Know When To Replace Your Footwear

Know When To Replace Your Footwear

Know When To Replace Your Footwear

For maintaining the good health of your foot, replacing your shoes on time is important. Many of the people keep on wearing the same shoes until they are completely worn out because we don’t know the exact time when we should replace them.

The general rule of thumb says, one shoe should be only worn for 8-12 months and for running shoes, you should change them after 700 kilometers of your running. Some of the shoes last for long and wear out easily.

A good indication shows when your shoes don’t make you feel as supportive and comfortable as they were in the beginning. When the material of the shoes wears down its support and cushioning even compress which cause the discomfort.

Every foot differently moves in a shoe and the mechanical factors are also different for all the people. If you have hard feet, then chances are more than your shoes might wear out quicker than the “average”.

This is the reason, it is important for everyone to inspect shoes well for determining if they are wearing more quickly than expected. There are 3 major indicators that can tell you, “its time to replace your shoes”.

It includes,

  • Outsole wear

  • Interior of upper wear

  • Midsole compression

For evaluating the whole process, use the below-mentioned guidelines for determining if the shoes are worn out not.


The outsole wear

Have a look at the bottom of your shoes, if your sole is worn down in any one area excessively, you must replace them.

Normal wear can occur at the back of your heel and across your foot’s ball. If you have found any excessive wear, it’s time to switch to new shoes.


Midsole compression

It is the cushioning layer of every shoe which is best designed for absorbing the shock during any of the activity performed. This layer is typically made of EVA that allows mild compression during rebounds or activity after the use.

Over time, this EVA starts compressing and visible wrinkle crease starts developing. If in case you see some creaking amount, it’s time to replace them immediately.


Upper or interior wear

Have a look at the exterior of your shoe. Keep your shoe on a flat surface and find if your shoes are leaning in any of the directions. If the shoes are distorted, it might not support the foot in the best way and need replacement shoes.

Look out for the unusual or holes wear. There are few indicators that show that if shoes are worn out, they should be instantly replaced. Have a look at the inside of your shoes back. The excessive counter wear of heels is the indication that shoes are worn out and need a replacement.

Most people don’t need replacement every six months. But these above-mentioned indicators can best help before buying a new one.

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Know When To Replace Your Footwear

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