How To Customize Kicks

How To Customize Kicks

How To Customize Kicks

Customization of products is increasingly becoming popular. Various organizations do these to attract more clients. Thus, the unique merchandise skyrockets sales. Subsequently, you can find such items on Freaky shoes. Here you are exposed to different styles of personalized footwear. Thus, standing out. Such an easy process it is. Your imagination is the only thing required to design the commodity. Therefore, hesitate not while there.

Additionally, the personalization of kicks is fun and straightforward. You require little energy to redefine your shoes. You can kickstart the process in the comfort of your home. Individuals with little money to spend on already customized footwear can do it themselves. On the positive side, successive redesigning of the item could make you attract other wearers who would want similar items. Therefore, creating a productive business.

Moreover, resources of carrying out the task are readily available. Wearers hence need detailed knowledge which and where to get these materials. If you want to maintain the freshness of your kicks, this is the way to go. Without a doubt, you will always look fabulous. It's so since no one would have similar items on them. Therefore, equip yourself with these specialized skills to create distinctive shoes. In turn, you’ll always look dazzling.

In this interesting article, you'll deeply understand the most straightforward techniques of customizing your kicks. Tag along and see how we can add life to them.


Beneficial tools in the process

Excellent skills, coupled with appropriate customizing items, make it simple. These tools boost confidence to engage the shoes in the process. On the other hand, it’s tough if you don’t know where to start. Therefore, the products provide individuals means of beginning the whole experiment. Furthermore, they add plenty of excitement, thus offering that exclusivity.

Below are the products that can be helpful.



When it comes to customization, you are looking to alter the design of the kicks. Therefore, the correct paint will help in creating that clear picture. Moreover, different fabrics make up the product; thus, pick a compound that appropriately blends with it. In addition to this idea, the most uncomplicated kicks to add flavor to are white ones. Uniquely it blends smoothly with other colors, hence flexible.

Find paint that is not only water-resistant but also durable. It will guarantee the longevity of the fresh design. For instance, Angelic acrylic paints are the best for this function. In them, you will get the desired qualities needed to produce efficient work. Furthermore, it's availability in a variety of colors make if reliable. Therefore, get yourself some and start adding taste to the kicks.


Restructuring equipment

The reconstruction tools are helpful if you’re looking to personalize your kicks. Solely, this equipment helps relax the material before starting to work on the product. For instance, a sharp blade is applicable here. It allows you to reach those parts of the kicks that are difficult. Moreover, with its aid, you'll get rid of the unwanted material or parts.

Nonetheless, use different levels of sandpaper to distress the fabric. The tool is to be applied keenly to avoid ruining the kick's material. However, it's constructive as it smoothens the surface.



Customizing kicks does, in many cases, involve painting the item. Therefore, it's crucial to own a variety of delicate brushes. It so because the correct brush provides precise results. With them, you can stick to the lines, and the footwear will remain clean.

Quality and sturdy brush is a requirement when using acrylic paints. The attributes aid in designing uniform paint patterns and minimize messing unnecessary surfaces. Hence, it will save you plenty of time eliminating unwanted color spots.

Using airbrushes

Despite the presence of fine brushes, individuals looking to customize their kicks can also use airbrushes. Though their use is diverse, it's quite applicable here. Furthermore, they are available in different sizes. It means that one can get their desired quality at alternative means.

Airbrushing is efficient because it is easy to use. Subsequently, it is clean. You need not worry about staining the kicks. In addition to these, fuse it with a stencil to develop top and attractive models.

Paint markers

When customizing kicks, you get to explore the undiscovered creative side. Therefore, to widen the imaginative scope, paint markers to are useful in personalizing the item. The fun fact is that you can easily acquire them at the store or online. Nonetheless, they vary in size. Therefore, it's upon you to select the required one. For example, if you want to draw finer but yet precise lines, one with a thinner tip will be sufficient.

Consequently, with thin-tipped paint markers, you can reach the hard spaces. If you are looking to cover large surfaces with paint quickly, then go for the thicker ones. While utilizing these tools, the process is simplified and also enjoyable.

However, it's crucial to know which paint makers to posses. If you get one that is either pretty watery or releases fragile paint, keep away. They lack essential traits that are helpful in kick’s customization. Hence, as discussed above, ensure they possess consistent thickness to yield maximum results. As a result, get yourself one and start experimenting.


Spray paints

Spray paints are also applicable in this process. Although they may have similar concepts as airbrushing, it requires specific skills sets to handle. Their cans are hard to control; hence, use it when customizing more significant kicks. If you've used one before, it will be easy, but you'll give the shoes a fresh touch.

In addition to this, the item helps to cover the shoes fast. The inner section is not affected since the fabric doesn't soak the paint. It means that only the outer one is changed. Therefore, no damage to the interior. Nevertheless, you can play with different colors because they come in a variety.



A can of clear coat is not mandatory. However, it's a vital element after customizing the shoes. The component guarantees the longevity of the image you have painted. Moreover, it adds extra protection to the fabric, thus preventing cracks that rise from over-wearing kicks.

Customizing the kicks require materials appropriate for the tasks. Above are some that you can apply. However, the more you engage with personalizing the product, you'll get to know others, for they are plenty.

After learning about the materials, now it’s time you weighed in with your input. How do you think we can customize them? The methods are simple and easy to remember. Therefore, let’s have a look at the steps.


Plan the design

Before you even start redesigning your kicks, you must have a blueprint of what you will do. Putting the plan on paper or the computer will be your guide. You'll discover the colors, materials, and other details that will make it work. Moreover, the kicks would come out as you had visualized.


Material selection

Materials are the most essential of them all. They aid in getting the whole process on track. Therefore, without them, you'll be stuck. It means that you should already have in mind which ones will be applicable and have them ready.

For instance, if you customize the kicks through painting, you would need acetone, fine thick brush, acrylic finisher, Q-tips, airbrush, masking tape, cotton balls, medium-fine brush, rubber gloves, acrylic finisher, and hairdryer.


Prepping the shoe

Prep the shoes before customing. It's crucial because it ensures that the fabric doesn't crack after a few days of wear. The target is to remove the original coating to allow easy bonding of the paint and the material. Firstly, with the gloves on soak the cotton balls in acetone. After, rub them on the kicks to remove the coating. Do this till you notice the grey surface. Although not all behave this way, you can run your finger through the material. If you see the texture isn't smooth, then the outer layer is no longer present. Let the item dry for 30-40 minutes.



After prepping the product, the next phase is masking the kicks. The step prevents the paint from spreading to other surfaces. Therefore, no undesirable changes in the shoe. The best tool to use would be airbrushing. In comparison to fine brushes, it doesn't leave visible brush marks.

However, keenness is critical to avoid either under or overdoing the spray. It means that you should correctly mask the commodity. After covering all the regions, create clean lines with a knife.

Nonetheless, use Scotch masking tape for this phase. It’s gentle to the material and minimizes peeling off of the painting. Keep away from the cheap ones as they can ruin the process.



After making the item, they’re now ready for painting. If you don’t want to use the original colors, mix them to create variety. While applying the pigments, make sure to paint light but thin layers. Use at least three coats to establish a uniform outcome. However, let the layers dry before applying the other. With a dryer, you can speed up the process.

Additionally, the thin coating drys quickly and guarantees no cracking of the paint during wear.


Masking tape removal

The next step is to remove the masking tape. While detaching the material from the shoe, you have to be careful. It would prevent coming off with tiny paint spots. Moreover, the meticulous process allows easy time while cleaning.



Detailing or clean up completes the whole image of the shoe. Here, you look for the tiny regions that were masked and paint them. Additionally, remove the excess paint from the interior.

With the fine line brush, paint those regions. However, exercise patience as you do not want to color incorrect areas. Rushing the process will only make your quality footwear mediocre. Do you want to end up avoiding them after such an artistic experience? In case the pigment gets where it's not supposed to, remove instantly with a clean cloth.


Using a sealant

Here you are adding the finishing touches to your masterpiece. Although painting is complete, do you believe the personalization process is over? It isn't as you have to seal the kicks. Before taking the shoes through the step, ensure that the footwear is completely dry. Besides, you can use the air dryer to do one last run on the item.

There are different sealants available, use the Angelus brand. The products hold the paint to the kick’s fabric. For this reason, it makes it an essential step. On the other hand, to reduce brushstrokes, use the airbrush.

Spray paint 3-4 layers of the sealant to add extra gloss. Hence, you no longer need not worry about cracks on the customized shoes as the color is now protected. In addition to this, the kicks are easy to clean. Soap, water, and a clean towel will do the magic. Also, before putting on the footwear, give the material plenty of time to dry.


Wearing shoes

After perfectly customizing the kicks, it’s time to show off the footwear. Therefore, wear, get out, and let people see the life you’ve added to the shoes.


Wrapping up

Shoes are essential closet items. The majority of us do own quite a variety of them. But what happens when we have a similar pair of brands of footwear? Will you give them away or return to the shop and get another? No, why? Because, as we have discovered, we can customize our kicks. The materials needed to carry out the simple process are readily available. After identifying which one needs the makeover, make a plan, and start.

Additionally, you need not have any experience to customize your shoes. However, if you feel like splashing extra cash to design the footwear, find a professional near you. The other option is to visit Freaky Shoes, get similar ones, personalize, and then wait for the delivery.

The process is an enjoyable one. You’re in a position of creating footwear that presents your artistic nature. While customizing, your imagination comes to play; hence, it’s easy to make something you like. In the process, you can produce kicks that will wow others. In turn, they may want you to do the same for their shoes. Thus, a source of income.

Therefore, start adding that uniqueness to your kicks and impress.




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