Interesting Ways of Fixing And Designing Shoes That You Never Knew

Interesting Ways of Fixing And Designing Shoes That You Never Knew

Interesting Ways of Fixing And Designing Shoes That You Never Knew:

It is reasonable to buy a pair of shoes that you instantly fell in love with at first sight, but they ended up being slightly different than your own size. Sometimes it is not your size, but the design is so exquisite that you want it anyway.


Then there might be your all-time favorite vintage shoes which are ragged and torn and one-of-a-kind, but you cannot part ways because you simply love it too much. This article is the perfect solution to fixing your shoe problems and probably even save one of your favorite ones.


Shoe fixing and shoe designing are essential, especially when something you love. It is tough to get rid of something you have bought with so much enthusiasm. There are multiple ways to fix your shoes, so whether they are long, big, pointed, high heeled, scratchy, or causing blisters, we have a solution to all.


Interesting Hack for Long and Pointy Shoes


If you have a pair of shoes or heels that are way too long and pointed from the front, they are bound to cause a lot of discomforts. As pretty as these kinds of shoes appear, they can be extremely uncomfortable. It is always better to try to fix your shoe rather than walk awkwardly in pain.


  1. For this problem, you can preferably take an old pair of tights or hosiery. The thinner and more see-through it is, the better.

  2. Next, cut one-half of the tights and then roll it up.

  3. Place it in the inner part of the shoes in the front.

  4. If you feel it is too thick and still uncomfortable, then you can always reduce the fabric until it seems right.

  5. This trick is only helpful as long as the rest of the shoe is according to your size.


Interesting Hack for Big Shoes


Buying shoes bigger than your standard size is another issue and usually requires something to be filled inside to cover the gap.


  1. For this problem, take a couple of cloth soles and place it inside the shoe.

  2. You can include some insoles or the ball of the heel liners if you feel like it is still big.

  3. This will fill the space there is in your shoes and cover the gap.


Interesting Hack for Scratchy Shoes


This is usually common in heels. Sometimes, the heel's inner portion causes a lot of friction, which can make walking in heels incredibly painful. Another problem can be that your shoe is roughly textured, which scratches your feet or heel to be injured.


  1. For this, you should use heel liners or moleskin. Line the heeled part accordingly on the inner part of your shoes.

  2. Another great alternative that works reasonably well is to use a band-aid on where your skin has scratched or gotten injured.


Interesting Hack to Heal Your Nasty Blisters


The leading cause of blisters is wearing shoes that cause too much friction. It is helpful to observe the places where you are experiencing discomfort and then any of the prior shoes fixing ways to see which works best.


  1. To heal your blisters, you should purchase gel pads from an online store or your nearest pharmacy. These gel pads will ease and protect nasty blisters from getting worse.

  2. While traveling, it is absolutely essential to carry these gel pads. It is familiar to engage in extensive walking while traveling, and all that friction is bound to cause blisters.

  3. Thirdly, it is preferable to avoid wearing shoes that create resistance, till the time your feet are fully healed. For the time being, you can consider wearing less fashionable sneakers.


Interesting Hack for High Heels


High Heels seem drop-dead gorgeous, and it looks absolutely stunning on girls. Sadly, not everybody has the will or ability to carry it off as beautifully as do the models doing a ramp-walk. Most girls love to wear high heels but end up facing extreme pain and discomfort in the ball of the foot. As frustrating as this issue is, there is a way to make it less painful and high-heel-friendly.


  1. The first and foremost thing to look for in a heel before buying is that it should be lined with cushion. This takes away some of the pain and makes walking in heels less painful and awkward.

  2. You can use some cloth or a silicone ball of the foot lining if the heels are not lined with cushion.

  3. This can take away some of the pain. It works even better for shoes with hard and thin soles.

  4. Note that if your shoe is already small or fits perfectly, then lining it will make it even tighter, so this trick is suitable for heels that are at least half-inch bigger than your own size.


Essential Things to “Note” About Wearing High Heels


High Heels are so enticing and appealing and wholly feminine, but you must realize that it is a kind of shoe that is more showy than functional. It is always better to reduce the time for wearing heels and always carry an extra pair of flats which you can switch half-way into the party or once the party is over.


You can always opt for square, flat, or block heels, which are at least a tad more supportive than pencil heels. Wedge heels are an excellent substitute for high heels and pencil heels. They are more comfortable and more natural to walk in. Of course, if you are not used to wearing heels, you should begin with kitten heels or heels that are 2.5 to 3 cm tall. You can then try a 6-inch heel after more practice.


Ways to Design Your Own Pair of Shoes


It is always a fantastic idea to go for something that exists online or in retail outlets. Still, it gets so much better when you design your own shoes. Our minds can be really creative, and the internet is full of inspirational ideas and DIY techniques. With the fast-paced technology, multiple websites have introduced the trend of letting you customize your shoes online.


To know more about how to design your own shoes online, all you need to do is broaden your imagination. Through real-time processing and analyzing your design and style, you can develop an exceptional design of your own and be the trendsetter.


A few websites even let you design your own sneaker brand, such as Brand Your Shoes. Since you will be buying tailor-made sneakers or shoes, it will obviously not be of cheap material and quality. You will undoubtedly get what you want at the price you are willing to pay for. Also, since it will be your own design, it is safe to say it will not be cheap.


Through this process of shoe designing, you will get a superior quality product that is as original and unique as yourself. So, customizing your footwear via online websites is a fantastic service in this era and can be quite helpful.


Online Sites for Designing your Own Shoes


It can be incredibly agitating to be unable to find the right pair of shoes you are seeking. Sometimes the color is not correct, sometimes the size is big or small, and sometimes the design is good, but that oomph factor is missing. A handful of websites allow you to select and design your own personal pair of shoes from your own imagination and have it delivered at your doorstep.


Freaky Shoes


So, Freaky Shoes is an excellent place to design your own shoes online for free. Customers can personalize their shoes online. This website offers a speedy and simple way to create your own sneaker precisely under factory standards.


The "Freaky Shoes" Website is user-friendly and offers market-competitive prices. You can easily personalize your own sneakers or shoes by tapping on the Customize button. Select the shoe and design, place your order, and have it delivered at your doorstep.


It is getting increasingly common for consumers to switch towards online shopping, and why wouldn't they? It is so much less time-consuming, hassle-free, and convenient. Shopping for shoes online has become quite normal.


Customize Your Sneakers Here

Want To Start Your Own Website Like Freaky Shoes? First Follow These Steps Then Build A Professional Website


If you are thinking of pursuing sneaker making and designing as a proper business, then this part of the article contains all the things you need to know. The thought of designing your own sneaker line, and manufacturing and styling might have crossed the minds of many. All the sneaker lovers can now be relieved that launching your own sneaker line is not as challenging as it seems.


1. Scanning and Market and Performing a Thorough Market Research

  • It is essential to research the chosen market before beginning any line of business.

  • This enables you to differentiate between the actual market and prospective customers.

  • Stay up-to-date and follow the fashion trends at all times to stay in the market.

  • Focus on which gender and age group you want to cater to.




2. Finding the Niche Market


  • Before establishing a sneaker brand, it is necessary to understand the gap and, at the same time, foresee the demand while maintaining your goals, vision, and core elements.

  • You can figure out the differences which will allow you to distinguish your sneaker line from competitors by properly analyzing existing shoe lines.




3. Finding Your Competitors


  • Successful companies like Adidas, Reebok, Nike, and Puma lead the sneaker and running shoe industry.

  • Though these are big names, it is vital to identify all the likely competitors after establishing your niche.

  • If your niche is in demand, identify all the possible areas in which you can specialize in product quality, styling elements, marketing, branding, and ethical codes of conduct.




4. Develop a Mood board


  • The process of designing is detailed and requires excessive brainstorming, creativity, and patience.

  • Mood boards can be very beneficial as they allow you to visualize your product.

  • Gather all your ideas and thought processes on a board and place altogether to formulate a concrete plan.

  • Creating a mood board requires things like pasteboard and glue. Still, it is vital to take the emotions, expressions, elements, and values into consideration.

  • The mood board helps generate value and also allows you to coordinate your thoughts and search for additional projects that will be interesting and inspirational for customers.

  • Once you have pictured a shoe design, you should sketch it out yourself or hire a




5. Build your Brand Identity


  • Now you should have an attention-grabbing name for your sneaker line to stimulate consumer interest.

  • It should be unique, like your own name or something that speaks about the niche market.




6. Selecting a Shoe Manufacturer




You should opt for an experienced manufacturer who will shed light on your brand from the initial phase until the very end when it is produced.




7. Developing a Prototype for your Sneaker


Developing a prototype of your product is the core step in establishing a successful sneaker line.


Your sample will enable you to see the closest version of your product before actually being produced.


The pre-production and prototype phase is beneficial for online marketing. It generates interest for consumers so they can pre-order your product.




8. Sneaker Manufacturing Process


This shoe production and manufacturing process is detailed and involves an entire team.


Every element is produced separately and then manufactured together. Hence, the shoe manufacturer is actually responsible for compiling all the parts of the sneaker together to ensure superior quality and value-generating products.




9. The Shoe Last


  • This is the beginning point of no matter whatever kind of shoe line you are starting.

  • The shoe last is shaped like a foot and comprises of cast aluminum, carved wood, or sculpted plastic.

  • This is an essential step in the developing and producing stage as the shoe last is critical and determines the sizes, outline, and sketch of how the shoe should be.

  • It essentially defines the performance, fit, styling, and dimension of the shoe, which is how you determine if it is suitable for playing tennis, basketball, running, climbing, or jumping.




10. Procuring and producing the outsole


  • The outsole of your sneaker can also be customized. So it is necessary to design a blueprint for your outsole and deliver it to your shoe manufacturer.




11. Produce a Small Batch


  • Once the right manufacturer is chosen, it is essential to determine the minimum requirements before the prototype stage begins.

  • An amiable manufacturer will allow you to test market your sneaker in a minimum quantity with minimal investment.

  • This prevents you from the risk of investing all your money, so it doesn't go down the drain if the market ends up disliking the product.




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