How To Prevent Discoloring From Shoes

How To Prevent Discoloring From Shoes

How To Prevent Discoloring From Shoes:

When a person is craving for some sort of creativity, the first thought that comes in his mind colors, and the colors when drawn on canvas shoes, give a different sort of satisfaction to people. While all sorts of markers cannot be used for creating a tie-die shoe as they can cause bleeding of colors, so permanent markers and special fabric markers are used for painting on shoes because they are safe and they do not cause to fade away and cause bleeding.


So if you have seen shoes with names on them written with creativity, several methods are used to prevent the shoe color from bleeding. The inks can fade away from a tough hand wash or a strong detergent as well. So you can protect your creativity by using a waterproofing fabric spray.


How To Prevent Discoloring From Shoes:


  • Stiff-bristled brush

  • Waterproofing fabric spray


How to get started?

If you want to perfectly customize your own sneakers, then you must make sure first that your sneakers or shoes are clean in order to make a permanent seal.

The permanent marker ink should be allowed to set properly for 24 hours.

Then, all you need is to spray the entire shoe with the waterproofing spray in long and even strokes and you need to spray every part of the shoe otherwise it will lead to stains.

The spray needs to be dried as per the prescribed period.

You can also apply additional coats of the spray if you want to do so.

A tip to the reader is that if you have not cleaned your shoes before drawing on them, then you can also remove any particle from your shoes using a stiff-bristled brush. You also get the option of custom printed shoes which don’t usually bleed or stain, if you don’t want to face the problem of fading away of colors from self-made shoes.


Dye like a professional

If you want to know to how to create your own shoes by applying dye on them then you must need to read this. The dye comes with lots of problems such as bleeding. The basic reason for dyes to bleed is that dye is not by the fabric of the shoe or there is a lack of preparation. It is said that no one is perfect and everyone does make mistakes. Even the professional dyers do make mistake and their dye can also bleed.

So, you can save your shoes from bleeding by following some simple ways. When you want to know to how to make your own shoes from scratch online, the answer to this will involve a dye that will not be suitable for your shoe fabric. When you are going to start with dying your shoes, firstly you need to apply some mordant on your shoes such as alum which will make dye adhere to the fabric.

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