How To Make Your Canvas Shoes Look More Creative?

How To Make Your Canvas Shoes Look More Creative?

How To Make Your Canvas Shoes Look More Creative?

In the night, when you see the dark sky, it looks so beautiful because there are bright shiny stars that make the sky beautiful and the same is with the canvas shoes which are enhanced by the colors on them. Even if you are wearing a dull outfit, the shoes make your outfit look nice and attractive. The canvas sneakers are very popular as they are cost-effective as well as they are multifarious as well.

The shoes have become a medium through which hidden artists bring out their talents and display their talents in front of the world. So before your design slide shoes or sneakers get dirty and get stains on them, the best way to stop them from looking shabby is by decorating the shoes with the different colors or the parts of a rainbow.

So, when you think that you want to design my own shoes, do read the article further as we have got before you some of the easiest ways by which you can alter your dull shoes and enhance your kicks. You have to follow the given steps to learn the lesson of painting your shoes.

The important steps to follow are:


The important thing to do is your homework before you start to design my own shoe. The surface of the shoes should be clean and tidy otherwise the paint will not work well with the shoe material. Then take a vinyl tape and mask the areas that you do not want to paint and if you are not good at painting or you are a messy painter, then you are also recommended to tape the sock liner area.

The gesso should be applied to the shoes before painting so that the paint does not crack and do use better quality paint as well if you want your shoes to survive for long.

Step 2-presentation

After you have drawn the outlines, you have to begin with painting now. Many shoe customizer app experts have recommended applying thin layers of paint on the shoes and as you will keep on applying more and more of multiple thin layers of paint, they will itself settle on the material of the shoe.

You have to be patient in the painting step as if you will apply a thick layer of paint at once, the paint may start cracking and degrading from the shoe. The paint has to be also dried enough properly to carry out the next step.

Step 3-protection

In the end, the finisher is a must. The process to make own shoe is completed when you spray the finisher on the shoe to protect the colors on the fabric. The spray finisher is safer than brushing the finisher on the shoes as the brush can cause the colors to bleed. But the type of finisher depends on you.

So, you can follow this guide by Freaky Shoes to create a perfect pair of canvas shoes and rock in your outfits by pairing them with your freaky shoes.

How To Make Your Canvas Shoes Look More Creative?

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