How To Maintain Your Basketball Shoes?

How To Maintain Your Basketball Shoes?

How To Maintain Your Basketball Shoes?

When your shoes do so much for you and protect your foot, then it is your responsibility too to protect your shoes and treat them well. You can treat your shoes with a professional shoe cleaner and let them shine in their natural color. Imagine you have a pair of white best wrestling shoes and after a while, they have turned brown, nothing could be more disgusting than this.

In order to extend the life expectancy rate of your shoes and also to protect your foot from fungal infection, you should treat your shoes with the utmost care. The basketball shoes are designed which helps your foot to work properly on the court and you should also in return keep your shoe’s condition in nice condition.

So whether they are basketball shoes or best shoes standing concrete all day, you must take care of them, by following the given steps:

  • Firstly, remove the shoelaces and for best sole for shoes, soak the inner soles in vinegar and water solution through which all

    the bacteria will be killed and then toss the laces in the washing machine.

  • If your shoes have fresh stains remove them before they set in and wipe away any mud that is stick on the leather shoes and

    for canvas, sneakers wait for the mud to dry and then wipe it away.

  • In order to remove the stains from your shoes, just make a cleansing solution with dish soap but avoid using any harsh chemicals.

Can the basketball shoes go through machine wash?

It totally depends on your choice if you want to wash your shoes in the washing machine. Most of the shoes can go through washing machine washes, but if you have an expensive pair of men’s shoes for flat feet, then you should first enquire about the manufacturing details of the shoes which would probably be against the washing of shoes in the washing machine.

But if you are still going for machine wash, then must be ensured that you reset the machine to a soft wash and after washing the shoes must make sure that you dry your shoes overnight and let them dry out completely if they will not dry out completely, there could be odor problems and growth of bacteria as well.

What is the material of basketball shoes?

The basketball shoes are usually durable in nature and are made of leather which increases the life of the shoe yet also makes it heavier. The new brands have launched shoes made of mesh material which provides the players with the same comfort.

The basketball shoes have the best shoe sole which is made of leather in order to match up with the wood courts and asphalt courts and the soles also have traction abilities. There are also ankle straps, laces, and zippers which provide the ankle and knees extra comfort by absorbing the shocks and also providing the extra needed comfort.

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How To Maintain Your Basketball Shoes?

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