How to Customize Shoes

How to Customize Shoes

How to Customize Shoes

You can customize your shoes for an attractive look. In this blog, we will guide you to customize your shoes just like customization of shoes at Following is the step by step guide of customization of shoes. The following method can be used for all type of shoes.

First of all, unlace your shoes and clean it with nail polish remover. Dip a cotton ball in the nail polish remover and rub it on the shoes. During clean, you will see the protective coat on the surface of your shoes. It is important to take off that coat that you customize your shoes by printing directly on the leather surface. The protective coat if not removed will crack the paint.

Use airbrush for the painting because it covers all the area. For this, you should apply masking tape in order to protect the areas where you don’t want the spray to reach. You can use a razor to bind and tape on the inside small corners of the shoes. You can also use good quality soft scotch tape. Apply multiple thin coats on your shoes that it dries quicker. The thick paint can be cracked but thin multiple coats will give a neat and bright look.

Carefully remove the masking tape and you will notice that still there are empty places which supposed to be painted. Use think brush to apply paint on those places.

Use a razor or fine brush to paint the edge. Painting the edges in delicate work, so you need to careful that paint doesn’t spread off. Keep cotton ball dipped in the nail polish remover with you to clean the overspray paint.

Use sealant to seal your paint with the leather of shoes. Sealant not only seals the paint with leather but it also gives the bright look. If you want to write words or create a logo on your use the best way is to use a stencil. To create your own stencil create drawing on the computer and print it out. Glue the paper on hard paper and carefully cut it between the edges. Use a stencil and airbrush your favorite color spray for more customization.

The sealant will protect the paint on your shoes and it will remain there for the longer period f time. The sealant will create the frictionless surface and it will be easy to clean the shoes if get dirty. You can clean your shoes with any piece of cloth dipped in water or nail polish remover. If you want to customize your old shoes, the neatly sprayed paint and sealant will give it a fresh and brand new look.

Your shoes are ready to wear but leave it outside in shadowy place to get it dry. Dry it for about 24-48 hours. Once it gets dry you can wear your shoes and enjoy your favorite customized freaky shoes.

If you are busy and think that the process of customization is tedious and difficult for you, you can order us to customize the shoes of your choice as per your demand. Visit Freaky Shoes at to get your favorite customized shoes. Freaky Shoes are the best quality customizes shoes printed with high-quality durable paints. The cost of customization from is less than the customization of shoes at your home.

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