How to Repair a Hole on the Custom Shoe Sole

How to Repair a Hole on the Custom Shoe Sole

How to Repair a Hole on the Custom Shoe Sole

Do you have a pair of shoes or just one shoe with a hole in your shoe? With the help of this guide you will be able to restore the hole and use the shoe again, not to buy a new pair.

Before continuing, let’s jump into what custom shoes really are and how then are different and beneficial, in some cases, from the others and how can you design your sneaker by sitting at home using just an internet just like I build my own shoe and design the shoes free at 0 costs. You can also design your own shoe line and find the cheap shoes to customize. is the place where you can find answer to how to create your own shoe. The shoes website design allows customer to upload their own style images and add texts and textures to their custom made shoe and ship around any country in the world.

This article will cover important information regarding how to repair your custom shoe and then how to design market and sell your custom shoe plus in the last how to prepare your shoe more precisely so that you can earn revenue from it as well if you want to start selling custom made shoe business plus we will talk about the great website out there, that how they offer extremely low priced custom shoes and so that you can order completely different and quality range products from their website as well.

What Are Custom Shoes and How They Are Different

Custom shoes can simply have RTW shoes made of a specific leather or color or with other style options, such as sole types that are not available on an existing shoe. There is another name for the order.

They can also be made to order, as long as the existing measurement suits your feet, to suit you better. Other words are made to measure or partially made.

Custom shoes are made to order and are made on the basis of accurate measurements of your foot and based on these measurements, a new one is created. This is the highest level of custom shoes.

Custom footwear is gradually becoming a part of our daily existence. What's more, there's an explanation behind it! Here's what it's uniquely designed for and why you should consider:


And we haven’t all had a moment in life when we saw the shoes and thought…. “If I could have those dark golden brown shaded shoes as well”, or “love the shoe model, but its sole is too weird,” or “The shoe looks amazing like the one on the other store. “Well, I don’t add! Now it's time to play by your own rules! Now is the time to find the perfect shade of blue, find the perfect height and let your unique personality shine! And if you’re a fan of classic patterns and you think this isn’t for you - read on, it’s nothing to do with custom work!

To see if you want good custom shoes online, try Literally they have hundreds of templates and ready-made templates as well as options to upload your own custom style images, add text and patterns to the layout, choose a color and the best thing about this site that I found is that they offer a 3D live custom preview of our custom shoes that make it really easy to see the design as we move forward. Check them out to never disappoint.


Such a large number of people are struggling with sizes ... if the shoes are too close, they hurt your feet, if the shoes are too wide, they fall off your feet, or in any case cause you distress. With Freakyshoes, you can manage the width of the shoes you request and never experience these problems again. Specially designed further implies that sites like can offer you a wider range of sizes - smaller just as big! For some models, the sizes go up to 44-46 for women's shoes.


Our planet is our home and marketing is wiping it out a little bit at a time. When you decide to organize personalized shoes, even among our planners, you choose less vitality woes, less waste of creation and less contamination of the state. The explanation? Custom shoes are not shoes or large blocks of shoes that no one can accept. Sites like allow you to choose exactly what you need, and then we produce it for you by hand!


Custom shoes are the future! You can already see it in all aspects of fashion and in other areas! We think that little time will pass and that people will have everything made to measure! This is just the next natural step in evolution. Before mass production, almost everything was handmade and highly personalized, but manufacturing was slow and expensive. We now have a fast fashion where nothing is personal and the quality is questionable. Custom manufacturing will give us quick customization, handcrafted quality, delivered to our door faster than ever!


Taking everything into account, are you the one with the weirdest shoes and the strangest hues, anyway, can you find something here and there that you like? Or maybe you are the crazy impression person? Darling masterpieces? Quite simply remarkable, it is not possible for anyone to have a friend with the same shoes as me? Make an effort not to fight it, be your sublime perfect self and express it all around! The shoes? We assured him!

How to fix a hole in the sole of the shoe

Step 1

  • Scrape off any additional material near the hole area that is not part of the shoe's outsole.

  • Clean the outsole with a damp paper towel.

  • Clean and completely dry the outer sole with a tissue or paper towel before starting.

Step 2

  • Use 120 grit sandpaper to roughen the edges of the hole on the outsole.

  • This helps the shoe to adhere more easily to the outsole.

Step 3

  • Remove the insole from the shoe.

  • Apply adhesive tape to the inside of the shoe (on the other side of the hole).

  • Make sure that the adhesive tape covers the entire hole, so that there is no shoe glue passing through the sole in the shoe.

  • For holes that have torn the sole of the shoe and the inside of the shoe, this step is very important.

Step 4

  • Apply shoe paste to fill the hole on the outsole.

  • Apply enough shoe glue to cover all areas of the hole.

Step 5

  • Spread the glue of the shoe evenly with an ice cube to cover any exposed area.

  • The shoe paste will not stick to the ice cube and you can easily spread the shoe paste. The coldness of the ice also helps the shoe glue to set up.

Step 6

  • Let the shoe sit for 24 hours to allow the shoe to slip to dry.

  • During this period, do not allow any object to come into contact with the adhesive.

Step 7

  • After 24 hours, remove the tape from the shoe.

  • Put the insole back in the shoe.

Step 8

  • Use 120 grit sand papers to lubricate the outer surface until the sole of the shoe is flat.

How to Design, Market, and Sell Your Own Custom Shoe

Selling your structures on custom carefully assembled to-arrange shoes are a special method to offer clients your wearable craftsmanship. Yet, in the event that you don't have experience with attire, item plan, or style, planning and advertising your own shoes can feel overwhelming. Inhale profoundly, and read on. There are a lot of valid justifications to incorporate custom slip-ons as an item in your online store. Take the jump and read our tips for structuring and advertising your own custom shoes.

Extension Shoe Specs

Begin planning for the item by getting familiar with it. All freaky shoes are handcrafted to-arrange, including a great slip-on outline, elastic bottom for footing, removable padded in-bottoms, and machine-launderable material. The bottoms and impact points feature the much-cherished freaky shoes brand. Plans are sublimation imprinted on the texture for high-caliber, enduring hues.

Consider Design Layouts

Presently that you're alright with the item specs, it's an ideal opportunity to consider planning. Each pair of freaky shoes is imprinted in segments, at that point amassed, which means there are four separate printable regions for every shoe or eight regions altogether. How you decide to spread out your structure is totally up to you, yet there are a few famous formats that will in general drive the most deals.

Set Up Design Files

With your favored format decided and your plan all set, it's an ideal opportunity to set up your structure records. You'll have to download and utilize the shoe document format in any program that can alter a .PSD record (Photoshop is suggested, however GIMP or comparative projects work as well). The all-over structure format makes craftsmanship documents simple, since a similar plan record can be utilized for all shoe sizes, however don't let that prevent you from getting imaginative. The item review in your shop will utilize the medium estimated format for the shoe mock-up. In case you're including shoes just because, you'll have to transfer an ace document as a plan see. Need more assistance with configuration documents and item arrangement? Peruse more in this top to bottom article.

Take Pics of Your Kicks

Way of life photography is an integral asset to support online deals. It's a simple method to help individuals envision what it resembles to wear your plans as shoes—and perceive how you suggest styling the shoes as a major aspect of a total look. Great photography places your items in setting and makes a bigger story for the crowd to get amped up for.

You don't need to be expertly prepared or have an extravagant camera. Consider the story you need to tell with your plan and where the best area would be for that photograph. While it's amusing to shoot outside, once in a while the best and most effortless item pictures happen inside. Request that companions help you as models, make a rundown of the shots you need to catch ahead of time, and start your item photoshoot.

Advance Your Shoes

New photographs of your items are ideal for sharing on social and in email crusades. Tell your clients at whatever point you have another shoe plan accessible by posting on Instagram (think about posting and highlighting the post in Stories too). Clergyman your feed to be a blend of new work, client top picks, other craftsmanship you love, and motivation you take from your general surroundings. Make sure to share a connection in your profile to your shop, so adherents can discover increasingly about your structures and items in your online store.

Think Seasonally

You need to invigorate how you advertise and advance your shoes as the seasons change. Since shoppers will in general purchase shoes in anticipation of fall (back-to-class deals) and again in the spring before summer, it's imperative to share new photographs and innovative advertising for those seasons. Consider posts that highlight your plans in occasional sceneries like the sea shore, on a cookout, or in the mountains climbing. You don't need to abandon showcasing your slip-ons in winter, simply style them with peculiar printed socks and jeans including structures that evoke a colder climate vibe.

How do you prepare a custom shoe and charge extra money over it?

1. Configure your tennis shoes precisely.

Shoe planning could be the most important part of custom shoe painting. The degree of preparation depends on the materials you will paint. For most footwear, the use of paint will include the production of secure cowhide paint for industrial installations. The paint on the coating of the modern factory is incomprehensible because the cleaned coating prevents the paint from sticking deceptively on the cowhide itself. In this sense, apply this preparer and deglaze the cowhide with cotton balls or a sensitive cloth and rub the coating of this assembly plant until a waxy substance begins to gather towards the outside of the shoe. By the time this spread has dissolved and you have allowed the shoe to adapt, you are ready to start painting.

2. Use the right shoe paint.

While doing post-retail paint on a few calfskin shoes, there is actually no proper exchange for quality paint. In addition, the best personalized shoe paint available is this acrylic calf leather paint from Angelus. It is extraordinarily intended to artificially join cowhide, so if you install the shoes properly, the paint should not break or break after application. (NOTE: If you cut the corners and try to use acrylic paint that is not expressly characterized for calf leather, you will no doubt break your shoes and end up with a few custom kicks.)

3. Let each coat of paint dry properly.

The average standard when painting shoes is to apply a few coats of fragile and vibrant paint until you get the strong concealment you need. The use of thick covers can cause an overflow, uneven shading or poor execution of the paint on the cowhide. So brush each layer on a thin layer and allow it to dry completely before painting on the next layer. To decrease the drying time between coats, you may need to use a hot gun, such as the Wagner Furno, sold by Angelus to paint tennis shoes.

4. Apply sealant to ensure your new paint.

When you have fully applied the delicate layers of paint that you are going to put on and you are sure that all the layers will dry, it is tempting to deal with the new preferred shoes. So be it, there is one final advance that deserves to be taken to ensure hard work: the seal.

We offer one of these integral sealers accessible in reciprocal structures: matte silk, shiny, solid and extreme shine along these lines, the painting will not waste time and the quality of your article will also improve in the purpose of the exchange.

How to Repair a Hole on the Custom Shoe Sole

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