How to Stretch Shoes

How to Stretch Shoes

How to Stretch Shoes:

Unlike other items of your dressing, the size of shoes should be exactly fit your feet. The small of large shirt or jeans look awkward but still, you can manage it, but the small sized shoes not only look bad but it is uncomforting too. Suppose you have ordered your favorite pair of shoes which is last in the stock but you are disappointed that it is too small.

Or you have purchased dashing pair of shoes from the shop but after wearing for some time they are now pinching you on the thumb. Sometimes you can’t return or don’t want to return your favorite style which was the last pair in the stock. There are some techniques which help you to stretch your shoes to fit your desired size.


How to Stretch Shoes with easy steps

  1. Shoe Stretcher

Suppose you are ready for the party and after unboxing your pair of shoes you realized that it is too short to wear. No need to be disappointed, you can use a shoe stretcher to get your desired size. Although there are many DIY methods to stretch the shoes shoe stretcher is best and guarantee accurate results.

Shoe stretcher can stretch both the length and width of the shoe. One way shoe stretcher only stretches the width of the shoes while two-way shoe stretcher stretches both the width and length of the shoes. The shoe stretcher can stretch both right and left shoes.

To stretch the shoes first apply stretching spray to soften the fiber of the shoe. Insert stretching plugs to that specific area which is tight and make you uncomfortable. After inserting shoe stretcher into the shoe turn the handle. Keeps it turning that you get the desired size of stretch while turning the handle after every 8 hours results in the right size of shoes. Keep it checking after every two to three hours and leave the stretcher in the shoe for at least two days.


  1. Stretch by wearing and walking.

The leather of shoes is flexible and stretch when pressure is applied. Wear two pairs of socks before lacing the shoe up and walk around in the streets for some hours. Walk daily for at least two hours and the shoe will stretch according to your feet size.


  1. Bags of Water

You must have read the law of physics that when water expand on freezing. Fill the Ziploc bag with 2/3 of water and zip it tightly. Put the bag in the shoe and mold in such a way that bad reaches every corner of the shoe. Now place the shoe in the freezer until the water freezes. Check the size of shoe and if you need more stretch to increase the quantity of water and so on until you get your desired size.


  1. Sock Balls Method

Stuff your shoes with several pairs of socks rolled like a ball. Keep them stuffed and repeat the method every day for getting required stretching.


  1. Local Cobbler

If you are scared that you will spoil your expensive pair of shoes than visit your local cobbler. The cobbler is expert in stretching the shoe and knows how to stretch using machines.


Visit for your customized pair of shoes. We customize your shoes, stretch it torequired sized and return the pair of shoes free of cost if it doesn’t fit the size of your foot.


How to Stretch Shoes


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