How to Lace Basketball Shoes?

How to Lace Basketball Shoes?

How to Lace Basketball Shoes?

Shoe restoration shouldn’t be impossible, here are some amazing sneaker restoration tips you can follow. Also, there are various big brands who are offering the top-notch shoe restoration services.

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However, continuing to our main topic, well it may sound silly, but did you know there is a technique to lack basketball shoes up? Yes, you have heard it right! There is a proper way to lace up your basketball shoes to avoid injuries and improve your performance. These shoes are designed for the athletes by keeping in mind their feet' requirements and for better performance. So you should follow the accurate method to use shoes and lace them up to increase the performance.


If you have feet with high arches, then here is the best method of lacing you should try.

  • Try to lace your shoes in a crisscross pattern, the bottom set of holes, and then you need to stop.

  • You can lace your left shoe up with the right one directly up both sides of your shoes to provide higher arches, and of course, great stability.

  • You can crisscross your shoelaces one more time until you reach the last set of holes at the top of your basketball’s shoe.

However, if you have wider feet, then you should go for this one technique:

  • Lace your shoelaces straight up the basketball shoe for the next few sets of shoe holes without crisscrossing the laces. This will give tighten feel without pressing your feet.

  • Moreover, you can crisscross the laces for the remaining eyelets and then tie the shoes as normal.


How To Lace Basketball shoes casually?

Here is a method you can follow:

  • Take your shoelace and tie a small knot at the end of it, and feed it through the eyelet bottom; the knot should face the shoe’s tongue.

  • This way, you will have one long lace, which anchors by knot. Pass this long lace horizontally through all eyelets until it reaches most top one.

  • This way, you will have horizontal laces as a single lace on one shoe side. Now take lace and tuck it away perfectly inside your shoe.


How Tight Or Lose Your Basketball Shoes Be?

It depends on your foot. However, a poorly tied basketball shoe could be dangerous for you and other players in the court. This is a speed game, in which you may need to jump, run, and change direction at fast speed. So your shoelaces should be knotted properly to minimize the spraining and the ankle-twisting risk. It’s recommended not to wear too tight shoes because it can hinder the blood circulation in your toes. Similarly, it’s not recommended to wear lose basketball shoes as your foot can slip off the shoe, and you can fall on the ground. You should wear the one according to your comfort.

If your basketball shoes have been faded out badly, then you should look for the professional sneaker restorer. A professional can help you restore your shoe back!

How to Lace Basketball Shoes?

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