How to find shoes that fit?

How to find shoes that fit?

How to find shoes that fit:

Wearing a pair of ill-fitting shoes can be the major reason for the discomfort of your feet. You may know how to find the perfect size of your shoes, but most of the kids and seniors don’t know it. You can avoid a lot of feet problems by getting the right shoes for you.


How to measure your feet?

The right measurement of your feet can help your shopkeeper to provide you with the right size of shoes. It can also prevent you from wasting your money while shopping online.

The size of your feet changes as you grow with the relaxation of body tissues. Measure the arch, length, and width of your feet to find accurate size. It is ok to measure at home; however, we recommended you measure a shoe store.

Use a plain paper and place it on the floor. It is recommended to wear socks and place your feet on the plain paper. Don’t let the paper move. Take a led pencil and outline of your feet. To take the accurate measurement, draw lines close to your feet.

Once you are done with the sketch, you can take its measurement to find the right shoes for you. Tell the measurement of your feet to the shopkeeper and get shoes good for standing all day.

Tips for taking measurement


Once you learn how to measure your feet, the next step is to consider some tips to find the right shoes.

Measure your feet at night

Most of the time, our feet swell due to walking all day, so the best time to measure your feet is late evening or before you go to bed. It will help you to get the right measurement and get the shoes that are good for standing all day.

Take your measurement while you are standing

Your feet are in the same position as your shoes when you are standing. You can ask someone from your family or friends to sketch your feet while you are standing, this will help you to find the good work shoes.

Try shoes before you buy them

It is always recommended to try shoes before you buy them. Try your favorite pair of shoes in the shoe store and look in the mirror; it will help to make the right decision quickly. Wear the shoes and walk around in the store to have an idea about their comfort and grip.


How to find the best basketball shoe for outdoor?

If you are a basketball player then you must know the importance of the right shoes for you. Find the best basketball shoes for outdoors that provide you with support, comfort, and right grip. Although indoor and outdoor shoes look the same, they are different in construction and design.

We hope this article will help you take measurements of your shoes that fit. You can get help from the experts of Freaky shoes if you are still confused.

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