How To Protect The Colors Of Your Custom Canvas Shoes From Getting Faded?

How To Protect The Colors Of Your Custom Canvas Shoes From Getting Faded?

How To Protect The Colors Of Your Custom Canvas Shoes From Getting Faded:

There are a lot of people who are very creative and they want to bring out their creativity through one medium or another. The creativity that people have is visible from the transformation that they do to their canvas shoes. The tie-dye shoes are the star of the shoes and every generation from kids to their parents is interested in a doodle on canvas shoes.


There are many ways to customize own shoes and the painting on canvas shoes and making tie-dye shoes is one of them where the beautiful and vibrant colors give a pleasant sight to our eyes. The painting on shoes is done with special markers or permanent markers that are suitable for the fabric of the shoes.


Why are special markers needed for shoe painting?

The explanations why special markers are needed to create own shoes are that the permanent markers have a formula that is suitable for the material of the shoes which are not prone to bleed on the shoes. The markers though are suitable for the fabric of the canvas shoes but still, sometimes there are some cases in which the colors do bleed. The colors can be sensitive to a very harsh wash of the shoes or they can also fade away due to the excess of washing powder in the machine when the shoes are being washed in the washing machine.


It is always preferred to use a waterproof fabric spray to retain the colors on the canvas shoes or when you have design your sandals so that the spray coats your artwork and preserves it and keeps the colors from running away.


Preserving your artwork using the waterproof fabric spray


The requirements that are needed are a hard brush with bristles and of course waterproofing spray.

The following steps are advised to be followed to preserve your artwork:

Step 1- When the canvas shoes have to be painted or custom slides shoes have to be designed, the very essential point that has to be kept in mind is that the shoes should be dirt free and the shoes have to be pre cleansed in the washing machine with towels otherwise if the shoes are not cleaned properly, the waterproofing spray will not be able to perform its best.

Step 2-The permanent marker ink should be given a period of 24 hours to set itself on the shoes.

Step 3-The waterproofing bottle should be kept far at a distance of six inches from the shoes and spray the whole shoe in long and even strokes or the colors can stain.

Step 4-The advisory of the manufacturer is recommended to be followed.

Step 5-There are certain shoes like custom slides bulk or they can be also canvas shoes that require multiple coats of the spray, but few coats are advised to be spray.

So, if you want your shoes to live for long and want to preserve their bright colors then do use the waterproofing fabric spray as it is the life savior of your shoes.

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