How To Prevent Slingback Shoes From Slipping

How To Prevent Slingback Shoes From Slipping

How To Prevent Slingback Shoes From Slipping:


You went to a store to buy shoes or sandals and then you liked one pair of shoes from the very first time you saw them. Then, when you try them, they are comfortable as well as affordable to you. This situation must have happened to many people but what’s the only factor which can cause discomfort to them is that the shoes were slingbacks.


The mens sandals wholesale having slingbacks tend to slip off from your heels and eventually they land up under your feet. Many people do not refer shoes with slingbacks even if the shoes are fit and comfortable to them.


Sacrifice comfort shoes for slingbacks


So, the question that arises is that will you let go away that perfect pair of customize slippers just because they have slingbacks. No, you can surely buy that comfortable pair of shoes if you know how to manage and adjust the slingbacks.


Ways to adjust the slingbacks right in their place


  • Put on your custom brand shoes and stand in front of the mirror and try to find out the reason as why the slingbacks are falling.

    If the straps fell off your heels right at the time that you wear the shoes, it means that the slingbacks have loosened and they

    need to be adjusted. While if you wear the shoes and after some time the slingbacks fall off and not immediately, then the

    slingbacks can be put back in place by inserting the rubber inserts, and then the slingbacks will be suitable to your foot grip.


  • If you notice that the slingbacks have stretched out quite to a very large extent, then you need them to be repaired as soon

    as possible. Take the men’s designer sliders whose slingbacks have become loosen to a shoe repair shop, and ask the cobbler

    to adjust the strap and shorten it. This method has to be only performed if it is noticed that a considerable gap has been

    developed between the straps and the foot.


  • If the straps are not too loose, then rubber inserts can be used to adjust them. Rubber strap insert is needed that can be

    purchased from shoe petals or gel strappy. These straps are very convenient and have self-adhesive. Just remove the paper

    from the inserts and apply it on the inside of the straps and your comfortable and fit straps are ready to go and be used.


  • To create your own shoes for cheap comfortable and adjust the slightly loose strap of the shoes, apply half of an insole

    insert in front where the foot sits. This will prevent the foot from slipping forward by the slingbacks.


If you have also got shoes with loosened up slingbacks but also do not want to leave that perfect pair of shoes, then follow the above ways to adjust the straps and wear your shoes with style as well as with comfort.


These methods are easy to use and you should surely go with them and wear your shoes without any discomfort.


How To Prevent Slingback Shoes From Slipping


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