is likely to be low. Besides, understanding the whole process of the producer to a retailer is tedious. With these complications removed, you are at liberty to have your shoe without necessarily dealing with them.


The production team is keen not to mess up the order. That is why they are flexible enough to adapt fast to creating different logos and shoe designs. The production process involves careful in color matching so that they produce the best variety of what you ordered. Furthermore, you can get ready-made custom shoes from the online store.


While at it, you can choose several artworks and background present on the site. You can also use expert assistance whenever you get stuck. Putting together your ideas involves technology that assists to come up with smart ways to enhance your designs in terms of coloring and clarity. While you are the sole designer, your designs can be made to appear more premium during production such that it maintains the high reputation of Freaky Shoes.


Freaky shoes also have a reputation for making cool jogging boots and trainers. Moreover, it provides its customers with personalized labels such as charity walks, social gatherings, sports, etc.


You already know that Freaky Shoes focuses on providing the best products in terms of shoes. You also understand that you can customise your own shoes according to your liking and specifications. However, you should also note that you can get all kinds of shoe products ranging from young to all folks regardless of the gender. For example, you can log in to the site; you will see sneakers with LGBTQ colors. If you want any more proof, continue to traverse the platform.


Wearing shoes with a particular logo or designs always calls for attention. It attracts people to you and by so doing; you will have a boosted ego nonetheless. They are comfortable and special to wear.


In addition to this, Freaky Shoes offer 3D modelling on its platform. This is an aspect of visual graphics that enables the customers to see and select all essential materials for the designs they are making. Furthermore, they give options of hand sewing whereby, they have experts that can accurately sew your personalized shoes to provide it with its unique features. The shoe lining and lace designs distinguish these designs.


How to care for your shoe

Next to designing your own footwear is caring for the. Maintaining clean shoes is one way of ensuring that your shoes remain in prime condition for a longer period. You wouldn't want to have your shoe made from the ends of the earth to get spoil inside two to three months after purchase. There are different kinds of shoes. There are leather shoes, suede and trainers. These varieties need different ways to clean them. This post will highlight a few.


Shoe cleaning with baking soda

Removing stains from shoes can be tough sometimes. For instance, ridding your sneaker shoes of blood may take you forever with usual cleaners. Then, try baking soda. You will need the following: baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, water, a brush and your pair of dirty shoes. Follow the instructions highlighted below.


  • If the shoe is laced, remove the laces before you start the process.


  • Take small; quantities of the baking soda and the hydrogen peroxide and mix them with water.

    Stir the mixture until when you will obtain a paste.


  • Using your shoe brush, smear the resultant paste on the shoes. You can use a smaller brush or

    a rug that can reach all the corners well.


  • Put the shoes under direct sunlight to dry for approximately four hours. Remove them from the

    sun and clap them together vigorously to do away with the cracked, dry soda.


  • Remove the stubborn remains using your brush. Your shoes are now ready to be worn.


This process of cleaning stubborn stains from shoes entirely depends on the sun's strength. If the sun is hot, then you will obtain the best results. The process is deemed incomplete without hot direct sunlight.


Shoe cleaning with coconut oil

Natural extracts such as coconut can be perfect supplements to clean leather and suede shoes. The wear that is characterized by extensive usage can also be repaired using the same means. Eventually, you will be looking at almost new shoes. These are the instructions on how you can go about it.


  • Mix castile soap (made from vegetables) with warm water in a bowl


  • Dip a clean rag in the soap you intend to use and wring it to reduce the amount of water. This helps in reducing

    the amount of wetness on the shoe. Sink it in the soap solution and twist it to prevent excess moisture on your

    shoes. After that, clean the footwear by removing the debris and dust.


  • Let the shoe to dry in the open air.


  • Get a separate dry and clean rug then dip it in coconut oil.


  • Smear the oil on the shoe, leaving a thin layer of it around the shoe.


  • Clean off the excess coconut oil from the shoe after settling it air for about half an hour.


After brushing, you will find a hydrated and clean shoe. The objective is to ensure that you get the best. Moreover, you can do this as often as you like; it is not a one-off thing.


What to put on shoes to prevent stains

Similarly, a rainy and shiny weather condition affects your shoes in different ways. However, if you want to maintain your shoes and ensure that they are in order, then you are required to keep them away from these agents. In most cases, it might be complicated for you to maintain your shoes in such conditions. Therefore, you will need naturally blended shoe protectors which will prevent your shoe from staining. For example, baking soda, this product is used to prevent bad smell which comes as a result of extreme sunlight.


Additionally, there are other shoe protect sprays which are found on Amazon. These shoe sprays are meant to protect your shoe from either running or rainwater. Kiwi Rain and Jason Mark Repel are perfect examples you can use to protect your shoes. Their main objective is to put a barrier between your shoe and water and protect any damage that may arise as a result of the effects of rainwater. However, other companies produce shoes with their protective spays, for example, Timberland Balm Proofer, which is produced by Timberland Company.


What are no tie shoelaces?

Basically, some people find it very problematic when dealing with shoelaces. Then no-tie laces are the perfect choice for you. However, no tie shoelaces turn your shoes into a slip-on; therefore you need no much time outing them on. Below are some of the benefits of no tie shoelaces;

  • They come for different ages i.e. adult’s and children’s shoelaces.

  • They significantly save on time.

  • Enhances flexibility i.e. you won’t need to adjust your shoes every time.

  • They are comfortable; they don’t press your legs unnecessarily.


If you are wondering where to purchase no tie shoelaces; they are found in local stores and other shoe outlets in your area. However, you can as well order a full package from Freaky Shoes at a lower price for shoes are their business, and they are good at it.

 How to customise your own shoes

Are lock laces suitable for running?

The type of shoelaces you buy for your shoe informs its purpose. Therefore, since lock laces are elastic, they are preferred for running or sprinting as you embark on your exercises. Check out why they are ideal for this purpose.

Since the laces are elastic, they are poised to give stretch to give a comfortable movement of the feet. The ability to offer this kind of accommodation to your feet is what makes it the ideal option for sports shoes. Standard shoelaces can tighten the leg such that it would be unable to breathe. The result is that the legs start to swell and may develop blisters. The lock laces behave like rubber bands; they take the size and shape of the leg.

Lock laces are well fastened such that they provide a secure grip so that they cannot get untied while racing or jogging. Also, they are reflective of those who are having early morning runs. Elastic laced shoes are more comfortable to pull on and off.


Shoe insoles

Insoles are synthetic materials placed inside shoes to enhance comfort. Usually, they are made differently by distinguished brands in the market to give them uniqueness. Some companies make them with unique memorisation capability so that they assume the shape of the leg. This technology helps in maintaining your feet, especially if you are an athlete. Therefore, to some instance, insoles just like shoelaces determine the comfort of the shoe. What role do insoles play in your shoe?


  • Add warmth; insoles are made from synthetic fibres. These are organic materials and are poor heat conductors.

    Therefore, insoles act as an insulator between your feet and the sides of the leather or rubber material used to

    make the sole. Whether you are in wet surrounding or damp places, you are spared from the excruciating pain caused by cold.


  • Enhance fitness; insoles fill the extra spaces left inside the shoe between the sole and your leg, which in turn pushes

    your leg to cover the top side. This minimizes the friction that may develop blisters on your feet. Sometimes, it is difficult

    to find the right fitting shoe for your leg. Insoles would come in handy in such situations.


  • Protection from blistering; wearing a tight-fitting shoe would go a long way to prevent your feet from developing blisters

    that are caused by the movement of your feet in a spacious boot.


  • Some specialized insoles are made for certain groups of people. These groups of people include those with standing,

    walking, or running challenges. The insoles are customised to enable these people to correct posture imbalances.

    Specialized insoles are referred to as the orthotic insoles. Doctors and physical trainers usually recommend them

    for treatment programs for people with posture challenges. They are, therefore integrated into their prescriptions.


Who will benefit from shoe insoles?

If you are a shoe wearer, (and no one doesn’t), then you are a beneficiary of the insoles. Every person; young or old directly derives the benefits from insoles as seen above. However, there are some particular groups of people who do it more. Such groups include sportsmen and women, those with posture challenges, those involved in routine exercising, and hikers.

How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes


How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

How to customise your own shoes

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