How to Make Your Shoes Not Stink

How to Make Your Shoes Not Stink

How to Make Your Shoes Not Stink


For many of those who never knew that shoes are part of their lives, it is high time you got to understand that and also keep in mind that you need to keep them clean always to make sure that they do not stink. Smelling shoes will always make you feel uncomfortable around people, and this is something that you can easily control. However, this can only happen if you follow the ways that this article is going to present to you.


In most cases, the things that tend to cause stinking in our shoes are bacteria, foot problems, injuries and sweat. These conditions will always make your shoes have a bad smell, something that many are not impressed with. However, you might be having the right remedies in your home to prevent shoe smelling, but you are not aware that if they can really make a change to this problem. These problems of smelly shoes have struck so many people, and it is something that many are trying to get rid of. However, it has also been proven that the condition seems to be even worse in hot climatic conditions.


Moreover, those people who are involved in sports are much prone to this than any other group. However, the researchers say that to some extent, some athletes do not go through this, and this is due to the fact that a smelly shoe does not only involve sweat. Additionally, many individuals now have considered this situation as normal because as much as they try to fight, it does not seem to come to an end. However, it will be very simple for you to control your smelly shoe or even get rid of it completely if only you decide on the few steps that are going to be talked about in this article.


In most cases, when you fail to wash your feet or your footwear after you have used them or have had a short walk, your shoes will stink, and this will be because you choose to leave them dirty. Cleanliness is something that should always be given the first priority because it is one thing that will prevent your shoes from smelling. Of course, many of you, if not all, do know what bacteria are. Bacteria love to live where there is warmth, and they can multiply very fast in such like condition. Therefore, the only thing to avoid this from happening is when you prevent it before they strike.


Furthermore, it is very challenging for those who are allergic to a bad smell, which calls for clean shoes. You have to look for a way to stop this in case you notice that your shoes have started to smell. If you cannot get the appropriate detergents for this, you better hand wash them to reduce the rate at which they are stinking. It will be inappropriate for you to keep shoes in your wardrobe when you know clearly that they have a bad smell. There is something that will always drive you to find a way to try and get rid of the bad smell in your shoes and make sure that they stay fresh again.


Besides, when there is a rise in temperature than the normal one, those people with feet problems or injuries will be highly exposed to the harsh temperatures. This will lead to sweat's high production, which will be absorbed with the shoes, thus resulting in smelly shoes. If there is something you also need to be careful with is the type of shoe you wear (made from which material). This will help you in ensuring that you get rid of this smell completely. Generally, who does not want to have fresh shoes? No one, because this is what makes you feel comfortable and appreciated when you are in a crowd or so.


The friction between your feet and the shoes will cause bristles; when your feet produce sweat, it will mix up with the hair, which will then cause smelling of both your feet and the shoes. Therefore, whenever you will purchase a pair of shoes, make sure you take your measurement and confirm them before you make an order. The main reason why there will be a formation of bristles on your feet is that you never considered your shoes' size and shape. You probably cannot buy small shoes when you know your feet are big or big shoes for small feet. Your feet should be able to have enough space to air breath. The amount of air entering your boots is enough to prevent excess sweating, which will eventually prevent your shoes from stinking.


The question, how will our shoes smell fresh? This question has remained in many people's minds. But they fail to understand that they already have the remedies to their disposal and are one step ahead. These remedies can easily get rid of the bad smell in your shoes, and they can also be used to treat your feet and ensure that they do not smell at all. However, it is clear that the companies e that ar of making shoes like Freaky Shoes have tried all they can to make sure that they produce the required remedies that would ensure that your shoes remain fresh always. However, all you need to do is visit them, and they will recommend for you the right remedy to prevent your shoes from smelling.


Making you're your shoes clean is not something that you need always to be reminded because you are fighting for the status of your shoes and your health and dignity. You can only earn respect from people if you know the importance of keeping both your shoes and feet clean. Make the right decision to ensure that your boots will always stay fresh no matter how far you run. Smelly shoes will always create an issue for those who are into it, and you will always feel frustrated to the point that you will not be able to sit in a crowded place when you are comfortable.


Moreover, you will always be curious and afraid even to remove your shoes, especially when you are around people, in fear that they will be frustrated with your boot's smell. In most cases, when you are standing in line, and you are damn sure that your shoes stink, you will look weird because if you can smell it, how about those around you? Try as much as you come to make sure that it will not be a lifetime problem, fight it, and make sure you completely remove it. When you learn how to prevent your shoes from stinking, it will surely benefit you for the rest of your life, and you will not have to live with smelly shoes again.


Life with smelly shoes in your wardrobe is something that you can never be proud of more, so if you have more than a pair of shoes and they are all stinking. When you put hygiene into practice, you will fight this bacteria. These bacteria can never stay in a clean environment; therefore, you will need to keep every surface clean from where you keep your shoes, your feet to your shoes. Cleanliness is to be maintained to ensure that you overcome this.


However, when it comes to remedies, you will always need to pick the right one to help you fight the bad smell in your shoes. You may probably find ones that are much expensive but will do nothing for you to ensure that you keep your shoes fresh. This is an indication that you always need to confirm the remedy you are ordering and ensure that it will help you. Freaky Shoes has got you covered in this, and they will probably recommend the right treatment for your shoes. When researching these remedies before you order them, you will save much on what you could have used in purchasing them; therefore, choose wisely and appropriately.


Moreover, in this very article, you will find out the best ways to be used to make sure that you turn your footwear fresh. It will be unfortunate for you to find out that your shoes smell when you are in the middle of people. However, this should not worry you because you follow up on this article, you will surely have your footwear smell fresh again. To some extent, your feet are likely not to smell when you observe your diet, and you will be on the right truck in ensuring that the smell is completely out of your shoes.


Generally, the smell of your shoes should not always blame on one and the same instances. Many things are likely to cause your shoes to smell, which you need to take care of before they get to something worse. Most people suffering from this have confirmed that the real reason for this is the presence of bacteria in the shoes, which has greatly attributed to the stinking of your shoes. The smell is something that will always exist, especially if you are not concerned about getting rid of it as soon as possible. It really does not matter if you have run a short mile or not because that will not determine your shoes' status.


The result will always be the same for an individual who has run for a short distance and the one that has gone for a long one. Immediately you sweat penetrates your shoe and is absorbed, you cannot prevent the smell from coming out unless you use the required detergents to fight it. This results from the sweat are not the only thing that causes stinking in your shoes. It might be your foot that has the problem with the bacteria in your shoes. It is possible for someone to lose concentration when they have smelly shoes. Also, the whole situation will always make you feel envious. In this article, you will also be taken through the role of Freaky Shoes It will also give you a chance to design your own pair of shoes and how you can customize them.


Why Do Shoes Stink


Dealing with smelly shoes is one of the things that is very challenging, whether you are at the comfort of your house, a social gathering or your place of work. When you have stinking shoes, you will always seem to be making the wrong decision when you remove your footwear, whether in a crowd or not. However, it is very sustaining that the stinking can happen in any type of shoes; it does matter which material they are made of from runner sneaker, sneaker cleats, leather, suede, tennis shoes, basketball shoes or office shoes. The thing is, you will always find them smelling in one way or another.


As it was introduced earlier in this article, the smell in your sneakers is caused by bacteria's presence. It has been confirmed that these bacteria thrive well in a warm environment. However, the other concentrated are is between your toes, and this is the place where they feel more comfortable until when you decide to keep both your feet and boots has also been reported that the sweat that is produced from your feet is greatly absorbed by the shoes which will then result to bad smell.


However, the sweat produced is considered a perspiration that creates a conducive environment that allows bacteria to multiply. The adding up of these bacteria will always lead to the stinking of your footwear due to the toxins produced by them. When the toxin substance is excreted, they penetrate into your shoes due to which it results to smell.


You should learn to get used to washing your shoes daily, or you can even make it a routine. In most cases, when you fail to clean your boots, the chances of bacteria adding up in them are very high. Some people have got the habit of just washing the upper and leave the inside part. This is not a good idea at all; when you leave the insides dirty, you will have given left a conducive environment for the bacteria to breed. You will, therefore, be risking your shoes. Your shoes' interior and uppers need to be cleaned thoroughly if you possibly want to maintain a fresh smell. It is inappropriate when you choose to clean your shoes outside and leave the inside part.


However, before you get too judgmental, you should be aware that the rate at which your footwear retains the smell will always range between the brands that are involved in its production. Similarly, there are those that make great shoes that have airflow, and with this, your feet will probably have the chance to breathe. To some extent, this will prevent your boots from stinking at a certain percentage. The breathable footwear will keep your foot dry, and since the bacteria cannot stay in such like environment, they will suffocate, thus leaving both your feet and sneakers safe with fresh smell.


Therefore, this will be so different from those who have enclosed shoes. Footwear without airflow cannot allow air to penetrate in the boots, and thus, the excess heat produced with your feet cannot be expelled. When too much heat accumulates in your shoes, it will probably result in bad smell, something that can be controlled when you decide to pick on the shoes' right material and design.


When your sneakers have no spaces to breathe with when there is too much heat, the bacteria will have found a chance to multiply in your shoes. They release secretions that have a natural smell, and this causes a bad smell in your footwear. Bacteria immediately produce the toxic substance; it will be very challenging to get rid of the smell even if you decide to air them unless you use detergents to clean them thoroughly. It is evident that you cannot get rid of the bad smell by drying your shoes over the sun. The only solution that remains for you is to learn how to wash your shoes and feet.


How To Make Your Shoes Have a Better Smell



To begin with, for you to make sure that you get rid of the bad smell in your footwear, you need to prevent the bacteria from entering your shoes first. You can easily do this by washing your boots on a daily basis. However, you can also accomplish this when you keep your toenails short and clean at all times. Your sneakers will always smell if you assume the simple thing that needs to be taken care of. Keep your feet, and boots dry before you put them on because the wetness will probably lead to stinking.


When cleaning your sneakers, you should apply soap or any strong detergent to make sure that you take off the smell completely. Also, scrub the shoes thoroughly when washing them, you should also do the same between your toes and the nails for you to be certain that the bacteria will have no space to breed. You cannot say that you are temporarily getting rid of them because you will have given them time to breed something that will really cost you. Wash your feet and shoes regularly.


Additionally, try to avoid shoes when you are at home; this will allow your shoes to remain dry and free from bacteria. Preferably, you can pick on sandals; they will probably expose your feet to air. You can also choose not to wear anything to ensure that you prevent bacteria from getting your feet. Below are some of the other ways that can be used to get rid of the smell in your sneakers.


Using Dryer Sheets


It is a powerful substance that can easily get rid of the odour in the sneakers. Place the dryer sheet inside your footwear, and then leave them for some time. It will probably do away with the bad smell and leave your sneakers smelling fresh.


Moreover, the dryer sheet is not only used to get off the bad smell in your shoes but also to your wardrobe where you keep them, and it will help make the whole place clean and free from fragrance. The fabric softener dyer can easily get rid of bad smell and transform your shoes, causing them to smell fresh. You can order one from Freaky Shoes, but you should confirm if it will work for your shoes.


Rubbing Alcohol


It is a deodorizer. Therefore, it will help you get rid of the bad odour and clean your sneakers. Additionally, when used, it takes a very short time to kill the bacteria from both your feet and footwear, thus leaving them when they are equally fresh and free from the bad smell. This bacterium produces a toxic substance that causes unpleasant smell in your shoes or foot, leading to stinking.


Furthermore, apply a little amount of it in your sneakers where there is a concentration. However, you should ensure that your footwear is clean before you use it; this will ensure that the smell is completely removed. This substance will probably kill any bacteria present in your sneakers and leave very fresh. But make sure that they are dried before you put them on again. Drying them will ensure that you do not risk reproducing the bacteria in your shoes.


Cat Litter


Cat litters are specifically used to prevent cat feces and urine from smelling around your house if you have one. Therefore, it will work well with your feet or boots and make sure that the bad smell is gotten rid of completely. However, you will not have to deal with the smell again, thus making it more comfortable for you. Before you use it, make sure that you ordered the right one that is meant for your footwear. It will be appropriate when you consider your options before you order your litter.


Additionally, it does not only absorb moisture from the surrounding but also act as a deodorizer. It makes it a powerful substance that can be able to deal with the smell between toes or your sneakers. Apply a thin layer of it on the bottom of your footwear. Wipe your sneakers with a clean rug immediately you get off the cat litter, and then dry them. However, you will have to do it repeatedly if you want to have the best results.


Freeze Your Shoes to Kill the Smell


Mostly, these ways might not work for others; however, this should not make you give up at all. Because just like others, you will need to be comfortable, and this can only happen when you are able to keep your shoes and feet free from smelling. Also, you should not be discouraged that you are out of options because the freezer is available for you, and it is a good deodorizer. This is likely to leave your shoes fresh by killing all the bacteria in your shoes; therefore, you will have gotten rid of the bad smell completely.


Rap your shoes in a plastic bag and seal, and then make sure that you don't leave any space uncovered. You will then put your shoes in a freezer; it is advised to leave them overnight to allow the cold to penetrate into the boots well. Since bacteria are prone to living in a warmer environment, it will definitely not survive inside a freezer. Allow the show to lose excess water, and then leave them to air dry before wearing them again. At this time, your shoes will be fresh free from bacteria and the odour smell.


Machine Washing


The question that many people, if not all, have kept asking is if machines are appropriate for washing shoes. This is because they want to be sure if it is safe for their shoes. However, it has been confirmed that you can use it, but not all are allowed to be washed by these machines to specific materials. If you have smelly shoes, run them in a washer and leave the rest to the machine. However, you should not dry your shoes using a dryer because it is likely to ruin it and, to some extent, destroy the machine.


Besides, leave them to air dry in a warm place; however, make sure that they are completely dried before you put on. This method will only work for sneakers and not leather or suede shoes because they can easily be damaged once you put them in a machine. However, you are not supposed to dry your footwear under the hot sun. The proper way of drying them is by placing them in room temperature then leave them to dry properly. This will enable them to retain their colour after they have dried.


How to Prevent Your Shoes from Smelling Naturally?


If not all, many people are allergic to most of this chemical, and therefore, it becomes challenging for them to wash their shoes using the chemically produced detergents. However, they do not have a reason to worry again because there are several natural ways that can be used to make sure that you get rid of the odour smell completely. Also, they are the easiest ways that one can get access to and use them to clean out the unpleasant odours from your shoes.


Moreover, you can also use them to wash your feet and prevent bacteria from adding up. Furthermore, this means that you will not need to have expensive supplies to clean your smelly shoes. Lastly, if you need more information on how to prevent your sneakers from stinking, visit Freaky Shoes


Baking Soda


This is one of the remedies that are used to maintain the fresh smell in your shoes. It is considered as the best natural substance for keeping your sneakers out of bad smell. You can easily afford it since it is just around your house; however, it is meant for other purposes. Sprinkle it inside your footwear. Apply it overnight to give your shoes enough time for the bad smell to fade. However, be careful when using it on leather because it can easily dry your footwear by forming cracks.


Using Salt


You will only be safe when your shoes are free from moisture. When the inside of your shoes is wet, bacteria are likely to breed inside. However, this can be stopped when you decide to use the appropriate deodorizer to illuminate them completely.


Moreover, there is also an easy way that can be applied to make sure that your sneakers stay fresh. Salt is a common substance, but the thing is, it has never been known if it can be used to prevent shoes from stinking. Sprinkle the salt inside your footwear and then give it time to absorb the moisture inside them. Wash and allow them to dry before you put on.


Essential Oils and Natural Shoe Odor Removal


These substances have a pleasant, strong smell that makes it a perfect substance to get rid of bad smell in your sneakers—dip few drops in your footwear. However, you should remember to clean and dry them before putting on.


The Bottom Line


Shoes are the most important thing in people's life. It is something that you will always find in someone's wardrobe even if it is just a pair. This only proves how people cannot do without this wear. However, the annoying part is when the shoes start to smell, this is well many people, if not all, lose focus and always get stranded without knowing what to do to their smelly sneakers. Moreover, having smelly shoes should not worry you too much because Freaky Shoes will always cover you. This is the place where you will be able to order the right remedy for your shoes. Washing your sneakers regularly is also one of the ways that can be used to prevent bad odour if you can afford the required deodorants.



How to Make Your Shoes Not Stink

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