How to Repair Damaged Sneakers

How to Repair Damaged Sneakers

How to Repair Damaged Sneakers


Everyone hates damaging a new pair of sneakers. Mainly when the damage has occurred due to the tearing of the fabric. Repairing ripped sneakers is quite easy, and this can help you to avoid buying a new pair of shoes. If someone asks you where to buy best custom sneakers, then tell them about It is the leading website in custom sneakers co., all-around custom sneakers USA and custom sneakers Charlotte NC.


The following points will help you in repairing your pair of sneakers without the help of a shoemaker. We have covered two main methods of stitching the fabric with needle and thread and using glue to stick the cloth on the shoe.


Step 01: First, let us understand what essentials are required to do so.

  • Fabric Glue

  • Piece of cloth (the same color as your shoe or denim if your sneaker comprises of denim)

  • Thread

  • Eyelets (optional)


Step 02: Cut out the piece of cloth that is required to cover the ripped area. Fold the fabric and stitch it with needle and thread. Use the same colored material that the shoe brand is using. Stitch it on both the sides of the shoe for a firm hold.


Step 03: Make sure that you stitch the cloth you along the corners, 0.5 CM from the edges. Doing so will ensure proper connectivity.


Step 04: In case the eyelet (the piece that holds the shoelace) has torn out. Firstly, remove the lace and sew the torn part around the aperture. Make sure you use a strong thread to make it last longer. Be careful while doing this, and leave ample space for the hole.


Step 05: Cut out the desired amount of cloth and fold it in half. Stick the two halves together with the help of glue. Let your shoe dry for a couple of minutes.


Step 06: Now, apply some glue on the piece of cloth and some on the area where you want to stick it. Stick the piece of fabric on the shoe and press them together for a stronger hold.


Step 07: Insert a hole in the area where you are supposed to add the eyelet. Make this hole using a sharp tool like scissors. You can attach the aperture using the tools that you get along with it. Read instructions on the back of the package. To make sure that it sticks properly, you can sew around the eyelet using a needle and thread.


By following the instructions mentioned above, you can fix your damaged sneakers without spending an extra buck on a new pair. Share this idea with your friends and family to let them know about this DIY that will be quite essential for them too. If anyone asks you how much are custom sneakers priced? Then enlighten them with A one-stop shop where you can search for reasonably priced customized sneakers. also deals with custom team sneakers and brands tips such as custom kyrie sneakers.


How to Repair Damaged Sneakers




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