Have you ever walked into a store to search for your favorite pair of shoes and lacked that color you wished for? Or are you more into certain patterns that are rare in the market near you? Maybe you have to walk back home thinking about improvising that pair of canvas shoes to fit your choice of color and design.

I know you wonder how to paint canvas shoes at home or stick those beautiful flowers onto your canvas shoes to impress your buddies. Well, bury your worries because today we are going to have that sorted out. I remember having such an idea. I needed to customize my shoes and picture my favorite pet, but I tried several without making.

I had to seek assistance from experienced artists who gave me these tips am going to share with you. The result was amazing. Whenever I want any kind of painting on the shoe, all I do is buy a plain pair of canvas shoes, sit in my room, and start doing what I like. Stop worrying about how to customize paint canvas shoes and follow these easy steps.



What you need.


How can I start giving you tips before you have the required tools and materials? Ok, in our entire process you will need the following;


  1. A pair of canvas sneakers. You can choose an old clean pair of shoes for trial, but since I am confident enough, I advise you to use a new pair of canvas shoes since the result will be permanent.

  2. Permanent markers. Alcohol-based pens are the best.

  3. A pencil.

  4. A detailed pen (a fine liner)

  5. Aloe gel

  6. Eraser

  7. A piece of paper.

  8. Waterproof spray.


With your tools ready and your working station free from any distraction source, you can now start decorating your shoes. Start by washing your and dry sit. Remember, shoe drawing requires much attention because of any slight mistake; you lose your shoes. Follow up keenly;


Step 1: Planning Your Art.


No matter how boring and disgusting it might be, you need this step like no other. First, take your piece of paper and a pencil. Make a drawing of your desired picture or pattern, minding the size of the shoes. erThis means your need to sketch your design on a scale.


You also need to know if your painting will be one big picture or broken pieces of patterns. In case they are pieces of models, you need to sketch every design differently. Make as many sketches as possible to come up with your perfect choice. I did that almost fifty times until I managed to get my favorite picture that could fit my shoe. Why can’t you do it too? Patience is what you need.


Alternatively, you might decide to steal an idea from your computer or mobile phone. It is also acceptable. All you need is a plain piece of paper, bring the image on your computer screen, resize it, place the paper on the screen of your computer, and carefully trace it. Trace as many as possible to have a variety of images to choose from. Was that not a simple step? Prepare for the next level.


Step 2: Tracing the design onto the shoes.


This is one of the trickiest steps, so you need to be careful; you will end up with a picture of a superman on your shoe. After sketching your pattern or image on a piece of paper, cut the outside lines carefully, never mess with the pencil drawing. Place the remaining part with your design on the shoes and trace the outer edges on your shoes.


You did not mess with your scale on the first step, and your pattern fits on your sneakers as you desired. If they don't fit, you will need to redraw your model again. When you are done with the outer lines, you can draw the inside lines freehand or if you have a problem with that, here are two alternatives to use;


  • Using a sharp pencil pokes holes strategically in the places where lines intersect on your drawing. Poke as many holes as possible, but careful not to destroy your sketch work. Outline the picture back on your shoes, placing it strategically to fit in your first tracing and using the same sharp pencil mark, little dots on the shoes through the holes. Remove the paper and start connecting the dots. Confirm if you have the exact design you made.

  • In case you are not confident with the first method, try the second option. This involves tracing every single line. Start by cutting your drawing into smaller pieces minding every detail of the outline. Trace the cutout on your shoe. Repeat the procedure for every line until you have all your design traced on your shoe. Finish up by connecting the edges to form a full picture. With this method, you are likely to make mistakes; therefore, it advisable to erase carefully not to leave marks on the white shoe since there are more to come.


Step 3: Marking Your Outline.


At this step, you need to make the right choice. I recommend using black outliner. However, both cases are acceptable only if you do them carefully. Once you are satisfied with your pencil sketches, grab your fine liner such as Chameleon Detail's Pen and carefully draw over the pencil lines you made on your shoes.


Keep in mind that bleeding of the outliner may occur through the fabric. That is why I said you need to make the right choice. Black outliners form boundaries that prevent bleeding, but they take a longer time to fill in. On the other hand, lighter outliner has a higher tendency of bleeding but take a shorter time to fill in the spaces.


Additionally, you can decide to give your shoes a feeling of being a pair without necessarily making them identical. I mean, you can choose to make on the side of each shoe similar to the other shoe. This involves making two sections unique in color and drawing. I will share my secret in this where I divide my pair of shoes into four sections based on the seams and make two parts unique—the other two sections give them a different pattern from the separate section.


Step 4: Color Your Shoes.


We are almost done, but I suggest you stop being too fast. Like I said, patience pays, and for you to get fine results, practice patience. I remember someone asking; can you spray paint canvas shoes? Another person wanted to know how to spray paint canvas shoes. When we are done with this process, I believe you will have the answer to that. When finishing up your shoe designing, there are a few tips to consider before coloring. These tips include;


  • Make a color scheme before putting it on your shoes. This involves making a trial of colors to know which color suits which part of the shoe.

  • Start with light colors first, so if you accidentally make mistakes, you can easily cover it with dark colors. However, making mistakes is acceptable; man is to error.

  • Start with the unimportant area if you are not sure of your coloring or are afraid of bleeding and making mistakes. I always start with the heel. Of course, my jeans will cover up the heels, so it’s only me who knows where the problem is.

  • If you like slides off your shoes when walking, try to avoid intricating details around your heels.

  • Creativity serves a better deal. By the time you are through with your coloring, you can add your signature on your shoes, as I always do to mine.


After mastering these tips, you can now start painting your shoes following the guidelines below


  1. to choose a color palette. A warm color palette includes; red, yellow, creams, oranges, and brown while a cold color palette contains; muted blues, greens, and greys. You can also choose a mixed color palette that consists of bolder colors such as pink, purple, and turquoise.

  2. Concurrently work on your shoes to match them. If you paint a purple color on one shoe, picture the same color on the other shoes before moving to the next color.

  3. Use lighter markers first. Just like we said, starting with lighter colors enables you to correct mistakes easily.

  4. Finish up with darker colors. Since your design might fade with time, adding deeper colors will combat fading over time.

  5. Distinguish your design using a black marker. This involves tracing the outline inside and around the model to distinguish patterns, images, and colors from others.

  6. Don't forget to color the shoelaces. You can draw patterns or dots that match your shoe's design or decide to dip them into a mixture of Kool-Aid dye and give them a stunning look.


Step 5: Spaying Your Shoes.


If you wondered how to spray paint canvas shoes, then this is the step. When you are through with all the color effects, spray your shoes with alcohol-based spray. Remember to use a waterproof spray to avoid the final color to be washed away with water easily. This final touch gives your shoes a tie-dye effect. Focus on the parts you want to spray.


Step 6: dry your shoes.


Have you attained a beautiful design on your shoes? Place your shoes in a dry place and leave it for at least 24 hours. Let the color and spray sink into the fabric. You can now go ahead and wear them.


Additional effects.


I believe that you like your new shoes, don't you? In case you still need to add more effects to your, don't freight out. I still have an idea about that. This applies mostly to my sisters, who would like to add more accessories to their shoes. Let us look at the common accessories that are liked by most people;


  1. Textural Elements;


These are materials that can be added to the finished designs to bring out a more professional job. Use can use elements like studs, buttons, glitter, embroidery, or fur. When applying these materials, do as follows;


  • Using a tape measure, take the measurements of the points you want to apply your shoes' element.

  • Exactly cut the material with the measurements you took.

  • Use a strong craft adhesive like hot glue to stick the material on your shoes.


Which is the best marker to use?


When choosing the best marker pens to use on your shoes, it's better to choose an alcohol-based marker than water-based markers. This is because alcohol takes little time to dry up as compared to water. Of course, you need something that will dry faster for you to start enjoying your art. Moreover, when buying a marker pen choose a pen that will offer quality services like;


  • Variety of color tones to get a perfect color scheme complementing your design.

  • Long-lasting colors.

  • Brighter ink.


Final Thought


How do you find that? Is it worth trying at home? If you have been asking yourself how to paint canvas shoes at home, you have the idea. You don't need to be an artist or professional painter to bring this beautiful shoe at home. Drawing your shoes is an easy task if you decide to give it a try.


The best part of it is that the tools and materials you need are readily available. If you don't have them at home, then I am sure they are at the store right next door. Stop asking how to custom paint canvas shoes and take the risk in doing it. We advise you to start your practice on that old pair of the canvas, and you will love the outcome.


Furthermore, remember to keep in mind the best type of markers to use to achieve the best result and avoid bleeding of colors inside your shoes. It would be great if you start it now.


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