How to Get Rid of The Sticky Chewing Gum From Shoes

How to Get Rid of The Sticky Chewing Gum From Shoes

How to Get Rid of The Sticky Chewing Gum From Shoes:


Chewing gum is a very famous eatery among youngsters as well as adults and it comes in the candy category. The chewing gum is not a recently made sweet, chewing gum has its roots from the very past, when it was made by the latex that is found in the sapodilla tree. Nowadays, many companies manufacture chewing gums of different varieties as well as shapes.


People like chewing gum in different flavors and are eaten regularly by a major part of the population as well. The only problem that comes with chewing gum is the stickiness that comes with it which causes it to stick on various surfaces. But a major problem arises when the chewing gum gets stuck on the soles of custom slides or any other shoes. When the chewing gum gets stick on the shoes, it is really difficult to take it out and it goes all irritating.


How to Get Rid of The Sticky Chewing Gum From Shoes


Tips and tricks


Various methods can be used if you stuck chewing gum on the sole of the custom rubber slides while you were walking on the road. There are many methods available to take off the gum but a few works.


Here are some of the methods which will be helpful to you in removing the sticky and annoying gum.


Methods to follow


  • Freezer- Yes, a freezer can help you to free your custom slides with logo from chewing gum.

    You just need to place the shoe in a plastic bag and tightly wrap the bag against the shoe and the

    plastic bag should be sealed well. Let the shoe covered in the plastic bag rest in the freezer for about

    an hour and after an hour when you will take out the shoe, the chewing gum will be stuck to the plastic

    bag and this is how your shoes will get free from chewing gum.


  • WD-40- Use WD-40 spray and spray it on the gum stuck on the shoe.

    The gum will easily come off using a paper towel.


  • Peanut butter- Peanut butter can also be used to remove the gum stuck on the sole of print on

    demand slides. Just apply a thick layer of peanut butter on the gum and leave it on the gum for ten

    minutes. Then use a wire brush to remove the gum from the sole and the peanut butter

    will come off with the gum. rinse the sole of the shoe at last.


  • Ice cubes- Place the shoe in a plastic bag and put ice in the area where the gum is stuck.

    The ice cubes should stick on the chewing gum and not on any other part of the wholesale slide

    slippers or the material can get damaged. Press the ice cubes to the gum firmly so that the gum

    freezes and then remove the gum using a knife.


The sticky chewing gum is annoying but it can be easily get ridden off using the above methods by Freaky shoes. If you anytime suffer from the problem of sticky gum on your shoes, then use the given alternatives to get rid of it.



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