Know The Purpose Of An Extra Shoelace Hole In Your Trainers Top

Know The Purpose Of An Extra Shoelace Hole In Your Trainers Top

Know The Purpose Of An Extra Shoelace Hole In Your Trainers Top

Many things in life exist in the way they are, and no one questions their presence. Similar is with the case of an extra hole which is present on the trainer’s top. Many people have ignored it and thought of it as a design glitch.

Well, you must know that this tiny hole has an amazing role to play which is important too. This hole is specifically designed for helping in preventing blisters when you are running and helps in stopping the feet from sliding around in the trainers.

This helps when you execute a technique of shoelace known as the lock. You can also check out some tutorials to learn how this lock is created and to know how important this tiny hole can turn out for you.

Until very few people knew about this. If you are the one who is susceptible to the blisters, then this can be helpful for you. It is because locking the foot in the trainers securely helps in reducing friction and blisters as well.


Here is a simple guide that you can follow for learning its simple steps. This includes,


Step 1: Get started by lopping the face through its second hole on each side and at top of the trainers.


Step 2: Feed the end of your lace through its loop that you have just made on the opposite side of your shoes.


Step 3: Pull its laces tightly, using a move downwards.


Step 4: This can easily help you in creating the “lock”.


Step 5: You must continue tying the laces as you do normally, like tying up the knot and creating a new bow.



It is very simple and can make a lot of difference. This secure fit that you have created helps in preventing the foot from moving around in the shoes. It also prevents blisters and offers good support to the ankle while performing different exercises.

Another benefit can be, it keeps the toes in place so that they don’t push against the front of your shoes.

So now you don’t have to give a reason for leaving the trainers in your shoe wardrobe. These extra holes can be used for preventing the blisters on heels and stops the feet from getting crammed forward into your shoe front.

When you tie your laces using a technique called lace lock or a heel lock, it creates the friction between the laces at top of your shoes that are closest to the wearer’s ankle.

Make sure you go down, and not up as cinching upwards can leave your loop hanging and this is not at all good. By pulling it down towards your shoe, you can end up creating a neat tight lock that can keep the shoes in place and comfortable.

You can end up by tying the shoes as you normally do and you are all set to go for a great run.

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