How to Remove Stickers from Shoes without Damage

How to Remove Stickers from Shoes without Damage

How to Remove Stickers from Shoes without Damage

Sometimes the price sticker on your brand new shoes can become annoying for you. During the removal, if it is left with residue, you will not feel good about it. Another situation may be that you forgot about the sticker, and it seems stuck on the bottom of shoes. It happens with most of the people, and they are quite excited to put on their footwear. There we have a couple of ways to guide you about how we can safely remove the sticker and its residue from your favorite brand new footwear. If you are looking for something unique for your foot, you may visit here to know about what custom shoes suit you the best.

Water Proof Shoes

Clean the sticker from the edge to get it off from the shoes. The best way is to hold the sticker from the side, avoid tearing from the center. If the sticker will not come off quickly, use a plastic spoon to get under the sticker to push the label off from the shoes. You may also visit custom shoes Yeezy Adidas to find a good pick.

Take a clean cloth dip it in nail polish remover and rub on the sticker or residue. Baby Mineral oil is another option that is harmless for the finishing color of your shoes. After you have done the job with nail remover or body oil, you need to clean the surface area with a clean cloth. If you want to know about custom shoe options, visit us to select custom shoes Quebec. It is to make sure that you finally clean the sticky area of shoes. Now, better to dry your shoes with a paper towel.

Non-water Proof Shoes

The first step is to make an effort to remove the sticker with hand. Similarly, If not possible here, then you avoid should tearing. You may use the same method of plastic spoon; scrap it to peel off the sticker from shoes. It might be popping in your mind that can you have shoes custom made?

You can use the art gum eraser if it is not very sticky. It is possible to clean the top layer of the shoes with sticky residue. Take great care while doing all this process and avoid rubbing vigorously. You can check here for custom shoes kyrie 5


Whatever way you adopt, be careful about that as a little damage to the body of shoes can spoil the whole look. You wouldn't like to lose the grace and quality of your chick footwear. Prefer to check the shoes at the time of purchase, if they have a sticker remove it. As if you let it stay on the shoes for longer, it will be hard to remove it.

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