How to Remove That Black Residue From Your Summer Sandals?

How to Remove That Black Residue From Your Summer Sandals?

How to Remove That Black Residue From Your Summer Sandals?


When a person comes home after strolling around on a sunny day and takes off his sandals, he is invited by an uninvited guest known as the black gunk that gets formed over the footbed of the sandals and the footbed loses its color and turns to black. This will happen every time the sandals are removed after a walk in the sun.


Why does the black gunk come over?


The black residue gets formed on your custom sandals slides due to the sweat that is released while you walk. It turns black when the sweat gets mixed with dirt as well as the dead skin of your foot. The residue is added up with the dust that the foot carries on with it when you walk. There are many serious problems relate to it like discomfort and reek smell as well.


How to save your sandals from the residue?


Well, do not take tension that your favourite pair of customize slides sandals will get ruined, they will not as there is a solution to get away that residue. There are sandals that are made up of different materials and the residue may also get deeply embedded in the material. Before starting to clean the sandals surely do a small test so as to see how does the fabric reacts to the cleaning process.


Ways to revive the shoes and make them fresh


You will need basic things like a toothbrush to carry out the given ways to clean the shoes.


  1. Rubbing alcohol- Take some rubbing alcohol in a cotton ball and apply it on the footbed as it will remove the gunk layer and

    will also freshen up your slides sandals custom and make them bacteria-free.


  2. Foam carpet cleaner- Take a suede footbed with carpet foam cleaner and scrub it on the shoes and the back layer of residue will get removed.


  3. Summer soles- There are insoles that are available in summers which will let you replace the insoles.

    The insoles are made specifically for open-toed custom sandals slides wholesale and the insoles of these insoles are peel and stick,

    so they can be easily replaced.


  4. Baby powder- Sprinkle some baby powder before you wear the sandals as the powder will cut short the sweat excretion.


  5. Borax- Make a paste or rather a solution of borax and water and it can be used to scrub the footbed and remove the black residue.


  6. Anti-bacteria wipes- Take some baby wipes and wipe them over the footbed as this way the footbed will also be

    cleaned as well as the shoes will also be sterilized.


  7. Dish soap- You must know how to stretch slide sandals life by using some dish soap.

    Make a solution of dish soap and water and apply it all over your sandals. This is the most accessible and easiest way to clean your sandals.


You see that there are plenty of methods which you can use to revive your shoes and clean them.


Have a happy day of cleaning ahead.



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