How To Fix Holes In Your Shoes And Preventing The Future Ones

How To Fix Holes In Your Shoes And Preventing The Future Ones

How To Fix Holes In Your Shoes And Preventing The Future Ones:

Nothing can be more frustrating than when your favorite shoes start falling apart. One of the common problems with shoes is the formation of the holes in shoes. The holes look tacky and even allow water and air to get in the shoes.

There can be many reasons when you don’t want to replace your unique sneaker. The best part is that now you can easily repair these shoe holes on your own.

Here some expert steps that can also assist in preventing holes from shoe formation. These simple steps can also make your shoes last for longer and can prevent holes from getting formed.


How to fix a hole in shoes

It highly depends on where the hole in your shoes is located and also on how you repair the hole in your unique sneakers.


Shoe sole

If you want to repair the hole in your shoe sole, it is recommended to make use of a shoe goo for repairing your unique tennis shoes.

It comes in both clear and black color

Once you have the shoe goo, follow the given steps:

  • Clean the sole of your shoes for removing all the dirt


  • Trim away the part of the soles which are hanging a bit lose or even sticking out. The main aim is to obtain a smooth surface.


  • You also don’t want the shoe goo to slip into your fun mens shoes, so make sure you cover the hole from inside your shoes.

    Lift its insole a bit up. Easily place a duct tape or a glue over the hole from inside of your shoes. Make sure you cover the whole hole.


  • Now you can easily focus on your shoe bottom. Cover the whole hole with a Shoe Goo. Make use of enough glue for filling in the

    hole and don’t leave a dent.


  • Get an ice cube and use it for spreading the shoe goo evenly over your shoe hole.


  • Let this glue stay for at least 24 hours.

As soon as your shoe goo has dried properly, you can remove the fabric or duct tape from inside your shoes.

Make use of fine-grain sandpaper for smoothing the edges and also for removing the unwanted shoe goo


How to repair a hole in the upper portion of your shoe?

If the top portion of your fun shoe is having a hole, in canvas or even in leather, there various options to go for repairing this includes,

  • Patches

  • Duct tape

  • And, filler liquid


These shoes art patches come in various leathers, fabrics, sizes, and colors. Patching the shoe hole is similar to a patching hole in any clothing.


Duct tape

This is the best and fastest way of repairing the shoe hole. It also comes in various patterns and colors.


Filler liquid

They are most commonly used for repairing leather. Get your go bananas shoes and repair their hole with filler liquid easily. has come up with amazing DIY shoe ideas, check out more today.


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