How To Patch Holes Of Your Favorite Sneaker Toes

How To Patch Holes Of Your Favorite Sneaker Toes

How To Patch Holes Of Your Favorite Sneaker Toes:

How To Patch Holes Of Your Favorite Sneaker Toes


 Big toes can sometimes create holes in your favorite shoes or sneakers. The good shoes come with expensive price tags and moreover, when they are your favorite, money doesn’t matter and you just can't throw them for such a small reason.

So if you are also having your favorite kicks that have holes in its toes, then let’s quickly learn how you can patch holes of your sneaker. This expert method will not only repair your torn shoe fabric, but it will also never let anyone trace the existence of these holes.


Steps for patching holes


  1. Get a patch

Based on your choice and matching your shoe color, you can get any fabric patch to cover holes of your sneaker toes.


  1. Cutting of patch

Get your materials with which you want to create a patch. Cut the patch in a good size matching your toe area. Make a proper marking with a pen by keeping it on your shoe toe and even the uneven marking or cuts won’t matter as the patch is placed on these holes from inside of your shoes.

Flip your first patch and make an exact tracing of a patch for your opposite shoe. It is up to you, whether you want an identical patch or two different patches that can work for you.


  1. Sticking and inserting of patch

Perform trimming of the patch, if required and apply leather glue. Pay attention to its edges. For hassle-free patching work, remove your laces. Grab your gluey patch and slip it easily in your toe box.

Adjust the patch according to the whole. Make sure there are no wrinkles in between and flatten out the wrinkles if any. Freshen up the glue and try once more if you find them a bit lumpy anywhere.


How To Patch Holes Of Your Favorite Sneaker Toes

You can take something like a crumpled paper for stuffing it in your toe box and for applying pressure to patch. Make sure you hold the patch in its place until the glue dries off completely. Don’t go for the plastic bags as they may stick with your patch glue and can ruin the whole process.

Keep the shoe in a safe place and let the patch dry for around 24 hours.



It is true that if you keep on wearing your favorite sneakers a lot, they either get torn or worn out. They might have holes in between too. With this best method of patching holes in your sneakers, you don’t have to buy new shoes anymore.

You can patch the holes of your sneaker toes and can prevent the dirt and rocks from entering your shoe. This also makes them look unique and distinctive from others. This method can also be called easier and cheaper than buying a new pair of shoes.

How To Patch Holes Of Your Favorite Sneaker Toes

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