How to Customize Your Shoes Easy DIY's

How to Customize Your Shoes Easy DIY's

How to Customize Your Shoes | Easy DIY's

Take the benefit of your creative abilities and customize your shoes to give them a new and improved look. This would help to take your sneakers from average to a perfect outfit.

Ways to Customize

Don’t need to order customized shoes when you can do it yourself. We’ll tell you many ways to customize your shoes. You can go with any method to give an outclass look to your sneakers with a little creativity.

  • Spray paint

Spray paint is the first thing that you can do to customize your shoes. You can spray your whole shoes to give them a new color. There is a wide range of spray paints available in the market. You can choose a single color or multiple colors depending upon your liking.

  • Dye

The dye is another way similar to spray paint; the only difference is dye soaks into the material, unlike spray paint. You can give any look to your shoes with dye.

  • Custom laces

There are several custom laces manufacturers in the market. They provide a variety of designs and colors in shoelaces. You can give a cool and stylish look to your shoes only by using the custom laces.

How to Spray Paint?

First of all, choose a spray paint that is prepared to work on the material used in your shoes. Then, you need to have the painter's tape, cotton balls, leather preparer, gloves, and newspaper.

Use a drop cloth to cover the surface and then apply the leather preparer or acetone to clean the shoe surface. Apply the preparer with cotton balls. Now, use the painter’s tape to cover the areas you don’t want to paint.

Now, follow the instructions written on the spray paint bottle and follow the instructions to spray the paint. Apply multiple coats for desired results. Each coat should be dried properly before applying next.

How to dye?

The dye will change the color of the fabric, but blemishes won’t disappear like spray pain. You’ll need liquid dye, waterproof tape, gloves, steel pots, measuring tubes, spoon, stainless steel pot, stainless steel tongs, and paper towels.

Take hot water in the pot and add dye in the water. Use the tape to cover the areas you don’t want to dye. Drop the shoe in the pot and keep stirring. It takes 10 minutes to 1 hour to dye, depending on the desired results you want.

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