How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots

How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots

How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots:


How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots



The most uncomfortable feeling one can ever get is, walking around in the wet boots all day. Some people need wearing boots for long hours, and if they are wet, they can end up in the sore feet and blisters.

There are few ways too if you are thinking of how to dry the wet boots fast.


Prepare the boots for the drying process

If there is dirt or mud on the unique design shoes, it might put a permanent stain on the surface of the shoes after drying. They get baked into the leather texture. You first need to wash the shoes for starting your drying process.


Follow some precautions:

Make sure the printed slip on sneakers or shoes are properly clean before you start drying. If your bucketfeet high tops are dirty or muddy, clean wash them until the dirt comes off. You can also make use of detergent for cleaning the boots and ensure all the dirt is taken off properly.

Once you have washed them, let them dry with the best use of an old towel. If you have not taken off the laces already, make sure you do it before tossing the boots in drying tips.


How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots


The best way for drying the wet work boots overnight

The boots are all made of thick materials and they take time in drying up naturally. Sometimes they take more than 48 hours for drying naturally. However, there are some best ways for speeding up the process. This includes,


How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots


Using a fan

Make use of a good table fan for drying the shoes with the best help of this technique. Place a towel under your fan,

this absorbs excess water from the boots and also speeds up the whole drying process.


If you mens print shoes have insoles, take them off and keep them in the sun or toss it in the dryer. If you insoles

boots are of leather make sure you keep them out in the sun.


How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots


Take an old wire and twist the same into an “S” shaped hinge. Make sure this hook is sturdy and large

enough for holding the stand for shoes.


Attach its hinges to the table fan and hang boots on its flap lifting the tongue in an upward position.

Turn on your fan to full and let it stay the same overnight. Soon your boots will dry up.


How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots



  • You have some of the delicate boots which you don’t want to harm during the process of drying.

    Make use of a paper which is the most efficient method for drying the 7m shoe size even.


  • This technique takes a while, and this is also an effective way if you manage to dry the boots without laying any stress.


  • Clean your boots thoroughly and take off the dirt


  • Once the water is drained out from the shoes, take off its insoles and keep them aside for drying.


  • Carefully pack your boots with the newspaper and change it after every 2 hours for speeding up this drying process.


How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots


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 How To Dry Your Wet Work Boots

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