How To Fix The Smelly Sneakers

How To Fix The Smelly Sneakers

How To Fix The Smelly Sneakers:

A very common problem with the shoes is the smell or odor which the shoes develop when we wear them for a long period of time. But in the shoe family, sneakers are the ones who get smelly very fast. Even if you get the best runner insoles in the sneakers, then too they will start getting stinky. Sneakers are very popular among the gym masters and the reason they stink is because of their material.


Imagine if you have to take out your sneakers in public and you are worried about the smell that will spread, it will be a very embarrassing situation, right and you would instantly think that it would have been better if you had worn the best indoor soccer shoes in place of sneakers.


Although sneakers are very comfortable and classy to wear with your outfits you have to tackle the smell too. So, do not worry you are the only one facing the problem of the reek, there are others too. So, in order to end this smell game, you need to know why this smell occurs.


Why do sneakers smell horrible?

Whether you wear best arch support shoes women, or you wear sneakers, you will sweat as there are sweat glands present in your foot. When you sweat, there is a mild hot temperature that gets build up inside the shoes, which is a perfect propagation ground for the bacteria, which causes the sneakers to smell horrible.


The reason behind why your socks and sneakers smell is the bacteria that gets trapped in the shoes, the socks, and in your foot. We can now focus on how to remove or prevent the smell of sneakers as we know the reason behind the reek. So, here are some ways which can be used in order to tackle the smelly shoes.


Neutralize the bacteria

You can get rid of the stink by neutralizing the bacteria, from the shoes. This is the most common way of getting rid of smelly shoes. You can do this by using the most common product of your household which is baking soda.

So all you have to do is whether you are having the best slip resistant shoes or sneaker, just leave the shoes overnight after applying baking soda inside the shoes and especially on the insoles, and the next day you will find fresh free odor shoes.


Dried out shoes

This method works for all types of shoes like the best men’s tennis shoes or cycling shoes. If you want to put a halt on the smell of your shoes straight away, then do not let them be warm and damp. Immediately after you finish your exercise routine, you just stuff your shoes with some newspaper which will soak in all the sweat and also stop the growth of the microorganisms. This method of preventing odor is very convenient and shoe friendly as the shoes do not lose their shape too.

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