How To Remove Liquor Or Beer Stains From Shoes

How To Remove Liquor Or Beer Stains From Shoes

How To Remove Liquor Or Beer Stains From Shoes:


Liquor comes in different colors and flavors and beer also has rich taste. So in case if your precious shoe design has got stained from a straight shot, from mixed drink or beer, then you should be aware of how to remove beer or liquor stains from your shoes design.

Well, beer and liquor can be both brown and clear. If any time a spill has happened, then make sure you blot immediately with a paper towel and blot the same with plain cold water until your garment is washed.


Steer clear of soap flakes or bar soap

Never make use of a soap flake or natural bar soap on the stain as they make these stains more difficult in removing. The plain stain of liquor can be removed by laundering design shoes as usual in hot water which is recommended for the fabric.

Get started for removing stains from your shoe design


Things you need

  • Water

  • Household ammonia or rubbing alcohol

  • Laundry detergent

  • Bleach

  • A faucet

  • Paper towel

  • Washing machine

  • Blot your wet stain present on your deadpool shoe

  • Blot as much as you can to remove the moisture as possible with a paper towel


Flush with the water

With table linen or washable garment, hold your fabric under its faucet with running cold water stream. Flush its stained area from its wrong side of stain so that this stain is forced away from the fabric’s surface.


Treat the stain with ammonia or rubbing alcohol

Sponge this stain with plain rubbing alcohol or household ammonia and then rinse properly. If your stain has gone, wash as required.


Treat stain on cb sport shoes with detergent

If some traces of tough stain persist, then make use of liquid detergent for treating it. Such detergent includes enzymes for breaking downmixed ingredients. The least expensive brands might not work well. Let this detergent sit on the fabric for long 15 minutes.


Wash simply

Wash your table linen or garment as usual. Check this stained area before it gets dry. If the stain has not gone, move to its next step.


Soak it and wash well with bleach

If the stain has spoiled your design on shoes and the stain signs remain the same, then simply mix a solution of oxygen-based bleach and the tepid water as per the directions are given on the package and submerge this garment.

Let it soak for 4 hours or overnight and then launder it as usual. This bleach type is safe for synthetic and natural fabric shoes that are colored or white. If the stain remains, repeat this step. When there are no signs of stain, then only launder it as usual.

Note: Make sure you don’t put your shoes in a dryer as it may change the shape of your shoes. Visit the official website of freaky shoes to learn more about how to design a shoe or how to customize shoes matching your favorite outfit.


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