How To Get Off The Stubborn Dry Paint From Your Shoes

How To Get Off The Stubborn Dry Paint From Your Shoes

How To Get Off The Stubborn Dry Paint From Your Shoes:


It happens certain times that your shoes get dirty or messy when paint gets spilled on them by mistake. Mistakes are very obvious to be made by a human but if you by fault spill paint on your favorite pair of shoes, then you should be prepared to have a hard time as it is not easy to get rid of the paint.


While making your shoes, you can spill some of the acrylic paint on the shoe but the real struggle happens when even after spending hours and hours of cleaning, your shoes do not get paint-free. Well, don’t worry, because here are some of the easiest methods which you can use to make your shoe mess-free.


Every part of the shoe and every type of paint as well can be cleaned if a person opts for an efficient cleaning method. Here are some of the best cleaning methods which are presented before you suing which you can get your custom brand shoe paint-free.


How to clean Stubborn Dry Paint From Your Shoes?

Hack 1- Detergent powder


Detergent dish powder is almost available in every single house and can be used to remove small patches of paint or acrylic paint from the shoes. follow the given steps to remove the paint marks from the basketball which you had got designed by a custom basketball shoe maker.


  • Make the paint patches soft using a damp cloth so that they easily come off.

  • Then use a butter metal knife and scratch the paint off slowly with soft hands so that you do not damage the surface of your shoes.

  • If the paint does not get removed from the basketball shoes that you got designed by a basketball shoe creator, then make a solution of the detergent soap and dip the sponge in the solution.

  • Apply the sponge on the paint patches and the paint will come off.

  • You can also rinse the shoes after this process and let them dry.


Hack 2-Latex paint remover


There are latex paint removers that are available in the market which are very helpful in removing the paint marks from certain materials like metal, concrete, and wood and they can be also used to remove the marks of the paint spills from the shoes as well.


Follow the given steps if you also want to remove the paint marks from your shoes using a latex paint remover.


  • Firstly wash your shoes, make the grip of the paint loose, and make the paint patches soft.

  • Then use a toothbrush and start rubbing it on the paint marks to make the marks softer.

  • Take a cloth and damp it using the latex paint remover and rub the cloth on the paint marks.

  • Continue rubbing the latex paint remover on the custom basketball shoes which you got from custom basketball shoe maker.

  • In the end, the paint is likely to disappear then wipe the shoe using a dry cloth and your clean shoes are ready to be worn again.


There are other hacks also which you can use to get rid of the paint but the above are some of the easiest ones which you can use to clean your shoes.


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