Know A Trending Twitter Hack Of Cleaning White Sneakers

Know A Trending Twitter Hack Of Cleaning White Sneakers

Know A Trending Twitter Hack Of Cleaning White Sneakers

Some of the things look better when they are broken in perfect 501s, a leather jacket, an amazing boots pair, while others don’t. This is why the charm of white sneakers is considered undeniable.

The fact is that your bright Stan Smiths, your expensive Yeezy Powerphases and your favorite canvas will, without any doubt, can turn grimy and dirty. Searching how to clean white shoes can be a tough task, as the internet is full of confusing hacks, tricks, and tips by different people.

Well now, thanks to one small tweet, this turned out as the best solution for cleaning white sneakers. You can also check out the pictures which are proving its worth.

Well, a few years ago, one of the common twitter users’ @sarahtraceyy posted the pictures of her converse sneakers. She posted a collage that had two different pictures, one with the shoes all covered in dust, mud and grime and the other one had a stark white pair of shoes. This post had the caption “miracle worker”.

People were so surprised by her pictures as both the pictures were a contrast to each other. One of her followers commented on her post, “Oh! My god what kind of witchcraft”

Well, it is not at all any witchcraft, but an amazing mix of some things that turned out right in cleaning white sneakers. When sarahtraceyy saw an overwhelming response on her post, she added another tweet by writing the full recipe of her miracle DIY hack.

This tweet included,

  • Wash your shoes to get started

  • Add some baking soda and detergent in water

  • Scrub your shoes gently with a toothbrush

  • Let this mixture stay on your shoes for a while

  • Wash them well and let it dry

Till now this miracle hack has been retweeted by people more than 95,000 times. People are asking for more details of this miracle trick. Many of them also commented, did she use any specific detergent?

To his reply, she tweeted, “no just a small amount of laundry detergent”.

So here is the simple hack which can best help you in cleaning your white sneakers. Follow this hack and get visible results that will make you say “Wow”.

Like sarahtraceyy, many were struggling to find one simple hack or trick to clean white shoes. Just like her, you can also get your hands on this magical DIY tip and can grab your shoes to get started.

Make sure you do a patchwork before applying this cleaning solution. It is because sometimes people add more baking soda than they require and this turns out as the worst method for them. This is the reason, it is always suggested to do a patch test so that you can get an idea as to whether this trick will work on your shoes or not.

So what are you waiting for? Try this twitter hack for cleaning white shoes today and say bye to all dirt and grime.

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