How To Make Comic Book Shoes

How To Make Comic Book Shoes

How To Make Comic Book Shoes

We all loved reading comics when we were kids especially, Archie comics. Your mothers must have purchased one for you at least whenever she went out for shopping. Now when your old, your tastes must have changed.

You all love shoes now than these comic books. Many people now live with memories. If you are the one who wants to live your life as a kid once more, then grab your comic books today. You don’t have to read them off course,

You can now make DIY comic book shoes. These expert steps will purely transform your old and boring shoes into a new one and can them more creative so that you can flaunt them everywhere you go.

Let’s learn how to make comic book shoes below.


What things do you need?

  • Pair of shoes, which can be your vinyl shoes, patent leather or leather one

  • Mod Podge

  • Few comic shoes

  • Paintbrush

  • And, a craft knife

  • Cut your comics

You can cut your comics in three different ways, it can be by sounds which includes whoosh! crash! or bam! by quotes or even by panels. It depends on you how you want to use the comic book for customizing your sneakers.

Make sure you cut enough comic book pieces so that they can be pasted correctly and don’t look scattered.


Begin with Mod Podge

If the shoes that you want to customize has its laces on, then make sure you remove it properly before you begin with it.

  • Open up your Mod Podge container

  • Dip the paintbrush

  • Dab some good amount over the side and back of your shoe, it is because from there you should start

  • Place your first piece and start painting over with Mod Podge

  • Add comic pieces and more Mod Podge

Keep on adding comic pieces and add more Mod Podge whenever required. Don’t take stress, it is because your Mod Podge has the power to dry off completely and easily.


Cut off your excessive paper

When you are done with the gluing part of your comic pieces on your shoes, make sure you paint on few more coats of the Mod Podge. This helps in sealing everything in a better way.

Let this dry for around half an hour. Once it is done and when they are dry, take a craft knife and cut the same off from your excessive comic book paper from its edges.


Start with another shoe

When you have completed the customization comic book on your one shoe, then only start with another one. Follow the same steps for enjoying the best look. It is not necessary that you need to add on similar comic types on your other pair.

It may different after all you are customizing your shoes as per your choice.


Enjoy attractive comic shoes

When both the shoes are dry, put in your laces and get ready to flaunt your DIY comic book shoe everywhere around.

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