How to Prevent Shoes from Hurting Your Ankle?

How to Prevent Shoes from Hurting Your Ankle?

How to Prevent Shoes from Hurting Your Ankle:

Are you eager to create your custom slides flip flops online? But probably you are worried about the painful experience of hurting your heels.

You might be already aware of the fact that you get blisters only if your shoe starts rubbing your skin unnecessarily. This continuous rubbing may lead to friction blisters, Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tendonosis, or bursitis.

Well, here we have highlighted a few important tips and tricks that can help you prevent hurting your heels while wearing your new shoes. You can use them once you are done with the process to design your own sneakers online.

  • Fix moleskin inside shoes:

The first most thing you can do with your custom slide sandals wholesale is applying moleskin inside. Moleskin is basically a thick, strong cotton fabric that can prevent your shoes from hurting your heels.

In order to fix them inside your customized shoes, all that you need is moleskin, pen and scissors.

Simply cut the moleskin with the desired shape and place it inside a specific area of your heal. Make sure you trace the respective area using the pen for adequate placement. While fixing moleskin, check if your shoe is free from dirt or dust. Now peel back the protecting covering of moleskin and press it against the specific area.

  • Sticking moleskin into heels:

It is also possible to apply moleskin directly on your skin to avoid blisters. In this case, you need scissors and moleskin with some sticky background. Just clean the specific area of your heel and let it dry. Now cut the moleskin piece in the desired shape and wrap it on your heels. Remove the protective covering, and the layer will be applied on your skin same as a band-aid.

  • Use anti-friction sticks:

Some of you may also prefer to use anti frictions ticks for your free customs shoes. These sticks are easily available at drug stores, and they contain a balm that forms a natural barrier to protect your skin. It can prevent blisters due to shoe friction on your skin. Make sure you invest in the hypoallergenic product, which is unscented and easy to use.

  • Cover existing painful blisters:

In case if you are too late to read these important tricks and the blisters have already arrived on your skin, it is important to cover them for fast heeling. Covering them with heel bandages may help you to prevent infection while avoiding further damage. It is easier to find a variety of waterproof and cushioned shields for blisters online.

  • Anti-perspirant solution:

It is possible to prevent blisters by keeping your feet dry all the time. Once you are done with the process to customize your own shoes online, it is important to use antiperspirant on the heels to avoid the accumulation of sweat and moisture. Also, you may reduce unwanted foot movement for some time to help your skin heal fast.

Now you have learned the tricks and techniques to prevent pain and blisters on the heels and ankle bone. So, it is the right time to design your own slippers at FreakyShoes and wear them in style. You can also create your own sandals to enjoy some relaxing outdoor movements in the summer season.



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