How To Prevent Icy Sole From Turning Yellow

How To Prevent Icy Sole From Turning Yellow

How To Prevent Icy Sole From Turning Yellow:

The recent release of Air Jordon 11 has brought up an important issue. Many are looking out for answers as to how one can keep their icy soles from yellowing. Before having a look at its solutions, let’s understand the process of how the customize shoes turn yellow.

Whether you wore them vigorously or keep them in your closet, keeping the soles from turning yellow is inevitable. It is because the yellowing occurs due to one process termed as oxidation. This oxidation is a combination of a substance with oxygen.

Sadly, when the icy soles of customise shoes get exposed to the oxygen, they turn yellow. How you can prevent them from turning yellow then? Similarly, if you wear shoes, then the yellowing of soles cannot be avoided.

Not wearing shoes cannot be the right solution for them. Some people might also be thinking that you have paid $175 for these Air Jordon 11 and so I want to wear them. Indeed, one cannot afford more than one shoe pair. So let's have a look at the solution as to how you can keep your soles of design sneakers as icy as possible.

There might be some people telling stay off from dirt, gravel, dirt and related things. If you are walking with friends and if they take a shortcut through grass, you must never walk in it, instead take around.

Don’t wear them in heavy rain as water can be the worst enemy for your og mudbone icy shoes. It will surely give nice yellowing in its bottom area for sure. No snow puddles or rain as it will result in oxygen and moisture, which will end up yellowing the shoes.

Some DIY steps to prevent yellowing

All you can do is, take your paper out of the box. This paper includes a dye that turns soles yellow and may age your sneakers. The major issue with this paper is that they are acidic a bit, but you can get your hands on the 100% non-acidic paper but it can be very expensive.

You can also get the silica gel packets and can place them in your adidas shoebox. This silica gel is commonly helpful in everyday life as the beads are packed well in vapor-permeable plastic. They are also used for controlling the humidity and even absorb moisture, which helps in avoiding the degradation of goods and spoilage.

However, it is recommended to make use of only four silica gel packets of small packs or one large pack in one shoebox even if it has thick latina.

You can also try sea glow by the island girl on your customize shoe. It is best for all the people that are struggling with the yellow soles. This helps a lot in decreasing the yellowing portion. You can soak your shoes in it which helps in neutralizing yellowness because of the presence of highly fluorescent additives in it.

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