How To Remove the Irritating Gum From Your Shoes?

How To Remove the Irritating Gum From Your Shoes?

How To Remove the Irritating Gum From Your Shoes?


Almost every single day every other person wears a shoe or it can be said everyone wears footwear every single day. Many people also eat chewing gum every single day and tend to throw the sticky irritating stuff right on the path they walk. So many people face the problem of sticking the chewing gum on the sole of the shoes.


The chewing gum becomes a threat for the brand-new slide design free shoes because it completely sticks to the sole and denies to leave the shoe. Well, don’t worry if you are also facing the same problem, here are some of the easiest hacks which will be useful to you in removing the chewing gum from your shoes.


Quick hacks to follow


The hacks that you advised to follow are as below-


Hack 1- Freeze

  • Take a plastic bag of the size of your shoe and place the gum stuck shoe in the plastic bag. The bag can be of smaller size but only make sure that the gum area gets stuck to the plastic bag.

  • If you have customize your own sandals and want to save it from the gum, then make sure that the plastic must get stick to the gum properly. If the plastic does not gets properly stick to the gum, this method will not work.

  • Place the shoe that is placed inside the plastic bag in the freezer and let it rest in the freezer till the gum gets frozen for maybe two to three hours.

  • Then the gum will stick to the plastic bag and remove the plastic bag and the gum will come out with the plastic bag.


Hack 2- Ice


  • To know how to make your own slide gum-free, you will need some ice zipped in a plastic bag. Then place the zipped bag on the area of the shoe where the gum is stuck.

  • Then press the ice on to the area where the gum is stuck so that the gum freezes like a solid.

  • When you notice that the gum has properly frozen, use a butter knife and scratch away the gum slowly and patiently. This is how ice will help you to get rid of the gum.


Hack 3- WD-40

  • Purchase a WD-40 spray which is easily available in the market and it can help you to get rid of the sticky gum from the shoes that you had purchased free online design software.

  • Apply the spray on the gum and let the liquid rest on the gum for a minute and the spray will loosen the hold of the gum.

  • Then use a paper towel to remove the gum from the sole of the shoe. If the glue does not come out at once, spray the solution once more.


Many ways are using which you can remove the chewing gum from your shoes rather than finding where to buy cheap slides as your old slides have got ruined by the gum. These hacks will be of great help to you as well as they will work as they are tested by Freaky Shoes.



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