How To Customize And Revamp Your Shoes Like A Pro?

How To Customize And Revamp Your Shoes Like A Pro?

How To Customize And Revamp Your Shoes Like A Pro?

Full custom shoes are pretty trendy these days; you can either buy a cool pair of air force 1 custom shoes online or from a custom shoe sale. You can even make your pair of shoes by customizing them by yourself!

Acrylic paints

The use of acrylic paints to paint shoes has been increasing; lately, you’ll see many users on TikTok paint their shoes in different ways, most of these users are willing to sell these shoes for fair prices so you can buy from them, or paint your shoes yourself and make them unique or look up custom shoes for sale.

Printed shoes

Many online shoe stores allow the customers to upload an image that is to be printed on the shoes. You can either have the shoes printed in the traditional and most used method of screen printing or even go for a direct-to-garment printing method, although the latter may cost more due to higher quality.

Alcohol-based markers

Another way to revamp your old or new shoes is to use alcohol-based markers or paint markers. Many people find these markers easier to use and handle as compared to acrylics, so if you want to draw on your shoes with ease, go for these types of markers.

Textile dye

If you’re thinking about dyeing your leather shoes, you’ll need a good textile dye. Using textile dye to dye leather is the same as painting, all you’ll need is a paintbrush and a dye, then start to go over all surface evenly, it is a very tricky thing because unlike paints, the dyes are more rigid and prone to form blotches, so to get an even coat on the shoes you better be prepared to go for several coats.

Hydro dipping

To get some unique psychedelic patterns on your shoes, you’ll want to try out hydro dipping; this is a process where you spray acrylic paint the surface of the water and then dip the object to get paint onto the object; i.e., in this case, shoes. Hydro dipping can be pretty exciting and, for sure, will provide you with a unique design. Also, it is done within minutes, so it’s a lot less work!

Replace the shoelaces

Another interesting and easy way to make custom shoes air force 1 is to simply replace the shoelaces with either a ribbon, you can even paint the shoelaces a nice color to change the look of your shoes. If you want to use ribbon in place of shoelaces, make sure to seal the ends shut with an iron or hair straightener because otherwise, small threads may keep coming out.


Now that you have learned so many ways to revamp your shoes, you can easily dig out those old shoes from your closet and give them a makeover!

How To Customize And Revamp Your Shoes Like A Pro?

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