How To Fix Heel Slippage In The Shoes?

How To Fix Heel Slippage In The Shoes?

How To Fix Heel Slippage In The Shoes:


It’s very irritating when your new pair of shoes fits perfectly but your heels start slipping and keep the pair coming off. This problem is very common and can turn embarrassing if this happens in the public.


What is heel slipping?

The monster feet heel slipping is an uncomfortable experience when your feet start slipping out from the shoes when you walk and it some cases it pops out and leaves the boots behind. This slippage might disappear after some time.


If this slipping persists, then it can be counted as trouble and some measures should be taken for checking the same.


Expert tips for preventing heel slippage

Although most of the expert's tips are available to learn how to fix the heel slippage in the boots, yet some are available as to how to make the wise choices for preventing the issues. Follow these tips for resolving the issues in your bucketfeet women's shoes.


Select the right size

The foremost advice of bucketfeet chicago is that; don’t make a mistake during purchasing time. Select shoes funky size pair. It should be smaller or larger. The small size of the boot will check heel slippage but it compresses the feet and keeps crushing the toes.


A large size pair can increase the instances of heel slippage. The snug-fitting size can solve the issue of heel slipping; however, this is not a permanent settlement as you might need to make some of the extra attempts.


Keep in mind that feet size keeps on changing with age. Get your feet measured before making the purchase. Secondly, the best time for selecting the pair of wickers shoes should be in late morning hours as foot are largest by then.


This is the first step that you should take for avoiding the issues. If the right fitting pair shows sign of the slippage, follow the additional steps as,

Lace locking

Tightening the shoelaces can secure the ankles and reduces the heel slippage. Don’t tie them tight as the fitting for the rest of the shoes turns uncomfortable extremely.

If you are accustomed to wearing the laced boots, the best way for avoiding the heel slippage is lacing them properly.


There are two excellent methods of lacing which includes,

Rabbit hole methods:

The method is highly efficient and works well with the boots which have an extra hole at the shoe collar. There are steps for tying the rabbit hole which is comfortable incredibly.

  • First, you have to put the laces as normal through the holes

  • When you will reach to its top, pull its both laces ends out of one top hole

  • Take both the ends and put them through another hole

  • Then additionally tighten laces and tie the bow as normal

Method of hiking boot:

The hikers inspire the method since this works well on printed canvas shoes.

  • You can start by putting all the laces through the holes till you reach on the top.

  • Pull the laces out of the hole top and cross them.

  • Cross laces once more and twist the same around one another. Lace them simply back into the top hole & tighten.

  • This also helps in securing the ankles.

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